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Who Was Glenn Ray Seymour? Tracking Katherine Blankenship’s Whereabouts

Glenn Seymour, according to Investigation Discovery’s “Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry: Homeland Insecurity,” pretended to be a fake federal agent until his lies were discovered in Olla, Louisiana, in July 2009. As the authorities prepared for his trial, his ex-wife Katherine Blankenship described how she found it difficult to comprehend why he would lie about his past. To learn why and what happened to Katherine, read on. Glenn, though, would never face justice for his supposed crime.

Who Was Glenn Ray Seymour?

Katherine Blankenship attended Bunkie High School in the Louisiana parish of Avoyelles. 2007 saw her organising a reunion and sending invites to each of her classmates. Glenn Ray Seymour, a former pupil, sent her a startling email. It was unexpected because he was the “last person she expected to hear from,” Katherine recounted. Glenn was a reserved, shy person in high school who tended to keep to himself, the speaker said. Despite knowing one another, we weren’t close.

glenn seymour katherine blankenship,glenn seymour

According to the episode, Glenn dropped out of school in the eighth grade, and Katherine had not spoken to or heard from him since. She was pleasantly delighted to find out that he had changed from his junior high antics and had enlisted in the Marines before working for Homeland Security. Katherine was amazed when Glenn described how he travelled all around the nation to defend US residents and serve his country. He explained that he shared custody of his daughter from a previous marriage and that he lived close by.

Being a single mother, Katherine and Glenn clicked right away, and she recalled how often their phone talks would go on for hours, and occasionally all night. The young pair soon became inseparable, and she grew increasingly enthralled as Glenn regaled her with tales of his military exploits. Both Katherine and her family were astounded when he showed her his collection of military medals and certificates since they had associated his accomplishments with the kind of man they believed him to be.

When Katherine learned she was expecting in August 2007, she moved in with a jubilant Glenn, who then proposed a month later. He was her bold and devoted boyfriend who attended to all of her needs and looked out for her. He claimed to be an electrician and that he worked on an offshore Gulf Rig, which required him to be gone for periods of up to 14 days. She didn’t like Glenn for many reasons, but she did dislike his enormous gun collection. She remembered Glenn having firearms of different sizes and kinds; some of them were purportedly for work, while others belonged to his grandpa.

glenn seymour katherine blankenship,glenn seymour

He allegedly spent all of his leisure time cleaning, polishing, and assembling firearms because he was obsessed with them, according to Katherine. In order to prevent any unintentional accidents inside their home, especially given that they are expecting a child in a few weeks, she had Glenn agree to keep the weapons secured in the gun cabinet. He was remembered by Katherine’s family as a responsible and loving father who made it a point to spend all of his free time with his infant child after they gave birth to a lovely son in March 2008.

After getting married on July 17, 2008, Katherine and Glenn were thrilled to find out they were expecting again. Their happy times, however, came to a sudden end when Katherine awoke to her husband screaming on the bed next to her in March 2009. Glenn was deep sleeping despite her best efforts to wake him up. He informed her that there was nothing to worry about when he awoke because he had only been experiencing sleep-related flashbacks from his time as a Marine.

Where Is Katherine Blankenship Now?

In addition to Glenn’s night terrors, he also had a prescription for painkillers and anxiety medication, plus his previous injuries were getting worse. But Katherine found out in May 2009 that Michael appeared to have developed an addiction. He allegedly stole painkillers from Katherine’s medicine cabinet and even called Katherine’s mother to ask for more drugs, according to the episode. When Glenn fiercely disputed the claim after being confronted, she opted to give him the benefit of the doubt despite her growing concern that he might have developed an addiction.

glenn seymour katherine blankenship,glenn seymour

When Katherine, Glenn, and the kids returned from a shopping trip on July 22, 2009, they found a dozen local police officers and US Marshalls waiting at their door. Before a group of officers surrounded him and handcuffed him, they spoke with him. Two law enforcement officers questioned Katherine about her husband before asking for her permission to investigate their Olla house when she went to find out what had transpired. One police officer went through everything with her as the detectives searched the Seymour home.

The episode claims that Glenn entered a drugstore while wearing a SWAT costume, displayed a false badge, and demanded that the pharmacist give him some painkillers right away. He claimed to be on duty and that he needed the drugs for training. When Glenn left, the chemist objected and immediately dialled 911. When they looked at the store’s video tape, the authorities managed to apprehend him. He worked as an electrician on offshore oil rigs and had no prior connection to Homeland Security or any other federal agency.

Glenn broke down and stated, after being challenged with his lies, that he had attempted to join the Marines but failed the physical examination. He woven a web of lies around it because he desperately wanted to believe he had achieved his goal. The police discovered a number of fake materials, including SWAT suits, badges, and identification cards for law enforcement. Additionally, they seized a sizable stockpile of assault weapons, pistols, one illegal weapon silencer, thousands of rounds of various ammunition, as well as illegal explosives like grenades and grenade components.

Glenn was detained on suspicion of impersonating a federal official but later released on bail. He fought tooth and nail to persuade Katherine that he was honest and had told her everything. She remembered how, despite his deception, she made the decision to believe him once more because she cherished him as a parent and a person. She persuaded Glenn to return to work in order to decompress as he awaited his trial and the potential for a ten to twenty-year jail sentence if found guilty. He was surprised to hear that word of his false career had gotten to his employer, though.

glenn seymour katherine blankenship,glenn seymour

Glenn would to sob on the phone, detailing how his coworkers had bullied and made fun of him, Katherine recalled. On July 30, 2009, Glenn’s boss informed her that her husband had committed suicide by hanging himself in his bed, turning her worst nightmare becoming reality. The officers claimed he informed them he continued the charade so that his family looked up to him after the accusations against him were dropped after his death. Katherine, a new homemaker looking forward to a happy future, is still residing in Louisiana.

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