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Class of ’07 Ending, Explained: Does The Group Survive?

The Australian survivalist comedy “Class of ’07,” created by Kacie Anning, centres on a large cast of students who are trapped on the grounds of their former high school due to a catastrophic flood. Emily Browning, Megan Smart, and Caitlin Stasey are three of the show’s leading ladies, along with a number of other entertaining actresses. After a decade, the all-girls Ridge High class of 2007 gets together for their 10-year reunion. But, their celebration is abruptly ruined when a catastrophic weather disaster strikes and submerges everything near their school. The women are stranded together and must work to survive as their university on a mountaintop has been transformed into a floating island.

The traditional “Lord of the Flies” premise is gender-bent in “Class of ’07,” which instead of teenage males casts an ensemble of middle-aged women with significant teenage baggage. Here is everything you need to know about the Class of ’07 ending. The show readily attracts the audience’s attention with its intriguing characters, so if you want to know more about where this weird trip takes these women, watch the show. Spoilers follow!

Class of ’07 Plot Synopsis

The narrative opens with Zoe, a contestant on a reality-TV dating show, breaking down after losing. After utterly humiliating herself on television, Zoe makes the decision to relocate to a remote area in order to avoid public humiliation. She drives to the closest evacuation center—her old high school—after noticing alarming environmental anomalies a few months after her self-imposed isolation. Unaware that she had accidentally stumbled into her own high school’s 10-year reunion, Zeo reconnected with Saskia, Sandy, Teresa, and her former best friend Amelia. The group quickly finds that while they were busy partying, the outside world had been flooded, despite initially being unaware of the danger outside.

class of 07 ending explained,class of 2020 ending explained,classroom of elite season 1 ending

Genevieve, the reunion’s organiser, tries to ration food and water while Amelia and Zoe, who always argue, struggle to get the radio to function so they may call for assistance. Phoebe greedily consumes their meagre supply of electricity while Sandy, an American exchange student with a powerful dog, causes trouble by her frequent whining. Petty disagreements and general intolerance devastate all of their attempts to survive. Without a clear leader to lead them, the group soon descends into chaos and disaster as the burden of their collective existence falls into each member’s personal hands. Saskia, a former bully who is now a redeemed ethical startup owner, eventually accepts the position despite knowing that doing so will require her to revert to some of her previous behaviours.

But she goes too far in the opposite direction and ends up pushing Sandy into the water while she is unconscious with the assistance of Zoe, effectively signing her death warrant. Now the two must conceal their deeds while creating a habitable atmosphere and ensuring everyone’s survival. In what follows, high school traumas, waning friendships, and overall chaos are explored in depth against the backdrop of a desolate, bleak world.

Class of ’07 Ending Explained: Does The Group Survive?

We witness the inner clique of the 07 Ridge High students—Zoe, Amelia, Saskia, Phoebe, Genevieve, Renee, Teresa, Megan, and Tegan—going through a lot during the numerous plotlines of this drama and its fundamental notion of survival. Saskia’s effective, though rather autocratic, leadership keeps everyone alive and well for a few months. The group’s designated “nerds” successfully use electricity and connect it to a number of elliptical machines to power the radio and other devices. Each person must work out to recharge their batteries, and as a reward, they can exchange their energy for products and luxury. Genevieve, who believes Saskia’s restrictions are harmful and harbours resentment towards Saskia for how she handled Genevieve ten years ago, quickly calls into question Saskia’s ways.

class of 07 ending explained,class of 2020 ending explained,classroom of elite season 1 ending

The plot suddenly takes a legal turn, with the group now attempting to bring charges against Saskia after beginning to believe that she might be connected to Sandy’s disappearance. Only Amelia’s advocacy for Saskia and demand for a fair trial for Saskia can end their mob rule because of their rocky relationship. The gang experiences a number of emotional awakenings and discoveries as a result of this narrative, including one true realisation that Sister Bicky, an old high school teacher, has been living on campus with them all along. The group quickly learns how to sustainably survive by farming poultry and growing food with Sister Bicky’s assistance.

