Devil In Ohio True Story : Is The Series Based On An Actual Cult?

Devil in Ohio came to a dramatic conclusion with that twist. Interested onlookers want to know if the story is based on actual occurrences. And it seems like there’s a lot to discover.

The connection between Suzzane and Mae has long baffled us. The show is fantastic, and I won’t give anything away.

In the series, a psychiatrist takes in a young patient who has managed to flee a cult, endangering her family and her life. Eight episodes of the show were published on September 2, 2022. Until you learn the real story’s ending, watching thrillers like these is always exciting.

Is ‘Devil In Ohio’ Based On A True Story?

This Netflix series was produced by Daria Polatin based on her book of the same name. The series “Devil in Ohio” is based on a factual story, despite the fact that the town and every other element are fictional.

Polatin outlined their motivation for penning this book.

“When my producer Rachel Miller told me about this Ohio-based true story, I immediately felt compelled to tell it. I made the choice to begin with a book. I wanted to use the fact that the story’s basic elements are real and actual events as a starting point.

Although it is based on actual events, it is not a documentary. Simply said, that is a distinct form of narrative. I believed that the best way to deal with it would be to creatively liberate it, fictionalise the specifics, and allow it to take on a life of its own.

According to Rachel Miller, our executive producer, “the book was inspired by factual events from a narrative she heard, which truly took place in Ohio,” she informs Tudum.

“When she told me the tale, I immediately felt compelled to share it. I had a great time creating the book, which I fully fabricated for a young adult audience. I adapted the book’s plot for the television series, framing it from the viewpoint of the psychiatrist’s mother.

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The Team Put On A Lot Of Work

To give the events in the series an authentic feel for the audience, the team put in a lot of effort.

“Me and my writers’ room investigated all of the cults,” Polatin said. After learning as much as we could about various organisations, we created our own cult by combining elements from numerous organisations.

It was a tremendously exciting creative experience to create this ensemble from from scratch and make it something truly distinctive, it was further stated.

‘Devil In Ohio’ Story In Detail

Let’s review the series’ story in more detail. A hospital in Ohio receives Mae, a teenage girl with an upside-down pentagram carved on her back. Hospital psychiatrist Dr. Suzanne Mathis becomes intrigued by her situation. and appears to offer the girl a place to stay while she looks for a suitable foster family.

Recently, it was discovered that Mae had escaped a rural neighbouring county’s devil-worshiping cult. Long-standing attempts by authorities to look into the cult have been hindered by issues with religious liberty and an overzealous county sheriff.

The Mathis family is swiftly torn apart by Mae’s presence. It’s exciting to read this today, especially after viewing the series and discovering that it is based on actual events.

You should definitely catch up on the show if you haven’t already. What are your opinions on the series being based on a true story, assuming you watched it? Please share with us in the space provided below.

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