Who Is Naruto Smith In Rick and Morty? Is He Related To Naruto Anime?

Naruto is a key component of the overarching canon of the animated sitcom Rick and Morty, not just one of the innumerable pop-culture references that the comedy throws around at random.

In Rick and Morty, things frequently take an unexpected turn. The level of weirdness can range from eleven to eleven million at times.

The unholiness of Morty and Summer’s huge incest offspring, which has been floating in the boundlessness of the wide cosmos, is one such bizarre case.

The outré origins

Rick and Morty’s fifth season premiere, “Rickdependence Spray,” opens with Morty visiting his mother in the hospital. He comes across a “breeding mount” there. It is a device that is used to gather equine sperm.

Morty, being the hormonal teenager he is, is unable to exercise restraint and gives in to his desires. Morty releases his reproductive material without Beth and the other medical staff’s knowledge, and it ultimately gathers in a can.

After some time has passed, Rick is going to create some evil bioweapon of mass destruction that he would use against his foes, the Underground Dwelling Cannibal Horse People (aka CHUDS).

He uses the same canister Morty spent his teen years in to create the bioweapon, which Rick is unaware of. Out of shame as well, Morty hides the information from him.

When Rick applies what he thinks is horse semen to some “otherworldly forces,” numerous enormous sperm cells with carnivorous teeth and other intricate organs emerge, each with the extraordinary capacity to hover in the air.

The title couple goes out to eliminate Morty’s sperm cells as they cause havoc around the universe. While this is happening, Summer, Jerry, and Beth help the US President diffuse the problem in a different way.

In an effort to gather all the sperms before the egg is released into space carrying the entire horror with it, Summer proposes the idea of taking her egg and growing it to a gargantuan scale.

The two factions are unaware that the sperm and egg are from two siblings, which leads to the bizarre event where Summer’s egg gets fertilised by one of Morty’s sperm. The president intervenes to stop Summer from destroying the egg before it reaches escape velocity because he needs the pro-life votes.

A beast and a baby

As a result, the egg disintegrates into space and the enormous incest infant with various superhuman skills is born later.

Thanks to all the otherworldly forces Rick subjects Morty’s sperms to, resulting in the obvious superpowers, Morty and Summer’s enormous red-haired, space-wandering infant is able to thrive in space.

Morty and Summer’s child, subsequently known as Naruto, is essentially just like any other newborn human, save for his or her enormous size and superhuman abilities.

When the huge baby reappears two episodes later, Summer tells the family that she has been in touch with him. The Pentagon transported her to a covert location on Mars where they were keeping the kidnapped infant.

They were interested in seeing if he would instinctively react to his mother, which he did. She taught the child to love and learn to believe in himself, contrary to the US government’s request that she reprimand the child. The infant later leaves the base and takes off once more for space.

This demonstrates that Naruto is merely a human infant, with the sci-fi craziness being limited to his size and exceptional talents. But how did Naruto earn the moniker “Naruto”?

It’s Naruto, believe it!

The baby makes a comeback in episode 7 of season 5, “Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion,” which also features the infant’s first mention of name.

The episode parodies anime, and one part of it makes reference to the well-known shonen anime Naruto, as is obvious from the title, which is a play on the title of the anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion.”

Summer and the rest of the family ride on top of the enormous incest baby during the decisive battle, steering him by pulling his hair like Ratatouille, in an effort to save Rick from the bad guys.

Summer instructs her infant Naruto to head toward the battle and wreck the adversaries into oblivion as they begin their assault.

Still floating in his sense of amazement and goo-goo-ga-ga speech, Naruto travels through the expanse of the cosmos. In “Bethic Twinstinct,” episode 3 of season 6, another mention of Naruto is made.

Future episodes are expected to feature Naruto again, and he may even be key to the significant canonical turn of events.

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