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Blue is the Warmest Color , Best Love Making Scenes


‘Blue is the Warmest Color,’ directed by Abdellatif Kechiche, is a French romance film starring Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos. The plot of the film is very straightforward: a high school adolescent girl meets a blue-haired art student at a lesbian club and forms a deep sexual and emotional attachment with her. The film is exceptionally well-paced, and the women’ performances lift it to a whole new level. Though the film’s modest yet distinctive take on romance is incredibly emotional, its notorious sex scenes polarized critics and disappointed many spectators. Only a few films in the past, such as ‘Nymphomaniac,’ challenged the fundamental limits of filmmaking by depicting sex in the most graphic ways. In films like these, sex isn’t always used to thrill the audience; instead, it’s used to depict the characters’ raw intimacy.

Similarly, director Abdellatif Kechiche has presented some powerful sex moments in ‘Blue is the Warmest Color,’ which are vital to understanding the intimacy the characters have. Since its premiere, the picture has sparked a lot of debate, but it all boils down to one’s point of view. While some may regard it as a man’s perversion to film two naked ladies, those who understand the film’s background will be able to enjoy it for what it is.

The actresses themselves added to the problems by expressing their dissatisfaction with the session. However, somewhere in the middle of these debates, the film received widespread acclaim and even won several accolades for its extremely evocative representation of passion. Some people may enjoy pornographic films because of their “realistic art” appeal, while others may simply enjoy them for their passionate sex scenes. Whatever compelled you to see ‘Blue is the Warmest Color,’ we’ve compiled a rundown of the movie’s sex scenes exclusively for you. All of the scenes listed below have been ranked based on the sequence in which they appear in the movie as well as their value to the overall plot. The following is a list of all the sex scenes in ‘Blue is the Warmest Color’:

A Heartbreaking Yet Honest Ending

The film’s second chapter begins, as the plot jumps forward many years. After only a few minutes, it’s clear that a lot has changed. Even the two protagonists’ appearances look to be slightly different, as Emma is no longer blue-haired. While Adele is employed as an elementary school teacher, Emma appears to be making a modest living as an artist. Adele makes an effort to blend in with Emma’s artistic world and her pals who have come to work in a similar sector. However, their relationship begins to seem strained at this point, owing to unsolved issues that had previously been hinted at, as well as the rising imbalances between their professional and personal lives. Eventually, as everything between them falls, the two find themselves heading in opposite directions.

The last important adult scene occurs at this point. There is no sex involved in this one, unlike the others, but it is extremely important. Emma moves on with an old flame after they end their relationship, but she agrees to meet Adele one final time. When they meet again after their previous bitter feud, they appear to be much more stable than before. But all it takes is one glance at each other for their memories to flood back. Emma even admits that she has never been able to have the same physical connection with another person and that she finds sex with her current partner to be uninteresting. Adele begins to caress Emma as a result of one thing leading to another. The two have a passionate kiss, and Emma comes dangerously close to succumbing to the lure of being with her again. But the harsh truth of the situation hits her, compelling her to hold back and leaving Adele with an empty heart.

This moment is certainly not as profane as the others, but it demonstrates how profoundly their physical and emotional bond remained. In the end, seeing the two of them walk away from each other is devastating, but it also gives optimism that Adele will be able to move on to better things in life. And who knows, maybe she’ll fall in love all over again if she’s lucky.

The Disparity Between Their Worlds Part I

‘La Vie d’Adele Chaiters 1 et 2’ is the film’s French title, which literally translates to “The Life of Adele Chapter 1 and 2.” Emma and Adele ask each other to meet their separate families before beginning the second phase of the film. When Adele meets Emma’s family for the first time, she is taken aback by how open-minded they are about everything and how comfortable they are with their daughter’s relationship. Emma kisses Adele openly in front of her parents, despite coming from a family of “creative intellectuals.” Adele’s parents appear to be quite supportive of Adele’s career choices.

All of this is followed by another sex scene in Emma’s bedroom, where the two of them make love. This one, like the previous one, is as graphic and sexual as a movie sex scene can be. This sequence is far longer than the normal sex scene in a movie. It’s extremely passionate and incredibly sensual, just like the rest of the film’s sequences. While the pair makes wild, passionate love, the scenario almost gives us a tactile sense of being in the room.

