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Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets Of Dumbledore, which was released recently, allowed fans to escape from their daily lives into the fantastical wizarding world, but for others, the momentary escape wasn’t enough. Many fans were inspired by the film to seek out films that provided a more realistic sort of escapism, one in which they could also escape. These ten films, which range from sunny Italian romances to solo adventures around the world, will inspire viewers to pack their belongings and visit the world (not just the wizarding world).

Brooklyn (2015)

Brooklyn is one of the best period romances to date, and fans continue to debate whether they are on Team Tony or Team Jim, but one thing fans were positive of was that it would inspire some viewers to relocate to the United Kingdom, or at least have the desire to do so.

With her transfer to Brooklyn, Eilis began a new life, one that w as healthier and less repressed than her prior one. In her travels, she fell in love, discovered her niche, and made many friends, and her character inspired many viewers to overcome their fears and see an international move as an opportunity to alter their lives for the better and permanently.

Call Me By Your Name (2017)

Due to its promising love story that ends in heartbreak, Call Me By Your Name is the ideal movie to watch when one feels like wallowing. The magnificent countryside of Italy, however, serves as the backdrop for Elio and Oliver’s heartbreaking affair.

With many moments showcasing Italy’s gorgeous countryside with its amazing architecture, the film rekindles that desire to visit. The prospect of spending the summer in Italy while falling in love, reading novels, and relaxing by the pool enticed many admirers to pack their belongings and book a plane ticket to see Italy for themselves.

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Eat Pray Love (2010)

Eat, Pray, Love is a biographical film that emphasizes the value of solitary travel and how it may transform one’s life, both psychologically and physically. Elizabeth Gilbert is looking for the passion for life she once had, and after suffering through a divorce, she finally resolves to pursue the inspiration she once had for her life.

The video emphasizes how liberating it may be to let go of duties and conduct some soul searching; she not only travels to new countries but also embraces the various cultures she encounters along the way. Eat Pray Love is a film that allows spectators to watch the genuine journey of a solitary traveler unfold on screen and inspires them to do the same in order to experience everything and rediscover their love for life.

Falling Inn Love (2019)

With its blend of romance, self-development, and inspiration, Falling Inn Love was a fantastic addition to the Netflix franchise. The film depicts the necessity for change when one’s environment appears to be crumbling around them. When Gabriela wants to transform her run-down inn into something that resembles art, she looks to New Zealand for inspiration.

Gabriela departs city life for the bush and finds herself loving a simple way of life in this wonderful breakup film. Falling Inn Love, with its fairly remote environment, showcased the tranquil aspect of the countryside, providing a welcome diversion for viewers seeking peace away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Letters To Juliet (2010)

Letters to Juliet is one of the best on-screen love stories of all time, especially since it is based on real-life letters to Shakespeare’s famed Juliet. While the film is a beautiful romantic comedy, it also inspires its audience to board a plane and embark on their own Italian journey.

The film creates a romance akin to Romeo and Juliet’s through its use of Italian vineyards, countryside, and old architecture, as well as wildflowers and rolling hills that virtually encircle the small city. Letters To Juliet and its gorgeous depiction of Italy inspire audiences to go on their own trip expedition to learn more about the world’s historic hidden gems.

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Mamma Mia (2008)

It may be tough for fans to say which Mamma Mia film has the best music, but it is undeniable that the film influenced viewers’ desire for change. Through numerous characters and their different tales, the film tells the story of changing one’s life, whether it’s finding their biological father or simply reflecting about their traveling days.

The film’s setting, as well as the tale, inspires people to embrace their inner free spirit and pack their belongings. Mamma Mia is the ideal film to persuade viewers that traveling is the way to go by giving them a good outlook on living in a new city, let alone a new nation.

Shirley Valentine (1989)

Shirley Valentine is a criminally underappreciated film that frequently breaks the third wall and use creative dialogue to convey Shirley’s sense of being unappreciated by everyone in her life. Shirley is identified as a woman who needs to move away from the things that are making her unhappy in the film, which explores those feelings in depth through sample sequences of marriage and family life.

Shirley takes a trip away and encourages viewers to live vicariously through her, highlighting not just the essence of solitary travel but also the pleasure of finding happiness elsewhere. It excellently captures a woman in need of a change in her life, which she finds in traveling abroad, inspiring viewers to do the same!

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2011)

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is not just one of Dev Patel’s best performances, but it’s also another film that totally immerses itself in the culture and even challenges age, race, and religion preconceptions. The film depicts how stepping outside one’s comfort zone may lead to great things by telling a lovely story of an unlikely friendship that is laced with comedy.

The film, which is set in India, promotes the country as a must-see new destination by highlighting its brilliant colors, engaging culture, and breathtaking scenery. Viewers are immediately drawn into this immense universe of beauty, which stands in stark contrast to their everyday life, prompting them to seek out their own Indian adventure and undergo personal development.

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The Holiday (2006)

It’s safe to assume that The Holiday has some of the top movie theaters, which make spectators want to move in as soon as they see them. By establishing a snowy scene, the film highlights the beauty of Britain through the picturesque countryside, making Iris’s home much more appealing than it already is.

However, Amanda’s glitzy home, which shows Hollywood’s elegant refinement, represents the polar opposite of cold and comfortable. Many viewers were inspired by The Holiday to hunt for their own house exchange, similar to Amanda and Iris’s, in order to alter their lives and find love away from home.

The Secret Life Of Walter Life (2013)

In recent years, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty has gained cult status, with many admirers applauding the film for showing the harsh facts of life in a unique way that both entertains and resonates with audiences. The film depicts the skill of daydreaming and why it is so beneficial to one’s mental health, particularly in a demanding workplace.

Fans may immerse themselves in Walter Mitty’s daydreams, which transport them to breathtaking locations within his imagination, in this feel-good film. Walter Mitty encourages fans to not just daydream but also to take a well-deserved holiday from work, whether it’s a snowy action-packed helicopter ride or skateboarding through the sunny highlands.

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