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30 Unbelievable Science Fiction Movies on Netflix Right Now


One of the best film genres is science fiction. It’s very adaptable, allowing authors, filmmakers, performers, and everyone else engaged in the filmmaking process to express themselves freely. Without losing their identity, all science fiction films can include aspects of romance, action, drama, mystery, and suspense.
Aliens films, technologically based fantasy films, time travel films, and films set in a post-apocalyptic future are all easily categorised as science fiction. As a result, science fiction continues to be one of the most intriguing genres for viewers. We’ve put up a list of incredibly good sci-fi movies on Netflix that you can watch right now. The list contains some of the best horror and romantic science fiction films.

Advantageous (2015)

Despite the instability appearing in their society, Gwen (Jacqueline Kim) and her daughter Jules do everything they can to hold on to their joy together in a near-future city where soaring splendor overshadows economic misery. Through realistic portrayals of emotions and behavior, “Advantageous” focuses on what constitutes the parent-child bond. It is neither unduly dramatic or “scripted” in the way that most movies are. The general designs, locales, clothes, make-up, and CGI are all stylistically great. Despite the lack of action, it will hold your interest since it addresses significant issues such as class struggle and family relationships.

Anon (2018)

In a dystopian future akin to ‘Black Mirror,’ ‘Anon’ is the story of a time where privacy has vanished and all private memories down to a millisecond are recorded on a grid known as “Ether” and shown to law enforcement agencies via the “Mind’s Eye.” When Agent Sal comes across a woman with no identify, he is investigating a serial murder spree. Even the system is discovered to have a flaw, which Sal must address before further people are harmed. ‘Anon’ begins off well, but it quickly becomes tedious owing to a lack of story twists and character depths.

ARQ (2016)

The fundamental plot element of Tony Elliot’s science fiction film ARQ is one that has been utilized before, most notably in Bill Murray’s film ‘Groundhog Day.’ Renton, a scientist, is the main character in this film. He lives in a time where the world’s energy resources are rapidly diminishing, resulting in a state of war between governments and large corporations. Renton is carrying a contraption that has the capability of generating infinite energy, making him a target of the Bloc, a highly deadly organization. Renton might have been easily slain, but the problem is that the contraption he’s carrying has triggered a time loop. He wakes up the same way he did at the start of the movie, no matter how many times he dies. Although ‘ARQ’ employs a plot element that we’ve seen before, writer-director Tony Elliott infuses the film with so many shocks that it never feels repetitious.

Automata (2014)

Solar flares have devastated the vegetation as we know it, and means of transportation is nearly non-existent in this dystopian future film starring Antonio Banderas as Jacq. Humans rely on Pilgrims, who are humanoid companions established on two essential principles: they can’t hurt any living thing and they can’t change themselves. Jacq, who works for the ROC, the Pilgrims’ manufacturer, is on the lookout for a robot that has managed to get around its basic principles. ‘Automata,’ which is very similar to Will Smith’s ‘I, Robot,’ disappoints with its shallow depictions and hackneyed plot. If you like Banderas or dystopian sci-fi films, you should watch it.

Beyond Skyline (2017)

‘Beyond Skyline,’ an official sequel to the film ‘Skyline (2010),’ packs a stronger impact than its predecessor. ‘Beyond Skyline,’ set in a post-apocalyptic future and centered on LAPD officer Mark Corley, progresses with Corley encountering his teen son Trent, who has been arrested as a result of a fistfight that occurred previously. Meanwhile, Trent is drawn into a spaceship owing to an ongoing extraterrestrial invasion, in which the aliens use a blue light to suck individuals into spaceships. Mark, frantic and devastated, must free his son from the alien kidnappers while also figuring out how to keep them at bay. When it was released, ‘Beyond Skyline’ earned great reviews and was praised for its CGI and performances.

