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Run Rabbit Run: Filming Locations Revealed

In the psychological horror film “Run Rabbit Run” on Netflix, Sarah Snook (from “Succession”) plays Sarah, a skilled fertility specialist with a solid grasp of life and death. However, the lone parent finds Mia, her 7-year-old daughter, acting increasingly strangely. Mia claims to have memories of a previous life and claims to be Sarah’s deceased sister. As a result, their family’s spooky past comes to life, forcing Sarah to confront her own beliefs and a ghost from her own past for good.

Along with Sarah Snook, the cast of the horror-thriller movie, which was directed by Daina Reid, also includes Lily LaTorre, Damon Herriman, Greta Scacchi, Julia Davis, Shabana Azeez, and Trevor Jamieson. The story takes place in South Australia as Sarah is compelled to confront her past while also keeping her eyes on the present and supporting her problematic daughter. One is sure to wonder about the actual filming location given how appropriate the backdrop sites are. If you are a person who is naturally interested, we can help!

Run Rabbit Run Filming Locations

The whole production of “Run Rabbit Run” was shot in Australia, mainly in South Australia and Victoria. According to sources, the horror film’s main photography started in late January 2022. Without further ado, let us to walk you through every single site that appears in the Netflix film!

South Australia, Australia

‘Run Rabbit Run’ was shot in large part in the state of South Australia, particularly Adelaide, which serves as the state’s capital. The Riverland region of South Australia was apparently the inspiration for the majority of the screenplay, so the production crew set up camp there and used the area’s natural beauty and terrain as a backdrop for much of the film. Many neighbours and bystanders observed the actors and crew filming numerous significant sequences in and around the Riverland region throughout the months of February and March 2022.


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In particular, one of the key filming locations for the Sarah Snook starring was the little village of Waikerie in the Riverland area. In addition, the nearby cities of Riverland, Walker Flat, Murray River, and Swan Reach make several appearances in the horror film. The location of the movie’s plot was a question that was posed to author Hannah Kent in a February 2023 interview with Nightmarish Conjurings.

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“The first half of the movie is set in suburban South Australia, near the coast, and then it shifts into a much more dramatic landscape, which is the river land in South Australia, close to the River Murray,” Kent retorted. We have a lot of farming and some barren terrain as well as these enormous, impressive cliffs and this lovely river.” A lot of films and television programmes have also been produced in South Australia over the years. ‘Talk to Me,’ ‘The Babadook,’ ‘Wolf Creek,’ ‘Wolf Creek 2,’ ‘Carnifex,’ and ‘You’ll Never Find Me’ are a few of the prominent ones.

Victoria, Australia

‘Run Rabbit Run’ is entirely set in South Australia, but the first few weeks of filming were in Victoria, a state recognised for having a wide variety of topography, geological, and climatic regions. According to reports, the filming crew established up camp in and near Melbourne, the state of Victoria’s capital. Melbourne, which is located in the southeast of Australia’s main island, can be seen in the thriller’s outdoor scenes. You might notice the National Gallery of Victoria, the Royal Exhibition Building, which is on the World Heritage List, the Shrine of Remembrance, Flinders Street Railway Station, Princes Bridge, Federation Square, Queen Victoria Market, Crown Casino, and the State Library of Victoria among other landmarks and attractions.


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