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In Pictures: Meet Sarah Shahi’s Daughter Violet Moon Howey

You can learn more about Violet Moon Howey’s name’s significance in this article.

Sarah Shahi’s Daughter, Violet Moon Howey

Daughter of former American model and actress Sarah Shahi and American actor Steve Howey in cinema and television, Violet Moon Howey was born in the United States. On February 7, 2009, the couple got engaged and married. The couple wed in Los Angeles and went on to have three kids together.

The Twins – Violet Moon Howey and Knox

They are praised for having a healthy connection that would work well for a married pair. Their first child was a son. He was delivered at home in a water birth. Named William Wolf Howey, he was. By January 2015, Sarah Shahi was carrying twins after giving birth to their first son.

Sarah Shahi gave birth to a son and a daughter in a different at-home delivery. Both Knox Blue Howey and Violet Moon Howey were given names. They are their youngest children and the last of their kind to be born. After a few years, the couple separated and became divorced.

Violet Moon Howey’s Age
On March 1st, 2015, Violet Moon Howey was born. In Hollywood, California, she was born. She is now 7 years old, and Pisces is her astrological sign.

How Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi Got Married

Steve Howey and Sarah Shahi’s love tale is one to cherish.

In 2004, the two American actors crossed paths. They were both on the Reba set, where Violet Moon’s father was portraying series regular Van Montgomery. Sarah Shahi received a starring role as a guest on the show. Both stars soon started dating and building a friendship with one another.

adam demos,shameless,knox blue howey,sarah shahi,william wolf howey,steve howey,violet moon howey net worth,violet moon howey age,twin violet moon howey,violet moon meaning,violet you're turning violet beer where to buy,moon valley moon juice instructions,how to track your cycle with the moon

The couple decided to move on to the next stage of their relationship after a few years of dating, and in 2007 they became engaged. They made the decision to get married in Hawaii, a stunning and warm location.

They continued on to Los Angeles, where they eventually made the decision to get married after a few years. They both got married in 2009.

Taking Care of Violet Moon Howey and The Kids

Steve and Sarah both adore their children after having three of them. They both pledge to take care of them and are extremely aware of how much media their children are exposed to as well as how the media portrays their private family life and the children.

Violet Moon Howey’s father talked of feeling burdened with caring for Violet and the children. In a casual interview he gave to People in the year 2016, he revealed more.

But Sarah and I now put a lot of effort into planning our joint training times. We could also quickly dash to the kitchen and have a tequila shot, or we could just do anything as a group. The next step is to immediately return to the playroom or change a diaper, according to Steve Howey in the interview.

After Violet Moon Howey was born

Sarah brought both of the children to New York City after Violet and her brother were born. She traveled there to start filming the movie People of Interest. Steve Howey was required to remain in Los Angeles during the filming of the TV show Shameless since he had a role to play.

Despite the distance, however, this did not keep the entire family apart. By being in touch with all family concerns and maintaining great communication, their relationship only got stronger.

Violet Moon Howey has made her fair share of red carpet entrances and movie premieres. She has accompanied her mother to events along with her siblings, and she has appeared to be enjoying the company.

But wait… Who are Violet Moon Howey’s Parents?

Even though Violet Moon Howey, Steve Howey, and the kids have all received a lot of attention in this piece, some readers may only be vaguely familiar with them.

Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi, an American actress and former model who goes by her professional name of Aahoo Jahansouzshahi, was born on January 10th, 1980. She is the mother of William Wolf Howey, their older brother, and their twins, Knox and Violet Moon Howey.

Since beginning her professional career in the entertainment sector, Violet’s mother has accomplished a lot. On the 2005 television series The L Word, she played the part of Carmen. She has also appeared in the USA Network’s legal drama Fairly Legal.

In addition to the aforementioned, she also portrayed Sameen Shaw in the CBS crime drama Person of Interest.

Following their split and eventual divorce from spouse Steve Howey, there were rumors that Sarah Shahi was seeing Australian actor Adam Demos. On the Sex/Life set, they both met each other.

She mastered the martial art of Karate in her youth, which is an interesting fact or piece of knowledge about the actor. She is a 1st Dan Black Belt in Shorin-Ryu Karate and has not only mastered the art.

Steve Howey

Van Montgomery, star of the renowned television sitcom Reba, is Violet Moon Howey’s father. The WB/CW broadcast the sitcom. Kevin Ball was a character that Steve Howey also played in the Showtime series Shameless.
On July 12, 1977, Steve Howey was born. He attended high school in Texas and Denver, Colorado, and then continued his education in Sterling, Colorado on a basketball scholarship. That’s about all that is known about his early life.

His former wife, Sarah Shahi, disclosed that he is of Scottish ancestry.

The father of the twins has also made appearances in Supercross, DOA: Dead or Alive, Something Borrowed, and other films.

The Meaning of Violet Moon

The newborn Violet Moon Howey’s name carries important astrological significance.

Whenever there is a second new moon in the same month, it is known as the Violet Moon. Every 2.5 years, or every quarter of a decade, this event takes place.

In the past, it was thought that the Violet Moon was an ominous portent that something tragic or violent was about to happen. It also served as a symbol for such qualities. Thankfully, the views have evolved with time.

According to current research, the Violet Moon is a good time to begin or carry out new ideas and endeavors. According to some, the purple moon emits energy that is in harmony with the cosmos.

Reason behind At-Home Births

The birth of Violet Moon and her siblings took place at home because of her mother. The pair shared the opinion that the human body is capable of functioning without assistance from outside sources. The body has a built-in capacity for childbirth, and the well-known actress also wished to shatter prejudices.

She wished to dispel the myth that women cannot give birth without medical assistance. Sarah Shahi gave birth to the stunning twins at home while she was still filming the crime drama Person of Interest.

Difficulty at the Time of Birth of Violet Moon Howey

She had the cord wrapped around her neck when Violet was born. Her parents claim that she struggled to breathe when she was born. She was likewise pale, and both couples sensed that something strange or dreadful was about to occur or was already happening.

But as soon as the doctor began to rub Violet’s feet, her first wail reverberated across the room. Her skin started to return to normal as she started to feel better.

Reason Behind The Name Violet Moon Howey

She was given the name Violet in honor of the colors she had brought into their lives and those they anticipated she would bring. She was given the name Irani in honor of her Iranian maternal grandmother.

Her grandmother’s name, “Mahnomir,” is translated as “Moon.” In Latin, violet also symbolizes love.

The name Violet Moon, given to the infant at the time, now has a much deeper meaning when taken together with its astrological connotations.

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