The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 4 recap and ending explained

Exploring ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’ Episode 4: Recap and Ending Explained

Everyone Wins a Prize, the fourth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series “The Walking Dead: Dead City,” explores what happens after Luther dies. Tommaso and Amaia search for their friend but are unable to locate him. Negan then reminds them that Luther had never approved of their attack on the Croat. Tommaso, Maggie, Negan, Amaia, and Tommaso get ready to slay the Croatian. While looking for Negan, Ginny stumbles onto the enemy of her caretaker’s lair. Here is all the information you need to know about the shocking cliffhanger that the captivating episode concludes on. Spoilers follow.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 4 Recap

The opening flashback scenes of “Everybody Wins a Prize,” the fourth episode of The Walking Dead: Dead City, see Simon, the Saviours’ second-in-command, warning Negan about the horrors being performed by the Croat. When the Croatian was approached by Negan and Simon, they discovered him torturing a female for information. Negan and Simon made it obvious that their gang didn’t hurt youngsters, only for the Croat to discard the same, which made Negan realise that his group member was nothing but a savage. As they prepare for their impending confrontation with the Croat, Negan, Maggie, Tommaso, Amaia, and other members of their community.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 4 recap and ending explained

Tommaso and Amaia are left wondering where Luther is after being unable to locate their friend and neighbour anywhere. Negan tells them that Luther hated their idea to fight the Croatian and speculates that he fled in order to escape doing the same. Tommaso and Amaia accept this explanation because they understand that everyone in the post-apocalyptic world is on their own and choose not to delve more into it. The party then manages to enter the Croat’s lair. Maggie wants to inform Negan of how Ginny ended up on the island, but she is unable to do so.

When Maggie discovers Luther’s beeswax tin in Negan’s backpack, the latter reminds her that everyone is hiding something, preventing her from telling him about Ginny. To entice the Croat outside so he can be killed, Negan whistles his signature tune. The Croat gets stunned to listen to the same after years and looks for Negan. Maggie and others enter the Croat’s building in the meantime. An vast herd of walkers then enters the structure after they do. Maggie manages to free Ginny when she becomes caught inside the combat ring. While Negan deals with the Croat, they elude the walkers together with Tommaso and Amaia.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 4 Ending: Will Perlie Kill Negan?

Negan questions his erstwhile ally about Hershel after confronting the Croat, but the latter just says that the youngster is in his care. However, in front of Negan, the Croatian produces Perlie Armstrong rather than Maggie’s son. Then, facing Negan, he pushes the marshal to the ground from a tremendous height. Negan saves the marshal’s life despite Perlie’s attempts to kill him, and when the Croat’s men set out to find them, they are forced to flee. Once they seek security at an isolated spot, Perlie becomes a marshal again as he points a gun at Negan, a wanted criminal the former has been trying to arrest for a long period.

Then Perlie reminds Negan that he has the right to kill the latter because the New Babylon Federation’s regulations permit him to do so if he comes across a wanted murderer who is evading capture. Perlie is unwilling to let go of his responsibility as a marshal to uphold law and order, not even while they are interacting with the Croat. However, Perlie is not anticipated to kill Negan because there is no way to uphold law and order on Manhattan Island, which is completely shut off from the rest of New York City. He may understand that eliminating the Croat must come first because murdering Negan isn’t actually the marshal’s top priority.

Perlie has firsthand knowledge of the heinous and illegal activities taking place under the Croat’s control. He must have noticed the big cylinders filled with dead bodies, possibly those of the Croatian victims. The latter’s conduct must have had a significant impact on Perlie and his adherence to the law. He might want to end the Croat’s life because he is a ruthless law enforcement officer and doesn’t want him to continue killing people and enjoying his time as a de facto tyrant. If that’s the case, Perlie might quickly understand that killing Negan won’t improve his chances of taking down the Croat.

Perlie must have concluded that the Croat is a worse evil than Negan after seeing the latter’s horrors, which may result in an unexpected alliance between the marshal and the murderer. In order to end the Croat’s life and free Hershel from Negan’s custody for Maggie, Perlie and Negan might work together. Despite this, it doesn’t imply that Perlie will consciously avoid Negan’s path. The marshal in Perlie might want to kidnap or assassinate Negan once they both succeed in taking down the Croat. If so, Negan might turn vicious on the marshal.

Since he teams up with Maggie to find Hershel, Negan has been ruthless with anybody who has stood in his way. He may pose a greater threat to Perlie’s life because to his recently reawakened viciousness than Negan can receive from the marshal. To prevent the same from happening, Perlie may need to comprehend that their group depends on violence in order to survive, which could help him better understand Negan and absolve him of the accusations levelled against him.

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