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MasterChef Season 9: Where Are They Now? Tracking the Culinary Journeys

‘MasterChef’ showcases a group of people attempting to put their best foot forward and winning a cash reward of $250,000 as they compete in a series of challenges to become the finest amateur home cook. The cooking competition show puts amateur cooks through rigorous pressure tests that are judged by top chefs from around the world. Season 9 of “MasterChef,” which debuted in 2018, has a taut concept full of delectable culinary experimentation. As a result, if you’re also interested in finding out more about the candidates today, look no further since we have all the information right here!

Where is Gerron Hurt Now?

The Louisville, Kentucky, English teacher made history when he became the first Black man to win “MasterChef.” Since becoming well-known thanks to the popular cookery programme, Gerron has been reaching new heights. He opened Southern Ego Truck, a restaurant where he serves as the head chef. Gerron wants to create an intersectional culinary experience by bringing the flavour of southern cuisine to all palates.


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Gerron, who is in his 30s, also makes videos for YouTube and Cameo. On his web channels, fans and readers may also find his recipes and tips. Gerron enjoys spending time with his wife Brandi, their kids Harlee and Hendrix, and other family members.

Where is Ashley Mincey Now?

Ashley has persisted in honing her cooking skills despite Gerron winning the competition. Ashley has turned into a private chef and provides her dining services to clients in South Florida in addition to using her platform to demonstrate her cooking abilities. The developer of social media also offers fans a number of online services and products.

Ashley, who is in her 30s, has experience creating recipes and has displayed her skills at a number of pop-up dining occasions. In addition, the chef created her own brand, Envie By Mincey, under which she offers a variety of cooking services. Additionally, she has appeared on the Hulu shows “Best in Dough” and “Women in Pizza.” Ashley prefers to keep her private life out of the public eye.

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Where is Cesar Cano Now?

The high school teacher saw an unexpected climb and gradually made a name for himself on the programme. Cesar has returned to teaching students after being eliminated from the competition and accepted a job as an English teacher at Pasadena Memorial High. He still enjoys cooking, though, and has even organised a number of charity cooking events.


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Clients have benefited from Cesar’s private cooking and dining services. He started working as a cooking instructor in 2019 and instructed rookie cooks at Camp Masterchef. The television personality showcases his culinary prowess and kitchen knowledge on Instagram and YouTube. Cesar, who is in his 30s, likes going out to dine and discovering new places with Crystal.

Where is Samantha Daily Now?

Samantha, who was still only a college student in season 9, shown her extraordinary intelligence and comprehension. In season 12, “MasterChef: Back to Win,” the television celebrity returned to the programme. Samantha has worked in bakeries over the years and even taught cooking classes. She chose to hone her culinary skills with Chef Gordon Ramsay in 2019 and enrolled at the International Culinary Centre in Manhattan.


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Samantha worked in a restaurant in New York not long after finishing culinary school. In 2020, she moved to Iowa, where she worked at The Bake Shoppe Des Moines as a wedding planner and cake decorator. Samantha, who is in her 20s, currently has a growing following on Instagram. She enjoys showing off her abilities online and spending time with her partner, Calvin Dixon.

Where is Bowen Li Now?

Similar to Samantha, Bowen decided to make amends by making a comeback on “MasterChef: Back to Win.” Even though he came in second place in season 12, he has established himself as a rising star in the culinary world. The reality TV star, who is in his early 30s, launched Bowen Bistro with his husband David Li and has conducted cooking workshops. Bowen, a former commercial pilot, now enjoys the excitement of working in the kitchen. He enjoys demonstrating his abilities online and frequently posts tidbits of knowledge to Instagram from his home in Indiana.

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Where is Farhan Momin Now?

The Southeast Asian chef who attended Vanderbilt University contributed his culinary skills to the meal. Farhan returned to school to pursue his dental degree after finishing sixth for the season. The television star, however, is no longer merely a dentist by trade. He offers private chef and catering services in Georgia and also wears a white coat and chef’s cap.


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Farhan has worked in a number of pop-up restaurants before opening Atlanta Halal Meat & Food in Suwanee. He started Farmo Cooks and is managing the business as he enters his 30s. The Indian-American continues to off his culinary skills online despite recently getting married to Sukaina Syed.

Where is Julia Danno Now?

Since she literally grew up in her father’s restaurant, Julia saw food as more than simply fuel. She increased her revenue by working on pop-ups, selling cakes, and providing private dining services after finishing last in season 9. Julia then made a comeback for season 12 but suffered a terrible loss while filming.


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Around the time Julia was scheduled to fly to California for production, her father passed away after a protracted battle. After that, she started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for starting her own bakery and restaurant. Julia, who is currently in her forties, operates Juju’s Chicago-style Cheesecake and is an Instagram influencer. The television celebrity is still having a good time in her personal life with her mother, her family, and her friends.

Where is Shanika Patterson Now?


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The Florida-based chef continued her education at the Pearl campus of the Culinary Institute of America. Additionally, Shanika competed in the semifinals of “MasterChef: Back to Win” after returning. The pioneering chef is presently employed as a Chef at SNR Foods in San Antonio, Texas, where she resides. At Savour, The Culinary Institute of America, Shanika has also worked as a pastry chef. The skilled cook in her 30s is clearly on the road to achieving both personal and professional success, despite the television personality’s preference for keeping her private life secret.

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Where is Taylor Waltmon Now?

With a wide range of interests and great abilities, Taylor quickly rose to the top of the field. She returned to her life in sales and corporate after quitting in ninth place. The television personality later started working at Q1 Media as a sales executive in her 30s. Taylor is currently Q1’s Vice President of Sales Development and Training. She worked as an instructor at a nearby cycling class and was based in Austin, Texas. The inexperienced chef later married and had two daughters. She enjoys keeping her family’s seclusion, but she still wants to see her little group of people reach some significant milestones.

Where is Emily Hallock Now?


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Emily returned in season 12 to try again to win the tournament after losing season 9 due to a small error. She continued to participate in “MasterChef: Back to Win” semifinals, and since then, she has leveraged her expertise in consumer insights to become a leader in the food sector. The 30-year-old television personality is currently Vital Proteins’ Manager of Consumer Insights, where she conducts fundamental research studies to provide insights on market trends.

By maintaining a dynamic online community, Emily has continued her career as a culinary prodigy. Through her Instagram account, readers and followers may access her recipes, demonstrations, and advice on baking and gardening. Emily also frequently updates her website with the newest recipes and advice while on the road with her partner John Pacci.

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