The Disparity Between Their Worlds Part II

Adele, unlike Emma, comes from a strict household and is compelled to introduce Emma as a friend who is assisting her with her academics. These portions of the film are left open to interpretation, and we’re not sure if Adele would ever tell her parents about her sexual orientation. Emma’s goals of becoming an artist are even questioned by Adele’s parents, who are more traditional. Her father also argues that while it is admirable to be passionate about art, it is impossible to make a life doing so.

The sex scene that follows is again extremely explicit by movie standards, but it lacks passion and has a more lethargic tone when compared to others. This scenario demonstrates that they are from totally different worlds. They have to tone things down a little at Adele’s apartment just to make sure her parents don’t get the tiniest hint about her lesbian connection.

The Fantasy

The film begins by focusing on Adele’s character, who distinguishes out for her plain appearance and untidy appearance. Apart from her appearance, she appears to be cut off from the rest of the world. While her female friends spend a lot of time chatting about boys, she appears to be distant and only participates in their chats to fit in. Later on, her friends keep poking her, telling her that a senior is interested in her, but she just pretends to be somewhat interested.

All of this is followed by a scenario in which she sees Emma, the blue-haired girl across the road, and a sense of unease begins to consume her. She becomes absolutely numb and unable to make sense of what is going on around her for a little moment. This scenario eloquently expresses her sentiments toward the “blue-haired girl” she has most likely seen before but never had the confidence to approach.

She then goes on a date with the senior who has expressed an interest in her. The guy wants to kiss her when they are sitting in a dark movie theater, but she hesitates, and her discomfort is shown on her face. They call it a night after all the unpleasantness, and Adele returns home. This is when she begins to dream about making love to the woman while she is sleeping. As viewers, we see graphic scenes from her dream in which Emma touches and loves her body while Adele begins to touch herself. However, Adele’s fantasy abruptly ends when she awakens to the gloomy reality of still being in her bed. Although the film makes it clear that she is a lesbian for the first time, she still finds it difficult to accept.

The First Time

Following the events of her first relationship, the film progresses to her first meeting with Emma. However, before all of this, one of Adele’s female school classmates kisses her, only to break her heart afterwards by stating that she was simply carried away in the moment. Valentin, her best friend, takes her to a homosexual bar to distract her from this. Adele walks around the homosexual bar in the hopes of spotting the blue-haired girl, and she eventually does. When Emma strikes up a discussion with her, and their eyes contact for the first time, you can sense the raw tension beneath the surface.

The plot then shifts to a scene in which Adele is approached by her friends, who interrogate her about her relationship with the “dyke.” She claims Emma is her cousin and denies being a lesbian. Meanwhile, Adele and Emma are spending more time together and becoming closer than ever. Kechiche gently builds their relationship with each scene involving the two characters, and we begin to experience the intimacy they share.

Then there’s the notorious 6-minute sex scene, which is highly contentious for obvious reasons. The scene is authentic and incredibly sensual, albeit being a touch too long. It lets you comprehend the physical and emotional aspects of their relationship as a viewer. It does get a little tedious after a while, but it still captures the essence of their mutual physical yearning well.

The Unsatisfied Sex With Thomas

When her classmates learn about her date with Thomas, a senior, they begin to interrogate her about everything that transpired between them when she returns to school the next day. The females keep implying that she had sex with him as she attempts to persuade them that they were just going to see a movie. This somehow sticks in her head, and when she sees the guy at school, she kisses him aggressively. The movie then cuts to a scene in which the two of them are stripping and having sex. This is the first time the film depicts sex in such an explicit manner, but unlike the subsequent sequences, this one only lasts a few seconds.

As the two lay naked in bed together after their lovemaking session, the camera focuses on Adele’s face, who appears to be lost in her thoughts. She appears to be miserable and dissatisfied, and she may even be aware that she isn’t straight. When the guy asks if it was good, she responds with a resounding yes. However, as observers, we can obviously see that she is lying. Soon after, the video shifts to a scene in which Adele tells her best friend how much she regrets being with the guy. She confides in him that she is constantly aware that she is missing out on something. This is when she eventually decides to end it, and the senior walks away, dejected and teary-eyed. Adele returns home and sobs uncontrollably because she is so unhappy with herself, and her brief heterosexual relationship comes to an end.

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