Violent Night Ending, Explained: What Was In Jason’s Letter To Gertrude?

Have you ever imagined what Christmas would be like if blood and hammers were used in place of candy canes and snow, respectively? That is, after all, what the action comedy film “Violent Night” offers its audience. Instead of “Silent Night, Holy Night,” Tommy Wirkola’s film narrates a version of “Violent Night, Scary Night.” The movie’s events are also anything but tranquil. Santa Claus reverts to his old methods to defend young Trudy and her family while mercenaries hold the rich Lightstone family prisoner.

David Harbour, with his eccentric charm and valiant action, redefines the holiday spirit. He is sweet while packing a nasty punch. The argument between believers and realistic pessimists is further upon throughout the film. Santa also highlights how increasingly rapacious and mindless today’s youth are. The current spirit of Christmas has been propagated through capitalism. You must be wondering how the plot culminates. So without further ado, let’s talk about how “Violent Night” ends. Spoilers follow!

Violent Night Plot Synopsis

Santa is seen in the film’s opening scene imbibing at a nearby bar. He launches into a tirade about how greedy and materialistic today’s youth has become. The children’s wish lists are long with requests for money and video games as he heads out to deliver more gifts. Santa longs for the good ol’ days when children really were good and sought meaningful things.


We catch a glimpse of the wealthy and spoiled Lightstone family in the interim. Despite being apart, Jason and Linda are spending Christmas together for the benefit of their daughter Trudy. To be with the rest of the family, they travel to the Lightstone mansion. With her kid Bert and her lover Morgan, Jason’s sister Alva is already present. The siblings get ready to grovel and appease their wealthy and successful mother Gertrude as a result.

The servants go rogue just as the family is getting ready to celebrate a lovely Christmas Eve. Scrooge, the supervisor, organizes everyone and kidnaps the family. To enter the home, the mercenaries dress as waiters and housekeepers. When Jason and Linda hear the gunshots, they scramble to rescue Trudy. Every member of the Lightstone family is brought to the main room as the thugs catch up to them.

When Santa notices this turn of events, he initially plans to flee. He decides he cannot leave her alone, though, when he observes a young child in peril. The mercenaries, who are all on Santa’s naughty list, are then beaten up by him. He also sustains severe injuries throughout the altercation. Jason also gave Trudy a walkie-talkie so she could communicate with Santa. Santa is able to communicate with Trudy thanks to the device’s ability to match the frequency of a mercenaries’ radio phone. Together, the unusual pair join forces to take on the evil guys while defending the family.

Santa and Trudy enjoy some endearing moments as they discuss Trudy’s prior wishes among the blood and gore. All of things were granted by Santa, who also remembered her request. Trudy also discovers Santa’s past and his greatest wish, which is to mend fences with Mrs. Claus. The movie’s climax reveals Santa’s and the Lightstone family’s ultimate fate.

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Violent Night Ending: How Does Santa Come Back To Life?

Some people may find it difficult to watch the film due to the obvious violence and combat scenes. Anything, from candy canes and Christmas lights to hammers and a sock full of balls, can become a lethal weapon in Santa’s hands. He fights with all of his strength since Santa cannot pardon the exceedingly bad and nasty individuals.

Additionally, Santa’s former life and adventures are revealed. He was formerly known as Nicomund. He was a fearless raider, thief, and fighter who solely desired wealth and precious objects. He swept up everyone in his path using Skullcrusher, his preferred weapon. He became Santa Claus after leaving behind his bloody and violent existence. As a result, Trudy exhorts him to fight for the good side and put his prior fighting experience to use.

Santa is given fresh life and given a fire by Trudy’s encouragement. He prepares for the battle of his life as he faces off against a large group of expert mercenaries on his own. Santa is unfortunately not immune to cuts or bleeding over the holiday season. By the film’s conclusion, he has suffered serious damage. He has been wounded and stabbed numerous times, leaving him defenseless.

In an effort to save him, Jason, Linda, and Trudy gather around him. Even though they know it’s too late, they nonetheless construct a fire to keep him warm. Trudy describes how she sincerely believes in Santa Claus and the Christmas holiday. Her faith in Santa and the illogical magic is strengthened by the occurrences. The entire family joins in to share their rekindled faith in both Santa and the planet. Santa is revived by the power of belief.

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The avaricious atheists put their differences aside and band together to preserve Santa. They determine the Christmas mood in this way. People coming together to rejoice and have a nice time without bringing their problems and struggles into it is what gives Christmas its enchantment. The Lightstones watch the night unfold and put their financial and family problems aside. Everyone’s trust is sparked by Santa, and the ensuing energy gives Santa fresh life.

Do Jason and Linda End Up Together?

Despite young children’s obsession with computer games and cell phones, Trudy stands out because she longs for something truly meaningful. She has no desire for expensive gifts or presents. She instead asks for her parents to put aside their differences and rediscover their love for one another. Her request demonstrates to Santa that not all children are affected by modern business and avarice. Finding an innocent child like Trudy makes Santa happy. He is disappointed to learn that he lacks the magic to grant her wish, though.

Even though Santa is a strong and magical deity, he cannot force people to put their disagreements aside. For both himself and Mrs. Claus, he was unable to do so. But destiny brings the two couples together and contributes to the holiday enchantment. Jason and Linda finally realize how much they mean to each other after the awful events of the previous evening. To keep each other safe, they put their lives in danger.

Previously, Jason’s obsession with obtaining his mother’s wealth caused the couple to become estranged. By burning the cash on fire, Jason shows Linda that he has changed his ways. Linda may therefore appreciate Jason’s genuine affection and his efforts to maintain his family. Trudy finally achieves her Christmas dream, and her parents reconcile and fall in love. Trudy also receives the affection of both of her parents, making her family whole once more.

By the end of the film, even Mrs. Claus has changed her mind since she has sent Santa’s extra sack along with the reindeer. Everyone has a happy ending at the end of “Violent Night,” with the exception of the greedy and vengeful mercenaries who were only after the money. The conclusion elevates the genuine meaning of Christmas and emphasizes the importance of having moral character.

What Was In Jason’s Letter To Gertrude?

Alva and Jason struggle to win their mother’s love and attention from the minute they first meet. In addition to being a sibling conflict, it provides insight into Gertrude’s upbringing. She made her children compete for her favor. That shouldn’t happen to a child. The unmatched and unconditional love of a mother. Gertrude is wealthy and prosperous, therefore in the end the kids fought for her wealth and possessions as well.

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Jason gave his mum a gift and a note along with it. After the celebrations, Gertrude was supposed to read the letter in the morning. The family is forced to exchange gifts in front of the mercenaries, nevertheless. She first kept the letter’s contents a secret. But as time goes on, we learn that Jason wrote a letter to his mother outlining his strategy. He intended to leave and start a new life with his family, so he grabbed the money from the safe.

The valuable cash that the mercenaries are seeking has already been stolen and hidden by Jason. Gertrude compliments Jason and expresses her pride in him rather than becoming enraged. Jason strives to seize what is rightfully theirs, just as the Lightstone family always does. She is pleased that Jason followed in her footsteps because she too had to battle her father to take control of the business.


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