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Cloud Atlas (2012)

‘Cloud Atlas,’ which stars Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Hugh Grant, and Hugo Weaving, among others, tells the journey of a spirit who has been trapped in various bodies throughout the course of time. The film begins in the 1830s with a slave owner’s diary, and then moves on to a composer, a reporter, a publisher, a clone, and a tribesman in the 1930s, 1970s, 2012, 2144, and 2300. Despite the fact that all humans were born at different times and in diverse political and economical circumstances, the goodness of their soul transforms them from vicious slave owners to morally upright tribesmen. The film’s biggest highlight is the film’s beauty of the soul, which is based on such a unique and different premise.

Ex Machina (2014)

Caleb Smith works for Blue Rock, a search engine behemoth. The company frequently holds a contest in which the winners are awarded a week with the CEO Nathan at his remote yet opulent estate. Caleb is forced to sign a non-disclosure deal by Nathan after winning the contest and visiting the estate. Caleb is then introduced to Ava, a humanoid artificial intelligence who has already passed the Turing test, and Nathan asks him to rate her in terms of how near she is to humanity. Nathan is a pathological liar, a horrible human being, and a narcissist, Ava claims in private. Caleb is persuaded to assist Ava in setting her free by duping Nathan into drinking. Things go wrong, and Nathan is stabbed by Ava and her accomplice (another humanoid), before Ava flees and locks Caleb in a chamber for the rest of his life. ‘Ex Machina’ is a great, amazing work of science fiction that serves as a bar for all sci-fi films.

Extinction (2018)

The film, which stars Michael Pena as Peter, revolves around the engineer’s life and the bizarre visions he’s been getting of an impending alien invasion. While seeing a doctor to discuss the oddity, he learns about another patient who is experiencing the same visions. A ferocious extraterrestrial invasion occurs later that night, and Peter and Alice seek refuge in a factory. An injured Alice (Peter’s wife) turns revealed to be a “synth,” a type of android. Years ago, the Earth was invaded by synths who took control of the planet and humanity, wiping out their memories and allowing them to dwell among them. Another android, who turns out to be Peter himself, can save Alice. ‘Extinction’ turned out to more bland and passive than imagined, thanks to a poor narrative and a lack of twists and turns.

iBoy (2017)

No, it isn’t what you believe. Tom Harvey receives a new phone from his pal Danny at the start of ‘iBoy.’ Tom has a thing for Lucy, a buddy of his. When Tom arrives at Lucy’s on an awful night, he finds her brother unconscious and Lucy raped by marauders who had allegedly recorded the event. When Tom tries to call the cops, he is assaulted by one of the goons and knocked out. Tom wakes up days later with the capacity to hear and see digital broadcasts and signals, courtesy to a fragment from his phone lodged in his head. He’ll have to use his new superpowers to bring the criminals to justice. The premise of ‘iBoy’ is strong, yet it becomes too predictable and formulaic, which is the film’s downfall.

Infinity Chamber (2016)

After being kidnapped by unknown intruders, a man is locked in an automated jail cell in ‘Infinity Chamber,’ one of the most compelling sci-fi thrillers mostly set in a room. A voice from the ceiling and a security camera that he can see are his sole company in the cell. Frank soon understands that the cell is reading his memories from the past and has the ability to replay them indefinitely. The automated voice, who introduces itself as Howard, does routine tasks such as bringing him food and opening the restroom door. To escape out of the guilt-ridden cell, Frank must use his mind tricks to defeat Howard. ‘Infinity Chamber’ is genius redefined in simple words. It is astonishingly amazing and largely undervalued.

IO (2019)

Margaret Qualley is a name we’ve all heard of thanks to her outstanding performance in Quentin Tarantino’s film ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.’ But that isn’t the only picture in 2019 in which Qualley has excelled. In the Netflix original science fiction film ‘IO,’ she portrays Sam Walden, a woman who remains on Earth despite the fact that most of the world’s population has relocated to another planet.

Humans were compelled to reside in a space station near one of Jupiter’s moons, Io, because the earth’s air had become too toxic for everyone to survive. Sam lives at a higher elevation, where the air is less harmful, and she keeps bees there with the intention of using them to pollinate and cultivate plants. Micah, another scientist, is set to leave the earth on the last shuttle to the humans’ future habitat. Will Sam follow Micah, or is there still hope for her? ‘IO’ stands out because of the performances, but there isn’t much else to it in terms of plot or content.

