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Is Jordan Peterson a Christian? Unraveling the Controversial Figure’s Beliefs

Jordan Peterson, a Canadian clinical psychologist, became well-known around 2016 as a result of the popularity of his TED Talk and the publication of his book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, in which he challenges readers to take control of their lives and make the world a better place.

In the intervening years, Peterson has published Beyond Discipline: Twelve Additional Rules for Living. This essay aims to provide readers a solid understanding of the lessons he teaches in his books.

For Christian readers in particular, we seek to clarify Peterson’s understanding of Scripture and the significance of Jesus in his worldview.

Since Peterson never once claimed to be a Christian in any of his books, this essay is not intended to cast doubt on his sincerity or honesty.

We are unable to concur with Peterson’s views on the nature of reality. We therefore value his dedication to encouraging dialogue about polarisation and his support for free speech.

What Made Jordan Peterson Turn to Jung?

Peterson previously wrote about his early experiences of being catechized in the church in the book “Maps of Meaning”1.

Peterson had inquiries, but the catechist guiding the class needed more time to consider them.

Peterson came to the conclusion that Christianity could not coexist with Darwinism and dismissed it as wishful thinking.

When he abandoned his previous religion, neither his atheist parents nor his atheist neighbours raised an eyebrow.

During his time in college, Peterson underwent intense reflection during which he became aware of his potential for violence and started to have scary dreams.

He stumbled home after drinking too much at a party and painted a profane picture.

Peterson’s experiences left him rattled. He couldn’t comprehend the emptiness he was experiencing internally.

After reading Carl Jung, the father of analytical psychology, he believed he had discovered a reason for his dreams.

Peterson was particularly moved by the following statement made by Carl Jung: “It must get admitted that the archetypal contents of the collective unconscious can often assume grotesque and horrible forms in dreams and fictions that can give even the most logical person terrifying nightmares and recurring nightmares.” This is a flowery way of saying that we are influenced by the events and narratives of our ancestors.

Jordan Peterson about Order and Chaos in Jung

concerning Order and Chaos in Jordan Peterson’s The fundamental tenets of the theory were accepted by Jung Peterson, although he felt that it was sometimes oversimplified and unreliable.

And the study of universal archetypes can shed light on how our minds have developed to balance the forces of order and chaos in the natural world. Mythology and religion are therefore treasure troves of knowledge for examining the human psyche.

According to Peterson, there are three main archetypes, which he names

The middle ground between these two extremes is the unknown or chaos and the known or order.
Keeping a structure in place that is stable enough to resist disturbances and malleable enough to allow for change when necessary, according to Peterson, is what stories and myths teach us to do.

What does Peterson’s interpretation of the interaction between order and chaos mean for us as individuals?

Even if one no longer believes in a deity apart from nature, one can still find meaning and fulfilment in becoming the hero who gives order and harmony to one’s life, family, and community.

In order to find purpose in this horrible, unpredictable, and frequently violent world, we must be responsible adults who shoulder heavy responsibilities, give back to the community, and prioritise keeping our homes and lives in order.

Jordan Peterson’s Thoughts On the Bible?

Peterson frequently refers to Scripture and brings up Jesus in order to communicate his meta-myth of chaos and order to a Western audience that is heavily influenced by the Bible, but not because he believes that Jesus is God or that Scripture is inspired by God.

Jesus is not the resurrected Lord who offers eternal life via his death and resurrection, in accordance with Peterson’s beliefs.

Jesus is merely one of many mythical figures that assist us in finding a balance between chaos and order.

The belief of Christians is that Peterson will eventually accept their perspective. But after reading Peterson’s most recent book, Beyond Order (2021), it becomes clear that his most recent ideas aren’t all that dissimilar from those he expressed in his previous book, Maps of Meaning (1999).

This passage from Beyond Order demonstrates his perspective on the Bible and Jesus.

Final Words

According to Jordan Peterson, understanding how Darwinian adaptation via the battle for survival has shaped the human mentality to deal with chaos and order will teach us the most about ourselves.

With this understanding, we may more successfully thrive in this hazardous and unpredictable world.

Christians, on the other hand, think that from the beginning, God made a “very good” world, and that when he brought order to the cosmos, he would wipe away every tear from every eye.

Our world is filled with death because humanity rejected God, and the only way to defeat this darkness within ourselves and the world is via death, Jesus’s physical resurrection, and the presence of the Holy Spirit within us.

Peterson believes that all we can do is try to make the most of our time while we are here because the world is hazardous and chaotic.

Christians think that Jesus has won the battle against evil for them. We discover our actual purpose in life when we accept an invitation to live eternally with an all-good God.

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