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Who Is Jason Worley? Brandi Worley’s Husband & Where Is He Now?

American citizen Jason Worley is well-known for being Brandi Worley’s spouse. After committing her horrible crimes, Brandi gained notoriety. She made the decision to murder their children in order to punish her husband when he requested a divorce. She was detained following the horrifying atrocities, found guilty, and is currently incarcerated.

Father of two children killed by their mother is Jason Worley. What then transpired to him? Everything you need to know about Brandi Worley’s spouse, including his history, the tragedy that surrounded his children, and his whereabouts, is provided here.

Interesting facts about Jason Worley

Jason’s wife received a 120-year prison term. Jason has battled, but he’s now ready to move on. He hasn’t been exposed to the public, though. Listed below are some intriguing details about him:

He is a software engineer

Before the crimes committed by his wife, Jason’s background is not well known. A few details about him started to get out to the public as the case received greater attention on a national and worldwide level. He worked as a software engineer, among other things. Jason has maintained a low profile ever since the prosecution of his wife was overturned.

Jason was married to Brandie Worley for eight years

In 2009, Jason married Brandi Worley. Unfortunately, not much is known about how they met or were married. But the two made a good life for themselves in Darlington, Indiana, where they also had a family.

Tyrel Daniel Clinton Worley, their first child, was born to Jason and Brandi in 2009. Four years later, in 2013, their daughter Charlee Rose Jean Worley was born. The couple’s seemingly ideal life, however, began to fall apart in 2015 when Jason began to suspect Brandi of being unfaithful.

The events that led to Jason’s children’s deaths began when he filed for divorce after another turbulent year of marriage. While Brandi was detained and awaiting trial in 2017, the divorce was finally finalized.

He caught his wife cheating on him with his neighbour

Jason Worley began to worry about his wife’s infidelity in May 2015 after she put a password on her phone. She claimed she planned to surprise him by having their neighbor construct him a home office when he questioned her.

Jason became dubious of her narrative and one day, while her phone was unlocked, he snooped on it. He learned that she was texting their neighbor in a sexually provocative manner. She was concealing her infidelity by using an auto-delete application, so he was unable to obtain concrete evidence.

The engineer stayed in the marriage because of the kids

Jason was determined to divorce Brandi after finding out about the relationship, and they even split up. According to him, his wife tried to extort him by telling their kids that he had thrown her out. Additionally, she had threatened to deny him access to their children by bringing up his attempted suicide during the custody case.

Unsure of what to do, Jason decided to stay married in order to protect their young children—who at the time were just six and two—from harm. However, nothing changed, and he even had suspicions that she was still cheating on him after they started dating.

He posted about the affair on Reddit, asking for advice

Jason’s life became terrible as a result of his decision to keep his wife as his wife. He posted a request for assistance on Reddit’s relationship counseling section using the moniker JasonInHell since he had nowhere else to turn.

He described his entire predicament, from how he first suspected his wife was having an extramarital affair to how he caught her and made the decision to stay married. Internet users responded to his article in large numbers, with many advising him to get a divorce and some recommending couples therapy.

His wife killed their children as an act of revenge

Jason recommended counseling after reading recommendations from Reddit users, but his wife rejected the idea. He thus requested a divorce from her on November 15, 2016. Two days later, Brandi fatally stabbed their children, bringing about the tragic conclusion to their narrative. She also made an attempt at suicide by stabbing her neck.
Brandi called her mother after killing their children, and her mother advised her to dial 911. She gave the reason that her husband had requested a divorce and that she did not want him to have custody of the children when prompted.

Jason was in their home’s basement when Brandi killed their kids, according to the police investigation. He fell asleep during the entire meeting and was only roused by Brandi’s mother’s screams when she came and saw the kids dead.

Jason Worley felt like he had failed their children

The loss of his children devastated Jason. To prevent him from obtaining custody during the divorce, his wife had murdered them. Unfortunately, he was dozing out in a basement the entire time; he and Brandi were not in the same bed.

His wife was sentenced to 120 years in prison

Brandi Worley was taken into custody after perpetrating her horrible atrocities, and she received medical attention. Then, while awaiting trial, she was detained at the Montgomery County Jail. She initially entered a not guilty plea to the accusations but then modified it. For both killings, she received a 120-year prison term in 2018.

Jason was asked to suggest a sentence for Brandi during the trial. Instead, he feigned ignorance of his desire to never see her once more. Brandi was relocated to the Indiana Department of Corrections following her conviction, then in 2019 she was transported to Indiana Women’s Prison, where she is still incarcerated.

Where is Jason Worley now?

Brandi’s ex-husband maintained a quiet profile following the trial, despite making a few modifications to his Reddit thread. He described how he had struggled in the months following the death of his children in his last piece, which was published after Brandi’s conviction. He became alcoholic as a result of his sadness, which also caused him to have suicide thoughts. He lost his job as his life began to fall apart.

With the support of his family, he was able to rebuild his life. He resumed his job as a software engineer as well. He did, however, go on to describe his disagreement with his in-laws, who had set up a GoFundMe account in his name to pay for their daughter’s legal defense.

Ex-husband of Brandi Worley has stayed out of the spotlight and even deleted some of his Reddit postings after the news became viral. However, there are rumors that he has remarried, but we don’t know who Jason Worley’s new spouse is.

Jason Worley had no idea that his life would never be the same again when he made the decision to ask his wife for a divorce. In order to prevent Jason from gaining custody, Brandi, who had been unfaithful, killed their two children two days later.

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