Yet for these ladies, things rarely go as planned, and after a month or two of living this lifestyle, things ultimately spiral out of control and become cynical. The group decides to have one more “Last day on Earth” celebration and give up on survival after understanding that their radio signals might have been for naught and that they are alone with no one coming for rescue. Zoe tries to stop this plan from happening but is silenced by the group, which is now being headed by Amelia. They have already murdered their last chicken and ran out of food by the time they realise there may still be hope.

Save for our inner group and Forgettable Laura, the majority of ex-students leave the island in boats and canoes as their impending death is openly displayed. d. a few. A few. A few. a few. a few. a few. a few. a few. a few. thea for the first time. Before things can go really bad, they do, however, finally receive a radio signal from other survivors. Yet when that group of survivors—six guys in a boat—arrives on their shore, they give off a bad scent. Finally, the women pick up any weapon they can find and get ready to battle after recognising the threat that these intruders pose to their island. The show ends with a teaser for a subsequent season, yet the characters are still alive when we leave them and are eager to continue living in the future.

Why Did Amelia Disappear in High School?

The pilot episode makes the first mention of Amelia’s disappearance during her senior year of high school, and it remains a source of mystery for a few episodes after that. Amelia, who used to be Zoe’s best friend, once left school without saying good-bye. This incident is a key factor in how Zoe and Amelia interact with one another throughout the show and shapes both of their character arcs.

class of 07 ending explained,class of 2020 ending explained,classroom of elite season 1 ending

There have been many rumours circulating, such as that Amelia departed because of an affair or because she was hit on, but until Sister Bicky arrives, we are unable to get a definitive response. Following an illegitimate application of justice to Saskia and Genevieve, where they were about to have their heads shaved as punishment for their sins, Sister Bicky makes her presence known. In an effort to chastise the women and teach them the mistake of their ways, the Sister makes them dig up the old time capsule they had stowed away 10 years ago as high school students. The group takes turns reading their letters—or refusing to read them—before the Sister motions for Amelia to go.

Sister Bicky is reminded by Amelia that she doesn’t have one because she had to quit high school by that point. This results in the unintentional disclosure of the cause of Amelia’s abrupt departure. Mother of Amelia had killed herself. The audience learns that Amelia’s mother committed suicide and had a history of chronic depression, which she passed on to Amelia. This information is revealed in an emotionally charged scene between Amelia and Zoe. Amelia’s family had kept it a secret since they didn’t want anyone to find out.

What Happens to Sandy?

Everyone around generally disliked Sandy, the American exchange student. She ended up becoming a barrier to everyone else’s survival once the apocalypse occurred. Saskia therefore determines that Sandy must depart when she decides to assume the leadership role. Sandy was loaded into a rowboat by Saskia and a perplexed Zoe, who then let her float away over the water. Everyone assumes Sandy must have passed away as the months go by. Six months later, Sandy returns to the island, transformed and enraged, determined to get revenge on the group. She destroys their food supplies and tells them lies about the absence of outside assistance, sending everyone into a fatalistic downward spiral.

class of 07 ending explained,class of 2020 ending explained,classroom of elite season 1 ending

Sandy is not only still alive and a seasoned survivor, but she is currently pregnant as well. Not only is she coming back to ruin everything for the group, but she’s also bringing Teresa along to help her care for her child. The majority of Teresa’s story in the show is centred around her desire to have children, which she has always had. She must therefore oversee the food supply and ensure that everyone is fed if the tribe is to survive. In high school, Teresa and Sandy were close friends, but Sandy always felt that Teresa failed to defend her when Saskia and Zoe mistreated her. Sandy returns for Teresa because she knows Teresa has always desired to be a mother and that she cannot raise a child on her alone. In the end, Sandy and Teresa decide to jointly raise the child on land.

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