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Queer Eye Season 2: Catching up with the Heroes and their Transformations

Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye’ is a remake of the corresponding Bravo programme and was created by David Collins. Five top professionals from various industries who are trying to improve the world one person at a time are featured on the episode. Every episode of the programme introduces us to a “hero” whose life will shortly be changed by the “Fab Five.” The second season of the programme premiered in 2018, and it featured a number of new heroes whose lives were irrevocably altered by the local artists. We have the information you require if you’re wondering what they are doing right now.

Where is Tammye Now?


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Mama Tammye, also known as Tammye Hicks, was the show’s first hero in season 2 of Netflix. She is pleased to behave as a mother to everyone and is constantly eager to help people because she has become adored by the world as a result of her obvious personality. Due to her selfless actions, the Educator and Social Advocate has gained the respect of everyone around her. She is currently located in Georgia and keeps up her community service activity. Her son Miles, who had come out to her a few months before to the makeover, is still doing well in life and is adored by his mother a great deal.

Where is William Now?


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William Mahnken, who resides in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area of Georgia, appears to be succeeding in both his personal and professional lives. He currently works with Shield and Tree Productions as a director and screenwriter. As a professional actor and photographer, he has also been working since January 2010 and January 2002, respectively. He has worked on numerous projects throughout the years, including “The Walking Dead” and “Stranger Things.” He is a member of the video creation team The Noncast with his wife, Shannan Mahnken, and they have their own YouTube channel.

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Where is Leo Now?


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Leonardo “Leo” Loria Rico is the next person on the list. He appeared on the show with his wife, Bethany Storm Loria. The couple had just given birth to a child and were appreciative of the Fab Five’s assistance. They acquired a lot of fans as a result of their appearance on the show. Bash, Orson, and Hadley are three lovely boys born to the couple, who appear to be more in love than ever.

Where is Jason Now?


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By the end of the episode, Jason Vogelsang had begun dating his buddy Beth Penland in addition to enjoying his time on the Netflix series. It appears that the couple is still together and that both of their lives are doing well. Jason continues to be a passionate Star Wars enthusiast and is always excited to post about his daily activities on social media. Working in the antiques and ceramics industries, he enthusiastically advertises any future deals online for anyone who might be interested in purchasing aesthetically pleasing items.

Where is Skyler Now?


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Skyler Jay made the decision to sue the University System of Georgia, for which he served as the Catering manager, after his involvement in the Netflix series. Three times, once before and again after his top surgery, his medical insurance was rejected. As a result, he brought a lawsuit in 2018 to seek compensation.

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Skyler modified the rule that prohibited persons from receiving care for their transgender identities. He currently works as a coordinator, speaker, and activist. He founded Aadya Rising, too, and is one of its Founders. The reality TV personality met his girlfriend Alyssa through social media a year earlier and announced their relationship to the world in February 2023.

Where is Arian Now?

Arian Samiei, who quit his position as a T-Mobile Onsite Programme Lead in November 2022, was first presented to in episode 6 of season 2. The reality TV personality enrolled at Georgia Institute of Technology in January 2022 and is currently a student there. Arian now intends to receive her Master of Business Administration in Strategy and analysis in December 2024. He appears to be living a happy life in Atlanta, Georgia, and we wish him the best in the years to come.

Where is Sean Now?


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Sean VanMeter has been devoted to his passion of the piano since 2005 and has continued to astound the globe with his music. The reality TV personality graduated from Piedmont University in May 2022 and holds degrees in mathematics and music. Sean also enjoys travelling, and in January 2023, he will visit several Caribbean islands. Sean turned 24 in March of the same year, and he is eager to continue his musical career and have his songs performed all over the world. The pianist appears to be seeing Clara Ortega right now; they spent their fifth Valentine’s Day together in 2023 as an emergency nurse.

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Where is Ted Now?


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In the programme, Edward “Ted” Terry played the role of Mayor of Clarkston, Georgia, a post he held from March 2019 until March 2020. Though the politician announced his intention to run for the Senate as a Democrat in July 2019, he withdrew his application in January 2022 owing to financial concerns. Instead, he made the decision to run for the Georgia DeKalb County Commission Super District 6 seat, which he won. His term will begin on January 1, 2021. Ted enjoys spending time with his partner, Andrea Cervone, when he isn’t working hard.

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