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Ike Turner : How Much Is Tina Turner’s Ex-Husband Worth?

Ike Turner, who made a significant contribution to the 1950s and 1960s rock and roll movement, is a legendary character in the history of American music.

Ike had a net worth of $500,000 at the time of his passing, cementing his reputation as a trailblazing musician and producer.

Ike Turner’s career was destroyed in the 1980s due to his personal life difficulties with addiction and abusive behaviour, despite his spectacular ascent to fame and enormous success with his then-wife Tina Turner.

Over the course of his incredible career, Ike Turner released 10 studio albums as a recording artist. His debut song, “Rocket 88,” is regarded as the origin of rock & roll.

Even while his success as a performer was apparent, Ike’s greatest legacy may come from his contributions to the growth of rock and roll in the US, as he played a significant role in making the genre mainstream and developing its distinctive sound.

Ike Turner contributed to music, but he was also an author, publishing his autobiography “Takin’ Back My Name: The Confessions of Ike Turner” in 1999.

He addressed the turbulent moments in his life when he battled domestic violence and shared his own issues with addiction in this book.

Despite the fact that Ike Turner passed away in December 2007 at the age of 76, his influence on the music business is still felt today.

Ike was a pioneer and an inventor, and his contributions to American music history will endure for a very long time.

Early Life: Childhood Tragedy

On November 5, 1931, Ike Turner was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi. His mother, Beatrice, worked as a seamstress, while his father, Izear, was a Baptist priest.

When Ike was a little child, tragedy struck, and he saw a white mob beat his father mercilessly and leave him for dead.

After a brief period of survival, his father passed away in a tent on the yard. After his father passed away, Beatrice wed the violent alcoholic painter Philip Reese.

Ike faced maltreatment from two middle-aged ladies during his terrible childhood, first from Miss Boozie when he was six years old and then from Miss Reeny when he was twelve.

Early Career

Despite his difficulties, Turner found comfort in music. He was a superb pianist who had mastered the instrument from bluesman Pinetop Perkins. Additionally, he taught himself how to play the guitar by mimicking blues records.

Turner performed the piano for Sonny Boy Williamson II when he was just 13 years old. In the eighth grade, he quit school and began working as a lift operator at the Alcazar Hotel in Clarksdale.

Turner used to spend his breaks tuning in to WROX, a radio station, to listen to DJ John Friskillo. Turner finally learned how to operate the control room from Friskillo, after which he received a job offer as a DJ. Late afternoon was when “Jive Till Five,” a show by Turner, aired.

Musical Influences

In the 1940s, Turner relocated to the Riverside Hotel, where he made many new musical acquaintances. R&B and blues artists like T-Bone Walker and B.B. King had an impact on him. In 1951, Ike started his first band, Kings of Rhythm, and they started performing small-town venues.

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Turner’s unique sound arose from the band’s fusion of R&B, blues, and rock and roll.

Turner further composed and produced music for Sam Phillips at Sun Records, notably the tune “Rocket 88,” which many people believe to be the origin of rock and roll.

Ike Turner’s Career

Career of Ike Turner Ike Turner had a long-lasting influence on the music industry as a singer, producer, and songwriter. His career lasted several decades.

Turner first joined the Tophatters rhythm group before rising to lead the soul and R&B group, the Kings of Rhythm.

Before starting the Ike & Tina Turner Revue in 1960, he recorded songs with the group for Federal Records and Cobra/Artistic.

The group, which was founded by Ann Bullock’s then-girlfriend and the Kings of Rhythm, later grew to include the Ikettes, a group of female backup singers, and became well-known for their popular song “A Fool in Love.”

Ike and Tina’s 1966 breakthrough single “River Deep – Mountain High” was made possible by the great producer Phil Spector, and it paved the way for a successful tour with the Rolling Stones and headlining performances in Las Vegas.

Turner’s musicianship was acknowledged when his 1969 record “A Black Man’s Soul” garnered a Grammy nomination for Best R&B Instrumental Performance.

Ike and Tina’s biggest hit, “Proud Mary,” which sold over a million copies and won them a Grammy, brought them their greatest triumph in 1971.

Turner had success in his solo career with the release of numerous albums, including “Blues Roots” and “Bad Dreams,” despite his persistent drug use and legal troubles. Ike Turner gave Esquire Records the rights to previously unreleased music when the Ike & Tina Turner Revue disbanded in 1976 and Tina’s subsequent departure. Turner also received royalties from Salt-N-Pepa for using his tune “I’m Blue (The Gong Gong Song).”

