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Gloria Satterfield Autopsy Results – An Unveiling in the Murdaugh Murders

Alex Murdaugh, who was once a member of the powerful and mysterious Murdaugh family, will be brought back to life by a court order. It comes after a string of deaths linked to the family name and questions about why Satterfield, who died at their home after tripping and falling, didn’t have an autopsy.

The exhumation is not something to be taken lightly, since it involves taking the embalmed remains of a person from where they were buried. In an upcoming episode of Body Bags, well-known forensics expert Joseph Scott Morgan and Jackie Howard will talk about this touchy subject head-on.

Fans of true crime will be happy to hear that Murdaugh Murders: Deadly Dynasty, a new three-part documentary series, will be shown for the first time on Investigation Discovery on Sunday, June 19. It looks like a must-see look at this sad story that is still puzzling the authorities today.

Recently, it was announced that a docuseries will be made about the sad death of Gloria Satterfield, who worked for the Murdaugh family.

In 2018, the 57-year-old woman died after falling down the stairs at the Murdaugh home in South Carolina for no clear reason. At first, it was said that she died in an accident, but police have since looked into it again.

Murdaugh Murders: Deadly Dynasty is the name of the series, and it will come out on June 19 on Investigation Discovery and Discovery +. It will give viewers a juicy look at a story that still has authorities scratching their heads.

The Murdaughs had hired Gloria Satterfield for a long time. She worked for them for twenty years before she died. She fell at their Moselle Roadhouse in Colleton County on February 26, 2018, and died soon after.

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Just three years later, Alex Murdaugh’s wife and son were found dead on this property. This made the news again. Alex Murdaugh told Tony and Brian, two of Gloria’s sons, that they should sue him for wrongful death after she died.

At the negotiations for Alfred’s insurance company, they were represented by attorney Cory Fleming. Alfred himself didn’t get involved until much later, when he was charged with two counts of fraud because money from the settlement agreement had been stolen.

No one knows what really happened on that terrible day when Gloria Satterfield died.

But this fascinating true crime documentary series is supposed to solve some of these mysteries and shine a light on one of the most famous criminal families in America. Make sure you watch it on June 19th!

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