Bre Tiesis plastic surgery

Bre Tiesis: Before and After Images Explored as She Reveals Her Plastic Surgery

Bre Tiesi is coming clean about all of her plastic surgery procedures! The Selling Sunset actress, who is one of the new agents in the just-released sixth season of the show, recently revealed the cosmetic procedures she has had in the past.

During an Instagram Q&A, the reality TV personality provided some clarification on the subject of plastic surgery. She revealed all the procedures she had had done to her body when asked about them. Learn the titles of the plastic operations that Bre Tiesi had to improve her physical look by reading on.

Bre Tiesi reveals the plastic surgery that she has had done

Bre Tiesi is discussing the cosmetic operations she has already had done. She discussed the work she has completed thus far during a Monday Instagram Q&A session. The information regarding her cosmetic procedures piqued the interest of her fans.

The 32-year-old actress claimed, “I’ve tried basically everything. I’ve had my nose done, my boobs done, filler, and Botox. Morpheus, Kybella, and I recently used a CO2 laser. I’ve worked with lasers a lot.Bre Tiesis plastic surgery

The realtor continued by saying that she and her best friend would be “the guinea pigs for anything you can do to fossilise and keep this forever.” During her acting debut in Season 6 of Selling Sunset, which debuted on the massive streaming service Netflix on May 19, she was open about the cosmetic procedures.

She explained to rapper Saweetie that the synthetic grass in the garden was the “only thing fake in the house” as she gave him a closer look at the multimillion dollar estate. In addition to maybe my hair, she continued. and my nose, as well as my boobs.

Tiesi also addressed accusations that she is attempting to resemble Megan Fox during the Instagram live session. She said, “Not really sure what you’re talking about. When a fan asked her if Megan Fox, a Hollywood actress, is her “face inspo,” she said, “Yes.” My face is shown here.

Bre Tiesis plastic surgery

Bre Tiesi is a mom of one

Yes, it is what you read. Bre has been candid about her unusual romance with Nick Cannon, an American television host, actor, rapper, and comedian. Even a son named Legendary Love is shared by the two of them.

Tiesi has frequently had to defend her friendship with the Masked Singer host Nick Cannon to Chelsea Lazkani on an episode of Selling Sunset. For those of you who don’t know, we’ll let you know that Cannon is the proud father of a total of 12 children.Bre Tiesis plastic surgery

The British-Nigerian real estate agent stated, “I find Bre and Nick Cannon’s relationship rather off-putting,” in an episode. I’m not sure if we will ever be extremely close friends because of how different my way of life is from hers as a Christian.

Additionally, Chelsea called Nick Cannon a “master manipulator” and said that “creating multiple broken homes is disgusting.” Bre addressed her at a work event after learning about the comments made by her fellow Oppenheim Group employee. She declared, “Who I have children with is my business,” at that time. I don’t require a jury or judge.

When did Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi welcome their son Legendary Love?

Last year, the TV personality and the Wild N Out star had their first kid together. It was Tiesi’s first child, while it was Nick’s eighth child. The couple then posted a message on Instagram announcing the birth of their son, Legendary Love. She provided information on her delivery in the post’s caption.

Bre’s first sentence was, “I did it. a home delivery that was entirely unmedicated. The most humbling, limit-pushing, enlightening, and wholly liberating experience I’ve ever had. I am extremely grateful to my team for safely delivering my kid.Bre Tiesis plastic surgery

The model continued, “I completed it. a home delivery that was entirely unmedicated. The most humbling, limit-pushing, enlightening, and wholly liberating experience I’ve ever had. I am extremely grateful to my team for safely delivering my kid.

“You never cease to amaze me!! “, Nick wrote as a beautiful comment on Bre’s Instagram post at that time. Full of affection, but also of passion, determination, concentration, brilliance, and focus. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I am delighted and honoured to share this stunning miracle with you! I’m grateful for the best present a person can give another. My love is forever grateful for this.

Legendary Love is the name Nick and Tiesi gave to their son. Even a video of her birth was uploaded on her own YouTube page. She said in the video that her kid was born on June 28. He was 21 inches long and eight pounds, 10 ounces in weight when he was born.

Nick Cannon and Bre Tiesi had a gender reveal party in January 2022

Bre Tiesi made her pregnancy bump public in January 2022. She published a touching video from the gender reveal celebration on the social media site Instagram.Bre Tiesis plastic surgery

The fitness influencer then revealed, “My son For as long as I could, I have protected you inside of me from the outside world; you are surrounded by so much love. Your parents are eager to meet you.

Bre Tiesi is pretty active on Instagram

Bre Tiesi has a profile on the photo and video-sharing website Instagram, just like the majority of models in the entertainment sector. She has 737k Instagram followers as of this writing.

Tiesi’s Instagram page currently contains more than 700 posts. She occasionally uploads photos of her and her adorable newborn child Legendary Love via Instagram.


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