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Liz Marek: Where Is the ‘Is It Cake’ Contestant Now? Discovering Her Current Ventures

The first episode of Netflix’s “Is It Cake?” begins like any other competitive baking programme by gathering a group of bakers and throwing them against one another in ever more difficult challenges. The difficulty arises in the fact that each baker is required to produce incredibly lifelike cakes inspired by actual objects. A panel of three guest judges then tries to distinguish the real cake from the imposters, and if they succeed, the winning baker could be booted from the competition.

However, the last elimination is determined by how the cakes taste, and the remaining baker standing earns $75,000 for their efforts. Similar to this, Liz Marek was introduced to us in season 2 of the show, where her enthusiasm and upbeat demeanour quickly made her a fan favourite. Let’s find out where she is right now now that the cameras are behind us.

Who is Liz Marek?

Liz Marek, a resident of Beaverton, Oregon, was previously employed in a different field before deciding to make baking her primary career. The fact that she had worked as a graphic designer and relied solely on baking to relieve her stress will be of interest to readers. Liz, however, quickly moved forward with the intention of turning her enthusiasm for the art into a career because there was no turning back once she fell in love with it. Fortunately, her loved ones were generally supportive of her choice and urged her to persevere in following her aspirations.liz marek book,elizabeth rowe is it cake,liz marek net worth,is it cake too contestants,liz marek,lizmarek is * it cake contestant

Liz took a baking and pastry course at the Oregon Culinary Institute even though she is a completely self-taught baker who learnt how to decorate cakes from TV shows and web videos. She even started her professional career in her kitchen at home, accepting client orders for professional baking and posting online instructions for her first business, Artisan Cake Company. Unsurprisingly, it quickly became a well-known name in the baking sector, and Liz began appearing on numerous prestigious publications and TV shows.

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Additionally, in 2014, Liz released her wildly successful book, “Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide to Cake Decorating.” But in 2015, the Beaverton native was determined to widen her audience, so she closed down her previous business before starting Sugar Geek Show with her husband, Dan. Her time on “Is It Cake?” was also highly promising, even though it is currently recognised as a reputable and trustworthy source for advanced baking tutorials.

In fact, Liz got off to a strong start in the first episode when her design duped the judges and helped her win. But after a few episodes, she was in danger of losing since the judges were able to distinguish her cake from the fakes. Additionally, they thought the cake’s flavour wasn’t up to grade, and Liz was forced to return home in episode three.

Where is Liz Marek Now?


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Liz Marek and Dan have currently established a great life in Beaverton, Oregon. She not only has a large following on Instagram (almost 500,000 followers), but she also regularly hosts online classes for budding bakers through her business, Sugar Geek Show. In addition, Liz has been on a number of reality shows. We wish her the best in the years to come, even though her skill and fame require her to travel across the nation for various baking competitions.

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