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Vernon Pierce Now: Tracing the Path of an Influential Figure

Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry? on Investigation Discovery. Vernon Pierce, a serial bigamist, is profiled in Serial Spouse through his possessions. In the beginning of 1994, it was discovered that he had wed four different ladies in three different states. The programme recounts how the law ultimately caught up with him through conversations with his several ex-wives. We’ve got your back if you want to learn more about the case. Who is Vernon and where is he right now, then? Let’s investigate.

Who is Vernon Pierce?

In the beginning of 1994, Vernon Pierce, 33, who claimed to be a former model, embarked on a wedding binge. He reportedly wed Charmaine Whalen, who was 23 at the time and from Palmdale, California, on April 29; Jamillah Thompson, who was 21 at the time and from Phoenix, Arizona; and LeMitri Reed, who was 27 at the time and from Las Vegas, Nevada, on June 5. LaDranda Pierce, a legal assistant in Phoenix, Arizona, served as his first wife. When she and Vernon eventually divorced in 1991, they had a young son, Jared, age 4, and had been married since August 1989 in Los Angeles.

But when Vernon started his marriage spree, marrying three different ladies from three different states, they were still not formally divorced. He claimed he had divided his time between the three ladies, claiming to be a salesperson, model, or engineer. Vernon emphasised that he didn’t have a job and that he subsisted on his marriages and the women he dated. I was pressed for time. On June 13, 1994, however, his web of deceit started to unravel when his second wife, Charmaine, called the Glendale police to request that they inspect her husband’s home.

Vernon had told her that his business kept him on the road, but she was concerned when he vanished for a longer period of time than usual, according to police sources. When the police officers arrived at Vernon’s townhouse in the Phoenix suburb, according to Glendale Officer Jim Toomey, they were surprised to see another woman banging on the door. She introduced herself as Jamillah Thompson and stated that Vernon was her husband. The bewildered police combed through his townhouse and discovered a 3-by-5-inch index card with the words “Who to Marry.”

Along with the names of his three most recent wives, the index card also contained the dates “Celeste, middle of May” and “Kadina, end of April.” Police sources claim that the names have not yet been located by the authorities. In the meantime, Charmaine and Jamillah located Vernon’s other two wives with the aid of a detective. The marriage records from those states that the Glendale police discovered were reported to the California and Nevada authorities. Vernon voluntarily turned himself in to authorities in late 1994 when they started looking for him in September.

Where is Vernon Pierce Now?

He turned himself up on December 27, 1994, and upon being found guilty of bigamy, he could have spent up to four years in jail and been fined $300,000. Vernon asserted that he gave up in order to begin a new life. He once remarked, “I’ve wasted five years of my life with this,” while out on $1,500 bond. That lifestyle is not what it first appears to be. He stated that because things had gotten so difficult, he had recorded everything he had said to each of his wives in notes. He steadfastly declined to offer an explanation for his frequent marriages, other than to dismiss them as a fiction.

LaDranda, Vernon’s first wife, wiped away a tear as she asked, “Why, why? I’m genuinely curious as to why. Vernon has always been a genuinely wonderful guy, she continued. But he is skilled at deceiving others. On March 3, 1995, Vernon entered a guilty plea and declared, “I’m not going to insult anyone’s intelligence by putting up some mock defence.” He was eventually given a five-month prison term, three years of probation, and a 250-hour community service requirement by the court.

According to court records, he spent over a month in jail before completing the remainder of his sentence under home arrest. Vernon allegedly stated that LeMitri Reed, his fourth wife, was “the only one who was really standing” with him and that he intended to restart his life with her. But in January 1996, he revealed yet another surprising development: He had tested positive for the AIDS virus. In the decade after his last test, he claimed to have had physical contact with roughly 20 women, including his spouses.

When his health deteriorated over the past few of years, Vernon claimed he was unaware of any AIDS symptoms and failed to provide any proof of the test findings. He also told the reporters that he was living with his fourth wife, who had tested negative for the virus. He claimed, however, that he was unaware of the state of his other ex-wives’ health because the court had forbade him from communicating with them. I feel really bad, he continued. I really hope no one else gets sick. Regarding his current position, it seems like Vernon simply prefers to live a quiet life these days, far from the spotlight.

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