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Vicki Rains Now: The Surprising Turn of Events in the Case of Debbie Hawk’s Murder

‘Missing: Dead or Alive?’ on Netflix, directed by Alex Irvine Cox, is a documentary series that lives up to its title in every way possible. It is genuinely as riveting as it is captivating and unsettling. That’s because it only revolves around investigators from a South Carolina sheriff’s department as they give it their all to seek for individuals who’ve disappeared under suspicious circumstances. Amongst them is really none other than Vicki Rains Pearson — so now, if you wish to understand more about her, her past, her experiences, as well as her current situation, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Vicki Rains?

It was admittedly back when Vicki was fairly little that she first had a passion in helping others and solving mysteries, merely for it to continue expanding in a number of arms as she grew older. Yet she eventually chose to go down the path of law enforcement upon realizing it to be her true passion despite her mother’s pleas to pursue a much safer career in the medical field of nursing. According to the original, the latter believed that “girls can’t be officers,” but her “dad said, ‘If that’s what’s in your heart, then you should definitely go do it.'” Treat people fair, treat people correctly, and be safe.’”Vicki Rains news

Vicki was able to launch her career in Kansas in the late 1990s, and from there she bravely ascended the police force’s hierarchical ladder while simultaneously overcoming the constraints of her skill set. The investigator was heard saying, “Then I moved to South Carolina,” in the production. I formerly worked in major crimes, but I [recently] switched to missing persons. I’m used to handle scenarios where there’s a body. I’ve worked murders, kidnappings, [and more]. Nothing really surprises me. Nevertheless, what if you could prevent harm from occurring to someone? That’s why I want to work Missing Persons.”

Vicki really just wanted happy endings since she was unable to move on and let things go after spending nearly 20 years witnessing some of the most terrible crimes. It had actually begun taking a toll on her mental health, according to her narrative in the show, so the hope this Missing Persons unit provides was precisely what she needed to find herself again. However, since there are times even the best of the best can’t succeed, whenever (albeit infrequently) a life is lost in the case she’s leading, she questions whether she really selected the right road or not.

Where is Vicki Rains Now?

Vicki said in the docuseries, “When you’re looking for a missing person, their life depends on it. “…You undoubtedly bear the weight of the families who depend on you, and you also harm yourself. I considered [leaving]. But I absolutely want to stay. I really like saving lives. I simply cannot understand not assisting those folks after seeing them. Vicki’s continued employment as Missing Persons Investigator (Adult) with the Richland County Sheriff’s Office – JP Smits oversees the juvenile investigations — is thus not surprising.Vicki Rains news

Regarding Vicki’s personal life, even though we are aware that she is a family woman who still lives close to Columbia, South Carolina, it seems like she would want to keep certain information out of the public eye. She even has accounts on both Facebook and Instagram in her name, but she doesn’t use either to keep her personal life as quiet as possible.

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