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Ike Turner is a name that music lovers are familiar with. He is a legendary musician, a pioneer of rock and roll, and a man whose music has influenced generations of artists. However, his legacy is also tainted by his troubled and violent relationships with his wives, particularly with Tina Turner. In this article, we will delve into the complex marriages of Ike Turner, his multiple wives, and the legal battles over his estate. The Rise of Ike Turner Ike Turner was born on November 5, 1931, in Clarksdale, Mississippi. He showed an early interest in music and began performing at the age of eight. In the 1950s, he formed a band called the Kings of Rhythm and recorded the song “Rocket 88,” which is considered by many to be the first rock and roll song. The song’s success launched Turner’s career and he became a rising star in the music industry. The Marriage of Ike and Tina Turner In 1960, a young singer named Anna Mae Bullock joined Ike’s band as a backup singer. After a series of events, Ike and Anna Mae began a romantic relationship, which led to them getting married in 1962. The couple changed Anna Mae’s name to Tina Turner and began performing together as Ike & Tina Turner. PROMOTED CONTENT Olymp Trade A Single Mom From Indore Became A Millionaire Overnight Limelight Media माधुरी दीक्षित की प्रेम कहानी के बारे में रोचक तथ्य Olymp Trade A 26-Year-Old Girl From Indore Became A Millionaire Overnight Their musical collaborations were enormously successful and they recorded songs like “Proud Mary” and “River Deep, Mountain High.” However, their personal relationship was tumultuous and violent. Tina later revealed that Ike had physically abused her throughout their marriage, even while she was pregnant. In 1978, Tina had enough and left Ike, putting an end to their marriage and their musical partnership. Ike’s Other Marriages Aside from Tina Turner, Ike claimed to have been married many times throughout his life. According to him, he had been married 14 times, though this number has not been confirmed. He was previously married to Lorraine Taylor and Margaret Ann Thomas before marrying Tina. After their divorce, he married Audrey Madison Turner and Jeanette Bazzell. Despite these marriages, his relationship with Tina remains the most infamous. Legal Battles Over Ike’s Estate When Ike Turner passed away in 2007, he left behind an estate worth $500,000. While that may not seem like a fortune, it was enough to prompt a legal battle among his heirs. As mentioned earlier, Ike did not have a valid will at the time of his death, which led to a dispute between his children, ex-wife Audrey Madison Turner, and his longtime friend James Clayton. Audrey Madison Turner initially claimed that she was entitled to Ike’s estate because he had given her a handwritten will that left everything to her. However, James Clayton came forward with a will he claimed that he had helped Ike write, which also left everything to him. In the end, Superior Court Judge Richard Cline ruled that Clayton’s will was valid, while Audrey Madison Turner was not. However, even Clayton’s will was not valid due to a later will that nullified both Clayton’s and Audrey Madison Turner’s claims. That will leave all of Ike’s estate to his natural heirs, his children. Conclusion The relationships of Ike Turner with his wives are marked by violence, abuse, and heartbreak. While his music was revolutionary at the time, his legacy is also dominated by his personal struggles. The legal battle over his estate is a reminder of the complexities of family relationships and the importance of leaving a valid will. Ike Turner’s history with his wives serves as a cautionary tale, and a stark reminder that even the most brilliant musicians can have a dark side.

Music enthusiasts are likely familiar with the name Ike Turner. As a rock & roll innovator and iconic guitarist, he has impacted countless other musicians over the years.

His turbulent and violent relationships with his wives, particularly with Tina Turner, have further marred his legacy.

We will explore Ike Turner’s complicated relationships, his several wives, and the legal disputes surrounding his fortune in this piece.

The Rise of Ike Turner

On November 5, 1931, Ike Turner was born in Clarksdale, Mississippi. At the age of eight, he started performing after displaying an early interest in music. He started a group called the Kings of Rhythm in the 1950s, and they made the song “Rocket 88,” which many people believe to be the first rock and roll tune. Turner’s career was sparked by the song’s success, and he quickly rose to fame in the music business.

The Marriage of Ike and Tina Turner

Ike’s band hired a teenage lady named Anna Mae Bullock as a backing singer in 1960. Ike and Anna Mae started dating after a series of incidents, which resulted in their marriage in 1962.

After renaming Anna Mae Tina Turner, the couple started performing as Ike & Tina Turner.

Their musical collaborations were a huge success, and they released songs like “Proud Mary” and “River Deep, Mountain High.”

Their interpersonal relationship, however, was turbulent and aggressive. Later, Tina admitted that Ike had physically mistreated her all through their marriage, including when she was expecting. Both their marriage and their artistic collaboration came to an end when Tina decided she’d had enough and left Ike in 1978.

Ike’s Other Marriages

Ike claimed to have been married numerous times throughout his life in addition to Tina Turner. Although this number has not been verified, he claimed to have been married 14 times.

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Prior to marrying Tina, he was previously married to Margaret Ann Thomas and Lorraine Taylor. He wed Audrey Madison Turner and Jeanette Bazzell following their divorce.

Although he has been married before, his marriage to Tina is still the most notorious.

Legal Battles Over Ike’s Estate

Ike Turner’s estate was worth $500,000 when he went away in 2007. Even though it may not seem like much, his heirs engaged in a court dispute over it.

Ike’s lack of a valid will at the time of his passing, as was previously indicated, resulted in a disagreement between his children, his ex-wife Audrey Madison Turner, and his lifelong friend James Clayton.

Ike gave Audrey Madison Turner a handwritten will that bequeathed everything to her, so at first she thought she was entitled to his inheritance.

James Clayton, however, came forward with a will that he asserted he had assisted Ike in writing and that also left everything to him.

In the end, Superior Court Judge Richard Cline determined that Audrey Madison Turner’s will was invalid but Clayton’s will was legitimate.

However, a later will that overruled both Clayton’s and Audrey Madison Turner’s claims rendered even Clayton’s will invalid. So, Ike’s children, who are his natural heirs, will receive the entirety of his inheritance.


Ike Turner’s marriages to his women are characterised by abuse, violence, and heartache. Even if his music was groundbreaking at the time, his personal difficulties have dominated his reputation.

The court struggle over his estate serves as a reminder of the difficulties in maintaining good relations within the family and the significance of leaving a proper will. The history of Ike Turner’s relationships with his wives is a sobering lesson and a harsh warning that even the most talented musicians may have a nasty side.

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