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The Blue Eye Theory on TikTok: Unraveling the Viral Trend that Has Everyone Talking

Users of TikTok undoubtedly know how to keep themselves engaged with the latest trends. The short-video sharing network, utilised by millions of people worldwide, comes up with new challenges, which are often enjoyable, but sometimes ridiculous.

On the platform, there is currently another trend gaining traction that also incorporates a theory. The ‘blue eye theory’ is a fashion fad that has led people with varied eye colours to employ a filter to make their eyes appear blue. How does the blue eye theory work, and why do people take the challenge related to it? Find out by reading on.

What is the ‘Blue Eye Theory’ on TikTok?

It’s likely that if you use TikTok, you’ve seen videos with the title “Blue Eye Theory.” If you’re interested in learning more, the notion contends that having blue eyes makes a person appear more scary. Therefore, if someone has brown, black, or hazel eyes and wears blue contact lenses, they will appear scary.

A number of TikTok users with darker eye colours started using the blue eye filter on the app to support the theory. They would look directly into the camera and capture an expression with their natural eye colour.

blue eye theory tiktok meaning,blue eye theory tiktok explained,blue eye theory tiktok story,blue eyes tiktok

The user would then close their eyes, which, after being opened by the filter, turned blue. The theory became popular as more users used the filter, and it now has thousands of views.

Blue-Eyed People Back the Theory

In the meantime, some blue-eyed individuals have supported the theory, revealing that occasionally, people find their expressions to be too intense. Some even revealed avoiding eye contact with people as their stares could be thought of as offensive.

blue eye theory tiktok meaning,blue eye theory tiktok explained,blue eye theory tiktok story,blue eyes tiktok

Blue eyes came from a genetic mutation in the OCA2 gene, which governs melanin production, that happened between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago in the Black Sea region. This mutation causes the iris to contain less melanin, which scatters and reflects light off the eye, giving it a blue appearance.

The same idea holds true for hazel and green eyes. Blue eyes are most frequently found in Northern and Eastern European populations, though they can also be found in other regions due to migration and interbreeding.

Social Media Impressed with the ‘Blue Eye Theory’

The hypothesis is currently a popular subject on social media. According to the “blue eye theory,” you should be more likely to give people robux if you look good. A second person said, “I just saw someone say blue eyes make you look creepy if you don’t have them naturally, but i didn’t wanna write all that.”

“I mean personally I think blue eyes make you look like a vampire or something but in a good way,” tweeted a user. Another responded, “‘omg blue eye theory i look like a psychopath with blue eyes’ nah mf i look HOT AS F***.”

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