Virgin River Season 4: Netflix Release Date, New Cast & Plot

Since we last got the chance to catch up with the love stories and unexpected occurrences of the citizens of the little California town where Virgin River is set, it has been over a year. While Netflix has remained silent for the majority of this period regarding what would happen when Virgin River Season 4 did arrive, we now have a great deal more information.

We can all start getting excited for the romantic drama’s return to the small screen as we reflect on the fresh information that has now been disclosed about Season 4 because the Virgin River Season 3 finale left fans with no shortage of cliffhangers that will need to be explored this time around. Let’s start now!

Season 4 Debuts On Netflix On July 20


Virgin River was actually renewed for both Season 4 and Season 5 back in late September 2021, thus fans have known about the latter’s renewal for a number of months. The only actors that provided updates to viewers on the status of Season 4 up until recently were Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, who both posted on social media as they were in the midst of wrapping up production on the upcoming season.

But now, since Netflix stated in mid-May that Virgin River Season 4 would be available on the streamer on July 20(opens in new tab), we may infer that post-production is either almost finished or finished! Virgin River Season 4 will be a part of the Netflix TV calendar for 2022! Fortunately, this places us in the same timeframe as the season before it, which was released on July 9, 2021, so there won’t be much of a wait between seasons.

Virgin River’s Season 4 Synopsis Reveals A New Character Who’ll Complicate Things

As was already established, throughout the past few months, viewers have been forced to consider a startling number of crucial cliffhangers. The Virgin River Season 4 full synopsis has revealed what we can expect when the new episodes finally air, and part of that includes an intriguing new character. It’s difficult to predict which cliffhangers will be resolved right away and which ones will take more time to provide resolutions (we’ll discuss both more in a moment). Check out the first section of the description down below!

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Mel starts Season Four with hope despite not knowing if her baby belonged to her departed husband, Mark, or to Jack. She has long desired to have children, and now she is one step closer to realising her goal. Jack is encouraging and happy, but the paternity query keeps bothering him. The appearance of an attractive new doctor who wants to start a family of his own complicates everything.

Ooooh! Look, I have no idea how the connection that Mel and Jack have had over the past three seasons—which has only been a few months in the span of the series—will be impacted by a new doctor, gorgeous or not, but this sounds concerning, doesn’t it? especially considering Jack’s (kind of natural) struggles with accepting the possibility that Mel might not be carrying his child. But! At least Charmaine, Jack’s troublesome ex, isn’t mentioned in the rest of the summary, so maybe this season she won’t be as unpleasant. Observe:

The psychological repercussions of Hope’s brain injury will have significant effects on both her and Doc while she is still recovering from her car accident. In her quest to exonerate the man she loves, Brie unintentionally draws closer to Mike and moves a step closer to Calvin’s vicious criminal network. Preacher can’t help but hold out hope for being reunited with Christopher and Paige even as he develops a new romantic relationship.

I have to admit that I am excited about everything!

The New Season Will Have 12 Episodes


Additionally, there is more good news for viewers, particularly for those who watch a whole season of Virgin River in a matter of days before complaining that there aren’t any new episodes. This time, it will take a little longer because Season 4 has 12 episodes instead of the normal 10.

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All Of The Main Cast Is Expected To Return

While reading that lengthy overview earlier, you probably noted that several of the important characters were listed along with that one enigmatic newcomer. It is anticipated that everyone who has been a part of Virgin River for the past three seasons (and whose character hasn’t died or had to abandon the town) will return for Season 4. This also applies to Annette O’Toole, whose meddling, grouchy town mayor, Hope, spent the majority of Season 3 off-screen, as evidenced by the recently published photographs for the upcoming episodes.

We’ll Learn More About Doc In Season 4

One of Season 3’s most unexpected cliffhangers was a potentially explosive revelation for Doc Mullins when a young man arrived in town and informed Jo Ellen, the proprietor of the local bed and breakfast, that he was Doc’s grandson. Showrunner Sue Tenney stated that Season 4 will provide the answers we seek in the manner of examining Doc’s past when speaking with TVLine about that development in August last year:

Doc’s past hasn’t really been addressed by us. We’ve only discussed his history in medicine so far. In Season 4, all of your [about Doc] questions will be resolved. It’s a pretty intriguing addition to Virgin River to have another foreigner. He has a secret that will be revealed if Season 4 of the programme is renewed. Watching will be intriguing. The wait is worthwhile!

The wait will be worthwhile, I bet!

Virgin River’s Season 4 Finale Will Resolve A Major Season 2 Cliffhanger

All Virgin River fans will no doubt recall that Season 3 passed without providing a definitive resolution to one Season 2 cliffhanger, as we continue to be unsure of who actually shot Jack in that pivotal conclusion. Despite the fact that Brady was detained for the murder, several indications point to a cover-up on his part. In an interview with Us Weekly, Sue Tenney discussed the identity of Jack’s shooter and revealed that it will be a complicated reveal that will likely stretch into the Season 4 finale:

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The actual revelation [in Season 4] would go into more depth about how everything was connected. There is a four-season connective tissue in that plot that dates all the way back to the first season.

The who-shot-Jack mystery is one with “intertwined” “webbing,” so it makes sense that they’d need the entire fourth season to put the puzzle together with so many other stories to focus on. This may be one of the factors contributing to Virgin River receiving two extra episodes for Season 4… Which has made me realise that it will likely take even longer for us to resolve that protracted cliffhanger. Dangit!

Virgin River Season 4 will be available on Netflix on July 20, so you have plenty of time to watch the previous seasons to review the events thus far!

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