10 Plot Twists Movies That Became Unpredictable In The Second Half

Although genre is a crucial consideration when talking about movies, a number of recent films have shown how challenging it can be for an entire tale to fit under a single genre. Prey, a new horror sequel directed by Dan Trachtenberg, is one instance of this; it begins as a leisurely drama but soon turns into a brutal fight between Naru, the protagonist, and The Predator.

Even the most well-received and well-liked films occasionally defy easy categorization into a single genre or style, but this isn’t always a bad thing. Reddit users recently posted examples of the best films that do this, which can be a terrific way to defy viewers’ expectations midway through the tale.

Adaptation (2002)

Adaptation, like many of Charlie Kaufman’s films, would not have worked without a distinct voice to tell the tale. Kaufman originally frames his narrative as a sombre drama about the difficulties of invention, but his concepts swiftly transform into sensationalised, enjoyable displays of action and adventure that no one could have predicted.

According to Reddit user billionthtimesacharm, “the reason [the tale] changes] is the greatest,” since it is done in a way that genuinely makes sense to the story and allows Kaufman to explore his themes in a meaningful way rather than just for shock effect. Nicolas Cage gives one of his greatest performances in Adaptation, navigating not one, but two immensely complex personas.

Bacurau (2019)

Bacurau is one of those exceptional movies that, although keeping the audience in the dark for virtually the entire runtime, yet manages to be thrilling and engaging. The picture is filled with a foreboding darkness, but it isn’t until halfway through, when many revelations are made, that the true horrors of the plot become apparent.

Reddit user wink784 argues that Bacurau is best experienced with a “blind watch,” since the full horrors of the film are considerably more disturbing to people who don’t know where this story will inevitably go. The truth eventually comes out, which may make the first half a little confused, but it puts everything into perspective.

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Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Full Metal Jacket, frequently hailed as one of Stanley Kubrick’s most profound and moving works, provides a horrific insight into the reality of combat from two very different views. The film’s two halves, when seen separately, may each stand alone as a standalone story, yet their themes and beliefs are still the same.

Everyone speaks about the military academy yet it’s only half the movie, observes Reddit user chriscool99 in reference to the movie’s midway perspective change. Although it initially seems strange, it shows that combat can have two very distinct sides that are both terrible.

Malignant (2021)

James Wan has long been recognised as one of the leading voices in the horror genre, but Malignant may be his most outlandish and unconventional work to date. Although the movie begins in a reasonably straightforward manner, a shocking plot twist in the third act utterly dispels any notions spectators may have had about the plot.

Malignant, according to Reddit user regula96, achieves this tone shift “in the finest way imaginable,” resulting for a “absolutely fantastic” viewing experience because of the movie’s unwavering commitment to keeping viewers on their toes. The second part of the story adopts a considerably darker and bloodier approach to the narrative, making it impossible to predict.

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby may start out like any other sports drama, but by the movie’s final moments, it transforms into something much more introspective and emotional. This is all made possible by Eastwood’s superb character development and deft writing, which lays the groundwork for the tonal switch in the movie right from the opening scene.

Million Dollar Baby, in the opinion of one Reddit user, is a “great movie” with a dramatic “change of tone” near the end. One specific point in the third act is when everything changes for these two main characters, and it’s this element of surprise that elevates Million Dollar Baby to the status of one of the greatest sports films of all time.

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Palm Springs (2020)

One of the most imaginative and unique rom-coms in recent memory, Palm Springs stars Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti as two unplanned lovers. The movie portrays itself as just another romantic comedy at first, so its originality isn’t precisely obvious from the start.

The movie doesn’t drastically change its genre until halfway through, which demonstrates how complex and idea-heavy the writing actually is. This is mentioned by Redditor feisty-replacement-5, who claims that in the middle “it unexpectedly transforms” and departs boldly from what viewers have grown to anticipate from the genre.

Parasite (2019)

The dramatic tonal shift in the second act of Bong Joon-Best Ho’s Picture-winning thriller Parasite is a major reason why it is unlikely to be forgotten anytime soon. When outside factors enter the picture, what starts out as a lighthearted drama about the excessive wealth of the elite quickly turns into something much darker and more sinister.

According to Reddit user dida d, Parasite’s masterful tone management is “extremely great” since there are multiple instances in which the movie’s genre entirely shifts, leading viewers to speculate about the underlying significance of the picture. The last scene of Parasite, one of the best scenes ever shown on screen, is where all of these tonal swings and loose ends are tied together.

Sorry To Bother You (2018)

In recent years, the film Sorry To Bother You has developed a reputation for its unusual and out-of-the-ordinary storytelling technique, which deceives the audience into believing everything is as it seems before the truth is abruptly revealed and the plot takes a wholly unexpected turn.

The strange plot of Sorry To Bother You draws a response from Redditor mybadalternate, who writes: “If anyone has not seen this movie, watch it for the first thirty minutes and then pause.” They claim that no one could foresee how the movie would end after this, demonstrating the film’s abrupt aesthetic shift.

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The Cabin In The Woods (2011)

The Cabin in the Woods has nothing at all in common with other horror movies, despite being advertised as such (complete with teen drama, gory blood, and a frightening environment). The movie is a stinging spoof of the horror genre that deftly flips what viewers have come to anticipate from teen horror.

Desdam0na, a Redditor, discusses how the “third act…shift” in Cabin in the Woods makes it abundantly evident that everything the movie has previously established must be set aside in order to fully comprehend what this dark comedy is attempting to express. It masterfully executes this transformation thanks to a smart writing and engaging acting.

The Place Beyond The Pines (2012)

The Place Beyond The Pines is a very intriguing movie for a number of reasons. Not only does it have a dramatic twist in the middle that alters the course of the plot, but it also has a number of complex characters whose motivations and personalities are also altered throughout the movie (at least to the audience).

This is also mentioned by Reddit user blackironsaturn, who claims that the movie “has a really intriguing character surprise that occurs; people have really mixed reactions to it. It was cool, in my opinion.” Bold choices like these are inherently conflictual, but The Place Beyond The Pines is nevertheless one of the best crime films of the 2010s because of its innovation and risk-taking.








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