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Chris Rock: Selective Outrage Release Date Confirmed By Netflix

Comedian Chris Rock is joining Netflix in a historic first. Last year, the 57-year-old made news after Will Smith smacked him while he was hosting the Oscars.

Rock’s career is booming, having attracted a lot of love and support in the wake of Smith’s disrespectful actions. He is prepared to take part in the first-ever “live-streamed worldwide event” on Netflix.

On March 4, 2023, at about 10 PM ET, Chris Rock: Selective Outrage will begin streaming live. Live video will be broadcast from Baltimore, Maryland. There are still more information to come about the event.

Robbie Praw, vice president of stand-up and comedy formats at Netflix, raved about Chris Rock. He declared, “Chris Rock is one of our generation’s most recognizable and significant comedic voices. We’re overjoyed that Chris Rock will do a live comedy show for the entire world and that it will go down in Netflix history.

Additionally, he said, “This will be a memorable occasion, and we’re so grateful that Chris is carrying this flame.

Feedback on Trailer

Chris Rock will be performing live soon, and yesterday a trailer for the event was made available. In it, he can be seen entering the stage while energetic music is playing in the background.

The majority of the remarks were from eager viewers who were looking forward to the show. “Saw his act in Amsterdam in September where he spoke about the slap,” one person said. The performance was outstanding. I’m surprised it took this long to record and edit the show, but I can’t wait to watch it again.

Another user made fun of the joke by writing, “This time, Chris Rock will enter the stage and deliver the smack.” “Chris, you should give a Christmas gift to Will Smith,” said another person in reference to slapping. While ending his own, he gave your career some life.

What Happened At The Oscars?

When presenting the Oscars in 2022, Chris Rock made a joke about the hair of Will Smith’s wife. To everyone’s horror, Will Smith stood up, made his way to the stage, and smacked Chris Rock. Additionally, he yelled at him to refrain from saying “my wife’s name.”

Following that, Will Smith was mocked online and lost numerous lucrative deals, however Chris Rock won over the public’s sympathies and his performances were sold out. Even his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who had no involvement in the matter, was cruelly dragged into it.

Will Smith recently addressed the issue and apologized in front of Chris Rock and his supporters. Later, Chris Rock addressed the video on one of his shows and called the apology a “hostage video,” dismissing it as such.

Additionally, he cracked jokes about the incident while acknowledging that it had hurt. He performed Ali. Even playing Floyd Mayweather is beyond me.

The section about the Oscar slap has evolved into a humorous addition to his performances. Additionally, he made mention of it at other occasions, once claiming that Will Smith had smacked him for the “nicest joke” he had ever said.

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