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What Is Pierce Brosnan’s Accent in ‘The Out Laws’? Evaluating His Performance

Adam DeVine plays Owen in the action-comedy “The Out-Laws” on Netflix. Owen meets his in-laws for the first time just days before he is set to wed his fiancée. One of the most scary in-laws you’ll see on TV is portrayed by Pierce Brosnan and Ellen Barkin as Billy and Lilly. They have a very mysterious past, which becomes even more mysterious when Owen suspects they may be the notorious bank robbers the police have been searching for for years.

It is now even more challenging to win their favour, especially Billy. Because of his accent, Brosnan gives the part a particular air of dread. The following information will help you determine whether Brosnan’s accent in the film is accurate. Spoilers follow.

Is Pierce Brosnan’s Irish Accent in The Out-Laws Real?

In “The Out-Laws,” Pierce Brosnan speaks with a faint Irish accent. You can tell that’s his true accent if you listen to it in his interviews. He was born in Ireland and lived there for ten years, giving him an Irish flair. When asked where his accent originated during a Stephen Colbert interview, Brosnan said he hails from Southern Ireland and “grew up on the banks of the River Boyne in County Meath.”

pierce brosnan accent,pierce brosnan irish accent,pierce brosnan american accent,pierce brosnan accent the foreigner

Young Brosnan experienced a culture shock when his family relocated to L ondon in 1964. His self-description was “a country boy trying to fit into a different community and society in South London.” In an effort to fit in and be “part of the gang,” he tried to take on a British accent. The Bond actor added, “I suppose it ended up being one of my best performances.” His accent became confused as a result, yet you can still hear the Irish inflections in his speech.

For various roles over the years, Brosnan has taken on a variety of dialects. He assumed “an upper-class British “Received Pronunciation” (RP) accent” for the role of James Bond, which he performed in four films, which the other Bond actors also employed in various roles. In other movies, he has also used American accents, and in others, stronger Irish accents. Since the character in “The Out-Laws” does not require Brosnan to be from a particular location, he has used his natural accent, which enhances the character in ways that an adopted accent could not.

He must perform numerous action scenes as part of the character. Brosnan was no stranger to action films having worked on several of them. Adam DeVine, a fellow actor, observed, “He understood exactly [what to do]. He said, “I’ll throw you like this,” while the stuntmen were speaking to him. It was very amazing to watch the shorthand between him and the stuntmen. The actor, who had to be afraid of his prospective father-in-law for his character, found Brosnan to be a source of intimidation. Given everything, we can conclude that Brosnan, whether it be through his accent or his aptitude for action, is a wonderful fit for the role.

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