Violent Night Ending: Does Santa Manage To Save The Day?

Welcome to the explanation of the ending to 87North Productions’ latest Christmas film, Violent Night. With movies like Nobody, Bullet Train, and the upcoming The Fall Guy, the same crew that brought you the John Wick series has recently been attempting to diversify their filmography. The production business has put a lot of effort into making action-packed movies that push the envelope and giving stunt teams a stage on which to display their skills.

They have been making a lot of high-concept films in order to do this. indicating that the concept alone is compelling enough to encourage viewers to see the film. Despite the fact that the production lacks the resources to match films like Black Panther or Avatar in terms of the delivery of visual effects or production design. By fusing Home Alone with the iconic Christmas film Die Hard, Violent Night does precisely that. As a result, a film that is amusing and has the potential for a sequel is produced.

Why Is Santa Trapped In A House Full Of Thieves?

The movie opens with Santa drinking his demons to death in a pub. He has a harsh, mean appearance and exudes a strong sense of depression. He converses with everyone in the bar, even a phoney Santa. They all acknowledge that Christmas has changed, even if they are unaware that they are speaking to the real Santa. People are no longer drawn to the holiday mood. They are just concerned about making money. A montage shows Santa visiting many homes and only bringing presents of cash or video games.

At this point, Jason Lightstone and his family are introduced to us, including their daughter Trudy and his wife Linda, from whom he is currently divorcing. Trudy is a true believer in Christmas, in contrast to the two bitter adults, and she cannot wait for Santa to bring her the gift she desires. At Jason’s family estate, where his mother Gertrude governs with an iron fist, the family arrives. He meets his sister Alva, Morgan, Alva’s boyfriend, and Bert at that location. This family has lost all understanding of what a family is. Money is their sole concern.

Mr. Scrooge, a robber who has spent a considerable amount of time investigating the family, interrupts their Christmas celebration. He is prepared to seize everything from Gertrude since he is aware that she has 300 million dollars in cash stashed away in the basement. Exactly around this time, Santa makes his way to the estate and becomes entangled with the robbery after being spotted by one of Mr. Scrooge’s thugs. He is ultimately killed by Santa after being thrown out of a window. Santa has every intention of leaving, but his reindeer leave him stranded. When he comes across Trudy, who still has faith in him, he realises that he must assist her.

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As soon as Scrooge and his goons, Gingerbread and Candy Cane, discover that a man masquerading as Santa Claus is killing their goons, they dispatch themselves to get him. He inquires as to the identity of the man dressed as Santa, and when Trudy replies that he is the actual Santa, they all think he is insane. As Santa hides in the attic while bleeding from killing another goon, she escapes Scrooge’s grasp. Due to Trudy and their walkie-talkie communication, Santa prepares to battle but is captured by Scrooge and his thugs.

Does Santa Manage To Save The Day?

Scrooge questions Santa. Santa surprises him and his henchmen by remembering their names and the things they did as children, even if he doesn’t think Santa is the actual Santa. Scrooge thinks things are quite unusual, but he still doesn’t accept it; he believes that Christmas is to blame for his current state of affairs. Due to his poverty and the wealth of the rest of his neighbours, he was never able to enjoy the holidays. He started planning a robbery like this one because of this, which is why he turned to theft. Santa uses his magic to leave, but Scrooge isn’t convinced he’s dealing with the genuine Santa.

In his backstory, which he shares with Trudy, Santa reveals that his previous name was Nicodemus. He appears to us as a warrior of the barbarian race wielding his preferred hammer, called Skullcrusher. Santa thinks that being Santa and having to bring joy and gifts to the children every year is a penalty for all the wrongdoings he committed as his former incarnation. Trudy reminds him that this is his moment to change for the better and stand out for people who still believe in Santa, like her.

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A group of security guards show up, but it turns out they are on Mr. Scrooge’s side. The vault is empty when they finally succeed in opening it. Before everything had transpired, it appears that Jason took the money, and he had plans to quit his mother’s job and move to another nation with Linda and Trudy. His mother applauds him for his desire, but when they threaten to have Linda killed, he tells them where the money is. When the security team is outside, Santa grabs a sledgehammer and recalls his days as a warrior, killing nearly everyone.

Trudy and her family are saved by Santa, who also pursues Scrooge as he tries to flee. Santa finally gets up to Scrooge, but because of his injuries, Scrooge prevails. However, Santa uses his magic to drag Scrooge down the chimney, where he gruesomely dismembers his body. The leader of the security team shoots Santa, who then collapses to the ground and dies. When Gertrude kills the security chief, everyone gathers around Santa’s dead body. However, Trudy’s conviction prompts the others to follow suit, and Santa comes back to life. He bids them farewell as he rides his reindeer into the night, giving thanks to the Lightstones for bringing him back to life.

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