Kill Command (2016)

‘Kill Command,’ a dystopian future film, follows a troop of marines led by Captain Damien Bukes who are stationed on a distant island for a routine training and testing operation. The problem is that no one knows where the island is or how to get there in an emergency. Katherine Mills is a cyborg who traveled with the team to the island and discovers a serious flaw in the AI. They’re soon on the spot as the AI seeks to overwhelm them in a conflict that resembles a classic man vs. machine scenario. ‘Kill Command’ triumphs in almost every category, with numerous critics hailing it as a thrilling and excellent thriller.

Mute (2018)

If you prefer cyberpunk films like ‘iBoy’ or Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner,’ ‘Mute’ is a film you should see. The film’s protagonist is Leo, a silent bartender who finds himself in a precarious situation after his fiancée goes missing and he gets fired from his job. The film takes place in a futuristic Berlin, where neon-lit alleys and dingy stores filled with futuristic devices are the norm. We encounter a variety of people in this fascinating setting who have resorted to diverse strategies of survival. While some are black marketeers, others have turned to prostitution to make ends meet. We can clearly classify this as a neo-noir thriller set in a futuristic setting. ‘Mute’ is a genuinely pleasant film, despite being slightly predictable in sections.

Next Gen (2018)

‘Next Gen,’ one of Netflix’s best science fiction films, is a story that can be appreciated by both adults and children. The plot of this animated film is around the friendship of two characters: a little girl named Mia and a military robot named 7723. When Mia activates 7723 in the offices of a well-known robotics company, the two strike an unusual relationship. The two of them then go on a series of adventures, including one in which they face up against a criminal genius who intends to use technology to conquer control of the world. The film does not have a particularly inventive plot, but the voice performances and beautiful chemistry established by the animators and directors Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander make it an enjoyable watch.

Otherlife (2017)

‘Otherlife,’ a sub-plot that appears to be based on a ‘Black Mirror’ episode, centres around Ren, a tech researcher who, using nanotechnology, has devised a sort of virtual reality called ‘Otherlife,’ which would produce life-like memories for its users. Her boss, Sam, sells it as an alternative to prison, where the prisoner is only “in” for a minute or two in the actual world, but might be “in” for eons if necessary. Ren’s ‘Otherlife’ kills Danny, her love interest, and so leads to her own imprisonment, despite the fact that she devised the technology to save her ailing brother. The rest of the film is a power struggle between Sam and herself about how to use this incredible innovation. ‘Otherlife’ features an original notion and focuses more on the plot than anything else.

Rim Of The Earth (2019)

This 2019 science fiction picture, directed by McG, tells the story of four teens who must save the Earth from an extraterrestrial invasion before the aliens succeed in conquering the globe. These lads were at a summer camp when the invasion occurred, putting everyone’s life in jeopardy at the same time. When a NASA spacecraft crashes near the kids, an astronaut emerges and delivers them a key, claiming that it is the only thing that can stop the aliens from taking over the planet. In order to save the planet, these youngsters must overcome all obstacles, including violence, kidnapping, and a sense of impending death. This picture is a fantastic adventure story, but it attempts to be too politically correct in its attempt to create a family-friendly entertainment.

See You Yesterday (2019)

How many times have you seen a film that tells the narrative of an African-American genius? For a long time in popular film history, African-Americans were widely stereotyped, so when Netflix makes and releases films like ‘See You Yesterday,’ it is without a doubt a laudable move on the streaming platform’s behalf. This film is about a young black girl with a genius-level IQ who manages to build a time machine in order to save her brother from death in the past. However, tampering with time is never a good idea, as every error can create an alternate reality and eliminate your chances of returning home. This picture is a wholesome family entertainer since it contains everything from humor to drama to a sense of adventure.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017)

‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi,’ the official eighth installment of the Star Wars franchise and the third film in the sequel trilogy, follows the story of Luke Skywalker, a revered Jedi who emerges from hiding in ‘The Force Awakens’ to guide and train Rey, a young fighter, in how the Force works for a Jedi. In the meantime, Princess (and now General) Leia unites all opposition against the First Order and their tyrant leader Kylo Ren. Despite not achieving the same level of popularity or box office success as its predecessor, it is nevertheless considered one of the best films in the trilogy and one of the most popular sci-fi fantasy films of all time.

