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Ink Master Season 14 Contestants: Where Are They Now?

Season 14 of ‘Ink Master’ returned, with Joel Madden serving as host and judge. The show received substantial changes before premiering in 2022. Ten participants from previous seasons squared off in the fourteenth round, contending for the title of “Ink Master.” The collision of abilities, originality, and experience promised to be an exciting spectacle for both long-time fans and newcomers to the series. Season 14 of the famous tattoo reality competition saw an exciting rebirth, displaying the show’s developing dynamics and introducing new talent to the judging panel.

As the artists competed for the coveted title and a hefty financial reward, the mix of seasoned entrants and former winners formed a riveting contest, making it a must-watch for fans of inked creativity. The season 14 competitors piqued fans’ interest in learning more about these highly talented individuals following the show. The journey does not end when the ink dries on the competition stage; it continues to blossom into interesting and diverse undertakings that display these tattoo virtuosos’ enduring talent and endurance. We set out on a journey beyond the competition, examining these talented artists’ intriguing post-show endeavours.

DJ Tambe Now Owns Bad Apple Tattoo Studio


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DJ Tambe, a true tattoo maestro, is a three-time winner and the ‘Ink Master Judge’. DJ’s artistic prowess comes to life at Bad Apple Tattoo in Las Vegas, where he makes elaborate masterpieces that go beyond traditional tattooing when he’s not shaping the judging panel. DJ’s influence extends beyond the studio doors through collaborations with industry titans such as FK Irons, World Famous Sink, Gryphon Salve, and Emalla Official. Each needle stroke displays his steadfast dedication to the technique, resulting in tattoos that are more than just art but a profound expression of creativity.

In his personal life, he is a dedicated spouse to Jehnna Tambe and a proud father of two children. This personal touch gives dimension to his artistry, demonstrating that each tattoo is a narrative, a part of a greater, dynamic story. DJ’s influence is widespread; he was a guest artist at Subway Tattoos. His path, which has been filled with competition successes and studio artistry, is still unfolding on the canvas of tattoo culture.

Gian Karle Collaborated with Sedation Lounge Body Art for Chest Tattoo Under Sedation Project


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Gian Karle, from New Hampshire, showed off his tattoo skills in both seasons 8 and 14, when he finished as runner-up. Gian’s artwork extends far beyond the competition arena, having been sponsored by industry giants such as World Famous Ink, Maverick Tattoo Mercantile, and FK Irons. Gian demonstrated his skills in a chest tattoo under sedation in a unique partnership at Sedation Lounge for Body Art, demonstrating his adventurous approach to the trade. This collaborative endeavour with RB Tattoo showed artistry that defies categorization.

Gian added an educational component to his journey by sharing his knowledge in a lesson film with tattoo artist Pony Lawson, going into the complexities of making a neotraditional tattoo. This dedication to share knowledge demonstrates his dedication to the tattooing community. Gian’s exploits extend beyond the inked canvas to the heights of mountains, where he recently conquered one over 9,000 feet. His quest of heights reflects the heights of his tattooing profession, which he documents on his YouTube account. Gian recently purchased an RV with his wife in a personal milestone, adding a sense of wanderlust to his adventure.

Bob Jones Launched his Line of Clothing, Badcase Ofpurpose

Bob Jones, co-owner of Shokunin Tattoo, was a ‘Ink Master’ finalist twice on the show, once in season 13 when the show was cancelled in the middle due to covid 19 and no winner was revealed. In season 14, he demonstrated his ink talent once more and was named a finalist. His associations with products such as Second Skin Tattoo Aftercare and Emalia Official demonstrate his flexibility.

Bob’s influence extends beyond the tattoo studio to the fashion sector through his apparel line, Badcase Ofpurpose. He continues to make waves beyond the tournament, demonstrating that his passion to the profession transcends the confines of competition. Bob actively participates in events such as the Trilogy Tattoo Conference, establishing his position as a dedicated member of the tattoo community. Maverick, his four-legged family member, is likewise adorable.

Creepy Jason’s Studio has been Voted Hampstead MD’s Best Tattoo Shop for 12 Years in a Row

Creepy Jason, a standout contender in season 12, demonstrated his talent once more in season 14. Jason’s tattooing prowess goes beyond the usual as the owner of House of Madness, which has been chosen Hampstead’s best tattoo shop for 12 years in a row. Indulging his creative side, he created the board game Dystopian Knights, a testament to his distinct and imaginative style. Jason, a member of the Helios Tattoo Pro Team, works using high-quality tattoo supplies.

Beyond the ink and needles, Jason’s life took a bizarre turn when he met Alice Cooper, the literal living legend, an event he documented on Instagram. His sister’s struggle with breast cancer became a heartbreaking chapter in his journey in the face of personal challenges. Jason also attended the Philly Tattoo Convention, where he left his stamp on the active tattooing community.

Angel Rose Crafted a Mural for the Royal Heritage Tattoo in Venice


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Angel Rose and his husband established Shokunin Tattoo, stretching artistic boundaries. Angel displayed her talents and inventive flare once more in season 14 after previously appearing in season 13, leaving a mark that echoes beyond the competitive arena. Angel’s love of calligraphy and West Coast lettering styles shines through in the intriguing painting she created for the Royal Heritage Tattoo in Venice. She posted about it on her Instagram account.

With her affiliation to Empire Inks, Angel is a famous figure in the tattoo industry, showing her talents at prestigious events such as the Portland Tattoo Expo and Golden State Tattoo Expo. Her participation at events like Ink Con reveals a lot about her commitment in the tattoo community. Angel participates in humanitarian activities for the Maui Foundation, demonstrating her commitment to giving back and making a good influence that extends beyond the walls of the tattoo studio.

