What Happened To Nikki Cox From Unhappily Ever After? Did She Quit Acting?

Nikki Cox is an actress best known for playing Tiffany, Tiffany’s daughter, in the hit TV show Unhappily Ever After.

She was born in Santa Monica, California, on June 2, 1978. At the tender age of 4, she made her acting debut in TV specials and ballet shows. When she was first cast on television at age 10, her actual career began.

Acting Career

Nikki’s first acting role was that of Little Iola Boyland in a Mama’s Family episode from the fourth season, which aired from 1983 until 1990.

In the same year, Nikki returned to her ballet slippers for the Badder scene in the 1988 film Moonwalker, starring popular singer Michael Jackson.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

In Star Trek: The Next Generation, Nikki played Sarjenka, a young Dreman. To preserve her planet, Sarjenka famously coerces her way into being Lt. Commander Data’s pen friend.

Data persuades Captain Picard to allow the Enterprise to aid Sarjenka and her people, but Picard is adamant about wiping out Commander Data and Sarjenka’s memories of the incident.

Sarjenka appears in just one episode of TNG, but like many of the plots of the legendary sci-fi classic, fans are familiar with her tale right away.

Unhappily Ever After

Nikki played Tiffany Malloy, the middle child and only daughter of the troubled couple Jack and Jennie, in her first appearance for prime time. She portrays an intelligent, aspirational, and gold-digging overachiever.

Each and every episode featured Nikki. Over the course of five seasons, the show had 100 episodes. The programme came to an end when it was sold for syndication but was not picked up due to its poor viewership.

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The Norm Show

After Unhappily Ever After was cancelled, Nikki was chosen to play Taylor Clayton, a former call girl who is now a social worker, in The Norm Show. 27 episodes featured her.


The WB handed Nikki Cox a comedy bearing her name in response to her success on Unhappily Ever After. The story of Nikki White, the showgirl who works at “the worst casino in Las Vegas,” and her wrestler husband were the focus of the film.

Over the course of two seasons and 41 episodes, the final six were not shown. Due to poor ratings, the network cancelled the programme after the first 19 episodes of season 2.

Las Vegas

Nikki plays Mary Connell in the comedy-drama Las Vegas, who continues to have an on-again, off-again relationship with one of the stars, Ed Deline (James Caan). The couple gets engaged in season 2, but they break it off.

For the first four seasons of the show, Nikki appeared in 88 episodes. For the sixth season, she opted not to return. The insinuation that she killed her father and is evading the law explains her absence.

A Christmas Wedding Tail

Nikki’s final acting role was as Cheri, a poodle who meets and falls in love with Rusty, a yellow lab, in the 2011 television film A Christmas Wedding Tale.

What is Nikki Cox doing now?

Since Nikki’s acting career lasted from 1982 to 2011, there is little question that she left the industry. Since her son was born in 2011, it makes sense.

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One famous plastic surgeon has speculated that Nikki’s failed botox procedure was another factor in her decision to leave the performing industry.

However, Nikki herself has remained silent on the subject and has led a private life ever since leaving the performing industry.

NIkki’s first known relationship was with Kevin Connolly, who portrayed her elder brother Ryan on the television series Unhappily Ever After.

Then, in 1997, she became engaged to Robert “Bobcat” Goldthwait, another co-star from Unhappily Ever After. Her unstable father’s schizophrenic puppet Mr. Floppy was voiced by actor and comic Bobcat.

Bobcat was 16 years Nikki’s senior. They stayed together until their breakup in 2005.

In December 2006 in Los Angeles, Nikki tied the knot with her co-star from Las Vegas, Jay Mohr. Meredith Daniel, the couple’s only child, was born on May 5, 2011. 2018 saw their divorce.

Although the divorce was reportedly caused by “irreconcilable issues,” there are many reports that Nikki had a long-standing drug problem with suicide thoughts.

Additionally, Mohr petitions the court for sole custody of their son and alleges that “our boy is suffering” because to the “very complex and uncomfortable living environment.”

He continues by saying Nikki doesn’t care about her “mental health difficulties, her drug misuse, and her refusal to respect boundaries.”

Since then, Jay has wed Jeanie Buss, the L.A. Lakers’ controlling owner and president.

Nikki hasn’t had much recent news, but it’s never too late for her to return to the spotlight.

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