Spectral (2016)

In a dystopian future battle in Moldova, a DARPA researcher is shown humanoid terrible entities that are undetectable to the naked sight and capable of killing everything in the blink of an eye. The Delta force then use hyperspectral cameras and goggles to pinpoint and clearly identify the unseen foes, as well as determine their weakness. They are vulnerable to iron bombs, iron filings, and are unable to see through ceramic, all of which the troops exploit to corner and exterminate them. ‘Spectral’ appears to be bold and intriguing, but it lacks the depth of a science fiction film and ultimately proves to be a predictable affair.

TAU (2018)

‘TAU’ is a Netflix original film about Julia, a small-time thief who is kidnapped from her home one day and finds herself in a prison alongside two other people when she wakes up. Julia is subjected to psychological torment by her captor, Alex, and Tau, the AI that oversees the entire prison. Alex informs Julia that she is a test subject for one of his projects, and that he has inserted a device in the back of her neck to obtain a picture of her brain functions. Julia realizes she won’t be able to get out of this jail unless she can persuade Tau to let her go. To accomplish so, Julia begins a daily conversation with the AI about the outside world while Alex is abroad. Will an AI, on the other hand, deviate from its pre-programmed system and do something unexpected? The picture works due of Maika Monroe and Ed Skrein’s performances, but it’s otherwise a very formulaic plot with no surprises in store.

The Cloverfield Paradox (2018)

The Cloverfield Paradox is set in 2028, when Earth is disintegrating under an energy crisis, and is the successor apparent to the immensely fascinating and riveting ’10 Cloverfield Lane.’ Space scientists are going to test and run a particle accelerator that would fix the energy crisis aboard the now floating Cloverfield station. However, many people are concerned that it will exacerbate Earth’s problems by opening portals to parallel universes or extraterrestrial worlds and causing paradoxes, maybe leading to an existential crisis. After several failed efforts to arm the device, the Cloverfield station crew is soon lost in the vast universe and appears to have visited another parallel reality that is very similar to the current one. Despite being lambasted for its mismanagement of the genre mix and poor characterization, the film nonetheless triumphs in terms of graphics and, to a lesser extent, acting.

The Discovery (2017)

Robert Redford plays a scientist who discovers scientific proof that there is an afterlife. His son (Jason Segel), on the other hand, is skeptical of his father’s “finding.” He tries to aid a strange woman (Rooney Mara) who has her own motivations for wanting to learn more about the afterlife after a sequence of occurrences. Charlie McDowell, a writer-director, has developed an original sci-fi picture that examines not only the meaning of life (and the possibility of an afterlife), but also a delicate father-son relationship. It gives a unique perspective on awareness and death that is well worth seeing.

Transcendence (2014)

‘Transcendence,’ one among the major box office flops with Johnny Depp in a key role, stars Depp as a scientist named Dr. Caster who seeks singularity through transcendence. R.I.F.T. – Revolutionary Independence From Technology – is a rebel group of radicals whose goal is to eliminate all forms of artificial intelligence. Caster is shot with a bullet during one of their attacks and given a month to live. Evelyn, his wife, begs his team to upload Caster’s consciousness into the quantum computer they’ve built for the job. As a result, the computer gains access to his entire consciousness. Caster’s increased powers, along with the vastness of the internet, allow him to pursue new fields of work, and he aspires to be more fearsome and knowledgeable than he is today. The film ‘Transcendence’ was a critical and financial flop.

Under the Skin (2013)

‘Under the Skin,’ one of today’s most underappreciated films, tells the story of an alien woman who purports to have visited Earth in order to harvest organs or skin and transport them to her captors via a void or a portal. The problem is that this alien isn’t a particularly invasive alien species, preferring to prey on solitary guys with no blood relatives in human form (especially skin). As it turns out, the alien becomes emotionally connected and delusional, causing her to die in the same way that her predecessor did. ‘Under the Skin’ is one of those underappreciated gems that you should see right now!

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