Anthony Michaels Expanded his Studio, Twenty-Five Twelve


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Anthony Michaels, the season 7 champion, has moved into entrepreneurship since her show on time. He reappeared in season 14 after her successful performance on the show. Michael grew his previously established business following season 14 despite his brief appearance on Season 14. He demonstrated his artistic mastery by expanding out into the industry as the owner of Twenty-Five Twelve.

Anthony’s talent drew the notice of Inked magazine, resulting in many features and collaborations. He ventured beyond the tattoo shop, collaborating with Inked at Sea and making a lasting impression at the Premier Tattoo Conference for Artists in Miami. He also created a name for himself with the Hustle Butter Deluxe tattoo supplies line. Michaels founded the 2512 Collective Art Show to highlight his particular tattoo artistry. He has also collaborated with renowned individuals such as Zion Williamson.

Tony Medellin Immerses Himself in Modifying Bikes Nowadays

Even after the show, Tony Medellin remains dedicated to tattoo artistry. His artistic journey extends beyond the inked canvas, with partnerships like Gold English Goods, Good Guy Supply, and Hustle Butter Delux, where his distinct style can be found in a variety of interpretations. Tony’s artistic prowess garnered well-deserved praise after he made his imprint at the Villain Tattoo Art Convention in Philadelphia.

Aside from tattooing, he has a mechanical enthusiasm and is involved with Biltwell Peoples Champ, where he builds and modifies motorcycles, displaying a dimension of inventiveness beyond conventional tattoo technique. Tony discovers contentment with his partner, Mandy delight, in the tapestry of his personal life, building a foundation of support and delight. Outside of the studio, he is not only a tattoo artist, but also a collaborator with WWE superstars, broadening the scope of his craft into unexpected areas.

Katie McGowan is Now the Captivating Proprietor of Love Spell Tattoo


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Katie McGowan, the mesmerising founder of Love Spell Tattoo, skillfully blends art and enchantment inside the limits of her workshop. Her career took an enthralling turn when she returned to the show’s competition stage in season 14 after appearing in season 6. Notably, a story on KATV Newscast shines a light on Katie’s wonderful works, bringing her artistry to a wider audience.

Following the event, Love Spell Tattoo expanded into more than just a studio; it became a home for Katie’s creations as well as a collaborative space for freelance artists, infusing vibrancy into its artistic milieu. Katie’s mystical touch stretched beyond the tattooed canvas, notably collaborating with Rock Town Distillery for a Spooktacular event, flawlessly combining the worlds of tattoos and spirits. Katie McGowan’s amazing journey, Love Spell Tattoo, continues to construct a tale where art, magic, and the spirit of collaboration intersect.

Pon DeMan Owns World Fair Tattoo Studio Today


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Antonio DeCaro, as Pon DeMan, made an impression on television with appearances in seasons 12 and 12. Not stopping there, he took on the task again in the tough ‘Ink Master Grudge Match’ Season 1. Antonio, the proud proprietor of World’s Fair Tattoo, also wears the hat of an entrepreneur outside of the inked canvas.

Antonio’s creativity expands its scope in the complicated world of tattooing through conventions and collaborations with notable businesses like as World Famous Ink, Sani Derm, Hustle Butter Deluxe, and Good Guy Supply. His creative and skilled journey continues to expand, making his stamp not just on the competition stage, but also on the vivid tapestry of the tattooing industry.

Steve Tefft is the Proud Owner and Artist at 12 Tattoos Today


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Steve Tefft, the ink wizard, triumphed in season 2, demonstrating his indisputable brilliance and command of the tattoo business. Beyond his victory, he continued to make an impact, serving as a coach in season 10 and again as a contender in season 14, displaying his expertise and helping to the advancement of aspiring tattoo artists. Steve Tefft’s path as the proud owner and artist at 12 Tattoos has taken him from the tough competition stage to the realms of mentorship and entrepreneurship. His particular style and artistic vision, refined over years of practise, have left an unmistakable impression on the tattooing community.

Where are the Rest of the Contestants?

Destiny took an unexpected turn for some participants who faced early elimination but found success outside of the show in the unpredictable domain of the show. Holli Marie, a tough artist from seasons 12 and 14, leaves her imprint at Flat’s Tattoos. Holli Marie, who is dedicated to her trade and his boyfriend Alexander, demonstrates that setbacks on the programme are simply a chapter in her bright tattooing adventure. Hiram Casas, owner and tattoo artist at Basilica Tattoo in Las Vegas, competed on the ‘Ink Master’ canvas in Seasons 13 and 14. Aside from the event, he continues to demonstrate his talents at numerous conventions, demonstrating that his craft goes far beyond the studio walls.

Deanna Smith, a tattooer, educator, and proprietor of Eden Body Art Studios, took part in both seasons 10 and 14’s tattooing saga. Deanna’s connection with Colton James lends a personal dimension to her journey, and her dedication to her profession is demonstrated by talks at the Eden Summer Symposium and many honours at tattoo art conferences. Chris Shockley, a contestant in both seasons 11 and 14, works as a tattoo artist at Hocus Pocus Ink and has left his imprint on the Baltimore tattoo scene. In addition, he took part in the Baltimore Tattoo Art Festival. Despite their early eliminations from the competition, these contestants have carved out distinct and interesting stories in the field of tattoo artists, illustrating that fate often has more ink to unveil beyond the first setbacks of an elimination.

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