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See the Way I See Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

The emphasis of the distinctive clothing and lifestyle company See the Way I See is on destigmatizing and raising awareness of mental illness. Sophie Nistico, who experiences anxiety and recurrent migraines, founded the company. See the Way I See, which sells a variety of items like apparel, jewellery, accessories, and stationery all intended to assist and encourage those who battle with their mental health, was founded by Sophie in response to her own experiences with mental illness.

See the Way I See is having a positive influence on the mental health community and assisting in the dissemination of awareness and understanding of this significant issue with their positive affirmations on the sleeves of their sweatshirts and a dedication to size inclusivity. In order to raise awareness about mental health, Sophie debuted her company on “Shark Tank” episode 21 of season 14. We made the decision to go in and follow the company’s development because the product piqued our interest.

See the Way I See: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

A variety of apparel, accessories, jewellery, and stationery are available from the clothing line See the Way I See, which raises awareness of mental illness. Sophie Nistico, the brand’s owner and developer, recently earned her bachelor’s degree in science from Sacred Heart University. See the Way I See was founded by Sophie as a means of de-stigmatizing mental illness and raising public awareness of it. Sophie’s adventure began six years ago when she opened an Instagram art account to display her work from a distinctive angle.


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See the Way I See was produced as a result of the popularity that Sophie’s artwork attracted over time. Positive affirmations are printed on the sleeves of sweatshirts by the inclusive brand to raise awareness of mental health issues. See the Way I See is a movement as well as a clothing line that attempts to encourage individuals when they most need it. Sophie hopes to build a helpful community through her brand that supports mental health education and offers services to people in need. Destigmatizing mental illness, in her opinion, is a crucial first step towards building a society that is more welcoming and supportive of everyone.

Where is See the Way I See Now?

A company called See the Way I See focuses on mental health and sells a range of goods, such as apparel, jewellery, accessories, and stationery. Positive affirmations are written on the sleeves of the sweatshirts, which are intended to encourage individuals when they need it. The clothing comes in a variety of sizes, which is crucial because everyone’s weight has an impact on mental health. The accessories and stationery are made to keep individuals organised and focused, while the jewellery is meant to spark conversation.


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All of the goods were developed with those who suffer with mental health in mind and are intended to support them. A company called See the Way I See does more than just market apparel and accessories. It serves as a forum for raising awareness about mental health issues and offering assistance to those who require it. Sophie’s company is run by her family, and her brothers and dad assist her in packing orders. With the assistance of the Sharks, the brand’s size selection will soon grow to include XXS-6XL as well as small through 5XL.

The company also believes in supporting numerous charities, such as NAMI and the AMF Migraine Foundation. T-shirts, stickers, hats, sweatshirts, phone covers, and other accessories are among the company’s offerings. The price of each ring, including the Anxious Ring and the All Smiles Ring, is $25. Other rings cost $20 and above. The many stickers, such as Manifest, Lazy Daisy, Normalise Mental Health Day, and others, cost $4.

The brand charges $12.50 for each of the many posters. Additionally, Sophie offers amazing Crewneck t-shirts for $60. On her own website or Amazon, you may purchase her incredible selection of goods. Because of Sophie’s dedication, See the Way I See has been successful, and we have no doubt that it will continue to expand in the years to come.

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