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Patrick Lewis: Unmasking the Dark Secrets of a Murderer

There is never a justification for pardoning the crimes of murder and rape. When it comes to denying someone their life, no amount of rationalisation, rationalisation, or explanations can absolve one of responsibility.

Is it OK to refer to Patrick Lewis’ killer as a human? He was without a doubt the most horrible being to ever walk the face of the earth.

In 1998, the 32-year-old Kathleen Bracken vanished from the Twilite Motel in Mobile, Alabama, and was later found dead there. This sparked an investigation that led to a horrible discovery.

The authorities had no notion they were searching for or dealing with a serial killer when the investigation got underway.

Fortunately, a few witnesses could point the authorities in the direction of Gerald Patrick Lewis. The subsequent inquiry turned up a nefarious history of horrifying murders dating all the way back to 1986.

Investigation Discovery took the initiative to give folks a glimpse inside the criminal’s thoughts and terrible deeds after the killer of Patrick Lewis was found and found guilty.

The “Evil Lives Here: My Brother’s Secrets” episode centres on Gerald’s actions and demonstrates how a meticulous police investigation ultimately resulted in him receiving the punishment he deserved.

Let’s look at Patrick Lewis’ early life and attempt to understand the cause of his heinous wrongdoings before delving deeply into his crimes and victims.

Who was Gerald Patrick Lewis?

Gerald Patrick Lewis was born on August 10th, 1965. Growing up, his family frequently moved between Atlanta and the Boston neighbourhood of Brockton.

Gerald’s youth was further affected, it was revealed in the Investigation Discovery programme, when his parents chose to divorce when he was just 11 years old.

Gerald Patrick Lewis was exposed to an unprotected environment because he lost his secure family at a young age.

Because no one was watching out for him or keeping track of his whereabouts, he soon found himself getting embroiled in small-time crimes.

Gerald eventually succeeded in landing a work, but he was unable to keep it for very long.

He continued to commit burglaries even when he was working, which led to him amassing a rather outstanding criminal record.

Gerald Patrick Lewis lived his first two decades of life without engaging in any serious criminal activity. He did engage in a few minor crimes, but the first of his serial killings wasn’t carried out until 1986.

Undoubtedly, Gerald had a difficult upbringing and wasn’t fortunate enough to have a loving family to shelter him, but God did make up for it by giving him a daughter named Lena Santarpio.

Before he started the string of the most heinous atrocities in history, she was Gerald’s girlfriend. According to reports, the former couple was enjoying their time together and was ready to become parents because Lena was at the time expecting a child.

Lena’s good fortune prevented the revelation of Gerald’s horrifying acts because she had relocated back to her parent’s house after learning she was pregnant.

Unsurprisingly, Lena’s parents told their daughter to avoid her boyfriend because they didn’t think highly of him.

Gerald was upset by Lena leaving, and it appears that this caused him to commit his first murder.

Who were Gerald Patrick Lewis murderer victims?

It’s important to note that all of Gerald’s victims were women, and that he sexually raped each one of them before slicing them to death with a knife.

The fact that Gerald Patrick Lewis did not carry out these acts in a single city is also important to notice. He alternated between Massachusetts, Georgia, and Alabama.

In a scene from the programme, Gerald says that he picked up his first victim in Brockton’s town square in December 1986, raped her, and then stabbed her with a knife.

The identity and specifics of Gerald’s first victim were kept secret from the public.

Gerald Patrick Lewis was accused of attempting to kill Stephanie, a five-year-old, the next year. He allegedly broke into her flat and nearly killed her by strangling her.

1993, seven years after his first murder, saw Gerald commit his third murder.

Peggy Lynn Grimes, the victim, was eight months pregnant and a resident of Georgia when she vanished.

Although Peggy’s mother reported her missing in September 1993, it wasn’t until 1998 that the police in Lithia Springs found her death in a forested area off of Vulcan Drive.

The perpetrator who committed such heinous acts was unknown to the authorities even then.

Gerald didn’t have any luck in 1998. Despite the fact that it was his fourth murder and years had passed since his previous attack, the police were able to rally behind him following that incident.

Police were alerted to a probable murder in April 1998 after receiving a panicked 911 call from the Twilite Motel in Mobile, Alabama.

When first responders arrived at the crime site, they discovered Kathleen dead in her motel room. By that point, blood was puddled all around her.

Kathleen was killed by a stab wound and suffocation, according to an autopsy performed later. The victim was inspected by the medical examiner’s office as well, and it was discovered that she had been sexually mistreated and raped before she was dead.

Just hours before Patrick Lewis was killed, Kathleen was visited by a man in a red pickup truck, according to the witnesses who led the police to the murderer.

Fortunately, after further investigation, Gerald Patrick was identified as the source of the lead.

The detectives dug through Kathleen’s details to get a better understanding of her killer.

They learned that Kathleen was a prostitute and that someone driving a red pickup truck had hired her the night she was killed.

The police created a lifelike sketch of the perpetrator using the sketchy description one of Kathleen’s coworkers had given.

Fortunately, the authorities were able to identify Gerald’s DNA from a cigarette butt recovered in Kathleen’s hotel room in addition to the sketch.

Surprisingly, when confronted with the facts, Gerald instantly admitted to killing Kathleen and even told police about further murders that weren’t related to him.

In addition to Peggy Grimes, he also admitted to killing Misty McGugin in January 1998 and three other women in Georgia.

Where is Gerald Patrick Lewis murderer now?

Patrick Lewis passed away on July 15, 2009, 14 years ago, and is no longer a part of this planet.

He was given life in prison without the possibility of release for killing Kathleen Bracken. Gerald was given the death penalty for the 2003 slaying of Misty McGugin by the jury after they discovered sufficient evidence to back up their claim of aggravating circumstances.

Gerald passed away when he was incarcerated and on death row.

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