Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6: Exploring Key Moments

‘Harley Quinn’ is a Max adult animation series that centres on the title character and was created by Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey. Harley was first developed by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm for “Batman: The Animated Series” and has since grown to be one of DC Comics’ most well-known figures. In the sixth episode of season four, “Metamorphosis,” Harley starts looking into Nightwing’s passing as Barbara lets her sorrow rule her. Ivy makes the decision to permanently replace her obnoxious PR crew in the meantime. ‘Harley Quinn’ season four episode 6’s conclusion is explained in detail here. Spoilers follow.

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6 Recap

Funeral music opens the episode, indicating that Nightwing or Dick Grayson has really passed away. There is a lot of cost-cutting since the Bat family’s financial problems persist, but the casket nevertheless emphasises that the departed had a wonderful behind. The event is attended by Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and other characters, but Bruce is conspicuously absent. Even though the sexual relationship between Barbara and Nightwing was never explicitly addressed in the series, the latter was still the former’s coworker, and she is upset by his passing. Even the heroes are hesitant to approach the Bat family because it appears like they have been targeted for death. Talia sends her agents to take up Damian Wayne after he decides to move in with his mother so that he might benefit from the League of Shadows’ (also known as the League of Assassins’) protection. Harley returns to Ivy’s flat as Barbara permanently moves in with her flatmate. Even Alfred has fled, leaving Wayne Manor completely deserted.

The Toymaker assaulted the funeral itself before being defeated by the Flash. The bad guy claimed that he had nothing to do with Nightwing’s passing, but the Bat family is left to wonder whether Gotham’s second- and third-tier bad guys will now turn their attention to them. Barbara believes that Ivy, as the leader of the Legion of Doom, is responsible for Nightwing’s passing; if it isn’t her, it must be someone who reports directly to her. Even though Harley is frequently on killing rampages and is aware of her girlfriend’s propensity for genocide, she refuses to accept this.

King Shark makes an effort to be the greatest single parent he can be, but due to his inexperience, he initially fails. Gordon, who has been serving as Legion of Doom security, then steps in to assist King Shark. Although his relationship with Barbara has soured over time, he was a loving father to her when she was a child. Even if some of his methods are questionable, like his advice to use alcohol to put the kids to sleep, they nevertheless work and provide the parents some time to themselves.

Ivy learns that her PR staff, the Jons, aren’t actually people and that they reproduce through mitosis. She decides to get rid of them with the aid of her mentees, the Natural Disasters, when they force her to attend a public event. Tefe, Volcana, and Terra aren’t really pleased with her, though, because she ignored them in favour of the PR gimmicks the Jons had her do up until this point. In the end, they come to terms, and the Natural Disasters agree to assist. Ivy deviates from the plan during the event, and the Jons combine to form one enormous Jon before attacking her. Tefe, Volcana, and Terra assist Ivy in slaying the monster.

Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6 Ending: Did Joker Kill Nightwing?

The previous episode pretty much made it clear that Joker is yearning to go back into the criminal underworld. This one solidifies the idea as he tells his family about his choice. They enthusiastically support him in his wicked turn rather than trying to stop him. Later, he appears at Legion of Doom and claims to have slain Nightwing while Harley and Barbara are venting their rage by beating the living daylights out of the collected bad guys. He was in Gotham when Harley and Barbara discovered Nightwing’s death in the mountains, thus this is probably a lie.

As Ivy points out, Nightwing is a huge hero to take down, and any criminal in Gotham, Bludhaven, and beyond would be glad to having done it. Of course, Joker isn’t beyond claiming credit for other villains’ good actions. The Joker is aware of this and is also aware that he needs to make a big announcement to accompany his return; claiming responsibility for Nightwing’s demise is the ideal way to do this.

Who is the Other Harley?

Harley notices a person who resembles her in the chaos and joy caused by Joker’s announcement that he killed Nightwing and was back. This might either be a delusion, a continuation of what has been happening to her over the past few days, or this person might truly exist. In the most recent episode, Gordon fooled himself into thinking a cloning machine was a micro oven by placing a potato inside and adding a hair that strongly resembles Harley’s. It’s possible that Gordon unintentionally made a clone of this second “Harley” in the first place.

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