Update On DynoSafe From Shark Tank | How Is DynoSafe Doing Now?

‘Shark Tank,’ an ABC reality show, is a long-running show that allows budding entrepreneurs to pitch their business ideas to a panel of industry tycoons in the hopes of receiving a much-needed investment to jumpstart their development ambitions. If the panel members, or Sharks, like what they hear, they make a deal with the businesspeople, resulting in a back-and-forth that teaches the viewers about the business.

Even if the hopefuls do not receive the funding they want, the publicity they gain from being on a popular show like ‘Shark Tank’ would undoubtedly benefit them. DynoSafe, as seen on Season 12, is hoping to fall into the first category. So, if you’re like us and want to learn more about their entrepreneurial path since appearing on the show, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what we discovered after a little digging.

DynoSafe: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

DynoSafe, established in Arizona, is a startup that eliminates all of the concerns associated with traditional delivery methods. Many things can go wrong, from someone stealing parcels to a “Sorry, we missed you” message on the door. To counteract these, Rebecca Romanucci, a certified nurse, and her husband, as well as Eric Romanucci, a colorectal surgeon and Colonel in the Army Reserve, developed the DynoSafe Delivery Lockbox, which also has an app for convenience.


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Although some people believe Rebecca, DynoSafe’s Founder and CEO, designed the lockbox to aid herself, the reality is quite different. She was inspired to create this perfect solution after learning that soldiers suffering from PTSD and other ailments find going to the store difficult and require critical supplies to be delivered to their homes. When the epidemic struck and general deliveries skyrocketed, Rebecca realized that DynoSafe was for everyone.

The DynoSafe Delivery Lockbox is, after all, a temperature-controlled box. It’s smart, home-enabled, contactless, and helps the user keep track of any attempted changes, which means fewer delays and thefts. The item will remain inside the lockbox until you collect it once the delivery person inputs the code you produced and places it inside. You’ll never have to worry about your deliveries being stolen or spoiled due to inclement weather with DynoSafe.

DynoSafe: Where Are They Now?

Rebecca Romanucci registered for a patent for DynoSafe in 2017, and it was accepted a year later, allowing her to play around with compressors and other components before settling on the final lockbox. In addition to all of this, DynoSafe now has a built-in alarm, a battery backup keypad, increased resource sustainability, and the ability to modify temperature remotely. In a nutshell, DynoSafe is a smart-home Internet of Things (IoT) device that communicates with other smart devices such as smartphones, Alexa, delivery robots, AI vehicles, and drones.


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However, if you want a DynoSafe Delivery Lockbox for yourself, you can only get one through their website right now. Even so, you’d have to sign up for the queue to be told when and where you may get it. DynoSafe is now in the pre-production and pre-revenue phase, according to Rebecca, therefore she just applied for ‘Shark Tank’ to raise exposure. She hoped, however, that a financial investment would help it progress from this stage to the next. It’s worth noting that the lockbox’s prototype has passed all of its tests with flying colors.

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