Turner’s 2006 album “Risin’ With the Blues” won a Grammy for Best Traditional Blues Album, recognising his career. Ike Turner will always be recognised as a gifted musician and ground-breaking performer, despite his ups and downs.

Ike Turner’s Personal Life Struggles

Ike Turner, who is well-known for his contributions to music, had a turbulent personal life that included several marriages and arrests.

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Turner, a Mississippi native who entered the music business as a teenager, went on to become a well-known bandleader and musician. Turner was born in 1931.

However, he had a turbulent personal life. He had 14 weddings, some of which took place even before his first divorce was fully finalised.

Turner’s relationships were frequently characterised by adultery, violence, and tragedy. He was infamous for abusing his wives physically and psychologically, especially Tina Turner, who has openly discussed the trauma she endured when she was married to Ike.

As was the case with his fourth wife Rosa Lee Sane, several of Turner’s spouses also experienced adversity and even institutionalisation.

Along with his problematic love relationships, Turner battled drug addiction his entire life.

He was well-known to have a major cocaine addiction and had been arrested numerous times for drug-related offences. He suffered from physical health issues as a result of his drug use, including a hole in his nasal septum.

Turner has had a significant impact on the music industry, despite his personal difficulties. He is credited with creating the sound of rock & roll, and over his career, he collaborated with several well-known performers, including Phil Spector and Eric Clapton.

Despite his numerous controversies, Turner’s contribution to music is still honoured today.


Ike Turner’s passing in December 2007 was a momentous development in the music industry. Before his tragic death, Turner, who was renowned for his avant-garde contributions to the growth of rock and roll and rhythm and blues, had started to withdraw from society.

He told Falina Rasool that he thought he was going to die and wouldn’t live to see Christmas. Turner’s prophesy came true, as he passed away on December 12 at his San Marcos, California, home, just two days later.

On December 21, at the City of Refuge Church, Little Richard, Phil Spector, and Solomon Burke delivered heartfelt eulogies during this renowned musician’s funeral.

Two of Turner’s most cherished tunes, “Proud Mary” and “Rocket 88,” were performed by The Kings of Rhythm, with whom he had collaborated for the most of his career. Turner was cremated after the funeral, and his ashes were scattered over the Pacific.

The cause of Turner’s death was identified in January 2008 as a cocaine overdose, which was exacerbated by hypertensive cardiovascular disease and pulmonary emphysema. However, the administration of his estate was made difficult by the lack of a formal will.

A judge concluded that Turner’s adult children were the proper heirs under state law, despite the fact that Turner’s ex-wife Audrey Madison claimed to have a handwritten will naming her as a beneficiary.

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Ike Turner’s innovative contributions to popular music and the numerous musicians he guided during his career have left a lasting impact.

Although his death was a significant loss to the profession, his influence lives on today.

Awards and Nominations

Ike Turner was a renowned singer-songwriter-musician-record producer who enjoyed incredible success all throughout his career.

Turner’s career spanned more than five decades, and for his services to the music business, he was recognised with several honours and nominations.

Turner’s tremendous list of accomplishments includes being inducted into a number of halls of fame, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1991), the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame, the Blues Hall of Fame, and the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame.

Turner’s extraordinary musical ability earned him seven Grammy nominations, and he took home two awards—best traditional blues album for “Risin’ with the Blues” in 2007 and best R&B vocal performance by a group for “Proud Mary” in 1972—for his work.

His number-one songs including “Rocket 88,” “River Deep – Mountain High,” and “Proud Mary” were also honoured by being inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

Distinguished honours for Turner’s music have also been given, including the Memphis Heroes Award in 2004 and the Mojo Legend Award in 2007.

The classic song “Rocket 88” was posthumously inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2018 after first being honoured in the Blues Hall of Fame in 1991. The Blues Music Award for Comeback Album of the Year went to Turner’s comeback album, “Here and Now.”

Turner became one of the most important artists of the 20th century throughout his lifetime thanks to his unrelenting quest for musical perfection and his groundbreaking work in the blues, rock and roll, and soul genres.

Ike Turner’s tremendous resume of honours and nominations is evidence of his enduring legacy and his enormous influence on the history of music.

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