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Chopped: Blind Date Night – Where Are They Now? Revisiting the Participants

Four chefs fight against one another in a three-course challenge on the exciting competitive cooking reality show “Chopped,” which has the appetiser, entrée, and dessert. The chefs are required to create a cuisine on the moment after being given a random assortment of ingredients, which is a startling catch. The similar concept is used in the episode “Blind Date Night,” except eight chefs compete in pairs instead. Additionally, since neither contender knows the other, they must forge a bond while creating signature dishes. Let’s go into the specifics and see where the competitors are right now, shall we?

Where Is Eric Rockwell Now?


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Hayden Haas and Eric Rockwell both took part in the show, but they were both eliminated after the appetiser round. Eric currently makes his home in Los Angeles, California, where he works as a freelance chef. In one interview, Eric actually stated this about his specific culinary abilities: “I am a Private Chef that specialises in sourcing and using whole foods while minimising unnecessary additives/preservatives.” Readers might also be pleased to know that Eric also provides a personalised dining service under the name “EatWell,” and that he frequently posts photos of his amazing concoctions to social media.

Where Is Hayden Haas Now?


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Hayden identified himself as a recipe developer and food influencer who wanted to make a name for himself in the hospitality sector at the time of filming. Given that Hayden has over 125,000 followers on Instagram, where he frequently publishes his recipes and inventions, we are happy to say that he has realised his dream. Additionally, the inhabitant of Grand Forks, North Dakota, works as a Personal Assistant for Molly Yeh LLC and as a Food Specialist for Bodega Pictures. Hayden’s influence, however, extends farther because he also manages the well-known online recipe site “DelisHaas.”

Where Is Alix Bazigos Now?


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AJ Oliver and Alix Bazigos competed together on the show, however despite their performance being fairly impressive, they were eliminated after the entrée round. Alix was born and raised in the Mediterranean but now lives in Astoria, New York, where she works as a butcher. In addition, the reality star has developed a reputation as a skilled cook outside of her day job. She frequently posts pictures of her mouthwatering dishes on social media.

Where Is AJ Oliver Now?


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Before his time on “Chopped,” AJ Oliver, alias Arthur Oliver, gained notoriety for his appearance on the Netflix cooking competition series “Easy Bake Battle.” Although AJ is quite open about being single, he currently resides in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The reality star has gained notoriety as a content creator and chef who frequently publishes his dishes on social media.

Where Is Henry Hill Now?


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Together with Molly Arnett, Henry Hill seemed fully prepared to take on the opposition. Even though they made it through two rounds with hopeful outcomes, they lost in the dessert round. Henry currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, where he holds a position as a consulting chef and recipe developer. In addition, he owns and operates Hill’s Research Kitchen, a company that produces food-related material and offers assistance to start-up companies with product development and culinary strategy.

Where Is Molly Arnett Now?


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When she competed on “Chopped: Blind Date Night,” Molly Arnett displayed a lot of promise, so it was upsetting to see her eliminated in the final round. Nevertheless, she has been living and working as a freelance private chef in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, since May of 2021. The graduate of Auburn University and the Institute of Culinary Education also runs her own company, Arnett Hospitality, LLC, and frequently posts her delectable dishes on social media.

Where Is Darian Hernandez Now?

Izzy Buasier and Darian Hernandez were matched together, and the two had outstanding chemistry throughout. They created beautiful meals in each round, and after a fierce competition, they were declared the winners. Darian is presently a resident of Pensacola, Florida, where he holds a position as executive chef at the Brother Fox eatery. The Johnson & Wales University alumnus also runs his own business, Darian’s Hospitality Group, and is extremely well-liked on social media.

Where Is Izzy Buasier Now?


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Izzy Buasier astounded everyone with her extraordinary abilities; she and her partner, Darian Hernandez, created a fantastic Red velvet ice cream with grape and hot honey compote, which opened the path for them to win the episode’s conclusion. It’s interesting to note that Izzy is most known for her work as the Sous Chef at Babylon, New York’s renowned NoaMar Market restaurant. She then relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, and accepted a job at Oak Long Bar, though.

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