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Netflix’s We Have a Ghost (2023) Ending Explained

We talk about, and give away, the plot of the Netflix movie We Have a Ghost from 2023.

We Have a Ghost follows the Presley family, who have recently relocated to the area. Frank and Melanie have discovered a cheap but in need of repair house. Both of their two children are boys. Fulton, their oldest child, is getting ready to go college in the autumn. Kevin, their youngest child, moves to a distinct rhythm. He prefers Terry Kath because Jimmy Hendrix said Terry Kath was his influence, and he is clever and compassionate. Kevin is finding it challenging to adapt. That is, until he encounters Ernest, a ghost that resides in their attic. Kevin records Ernest’s attempt to scare him on his phone because he finds it hilarious. Ernest is mute, but Kevin makes friends with him. When Fulton posts the video to YouTube, everything is different because Ernest suddenly becomes popular online.

Frank permits Judy Romano, who has her own show and is looking for ghosts, to conduct an interview in his home in order to capitalise on the family’s sudden money. Due to the poor quality of the food, Judy no longer reads in nursing homes, although she would adore reading Kris Jenner. Kevin responds that Ernest is not his father’s lap dog when Frank asks him to get Ernest ready for work. When Ernest does show up on camera for the crew, Kevin makes him step up his ghost act by gradually getting scarier.

He first approaches a cameraman gently. Ernest subsequently becomes more agitated and terrified of Romano’s gang. He finally completes the turn of his head, at which point he starts to move towards the star in the manner of Regan from The Exorcist. Judy initially believes it to be a fake and advises them to correct the post’s errors. But then Ernest sticks a skinless arm out of his mouth and snatches her by the throat. Afterwards, like in Raiders of the Lost Ark, he melts his own face. (Ernest seems to be a huge movie fan). Judy jumps headfirst through a window as she runs for her life.

We Have a Ghost Ending Explained
What is Ernest’s real name?

Kevin and Joy discover that Ernest’s real name is Randy while conducting their study. Dr. Leslie Monroe, a former discredited federal agent who is again an active government agent, pursues Kevin, his new acquaintance Joy, and Ernest as they flee. She is attempting to capture Ernest so that she can research him for paranormal psychology. They are looking into what happened to Ernest while they are evading capture because that might not be his real name! They go to the residence owned by Ernest Scheller. Who is Ernest, then? Randy McGovern, who was Ernest’s brother-in-law, is the name of their ghost. He claims that Ernest lost his wife during childbirth and was unable to cope. His four-year-old daughter June (also known as Junebug) was left with them as a result, and they never heard from him again. She was brought up by them alone.

Why did Ernest kill Randy?

Because they desired Randy’s child, June, Ernest killed him. It appears Monroe doesn’t have Randy’s best interests at heart after she arrives with thermal weapons that capture and subdue him; her employer informs Monroe they can do whatever they want for him. Afterwards, Randy recalls what transpired. Ernest killed him in order to take his child! He is given permission to go by Monroe, and he travels to Kevin’s home. There, with a revolver in hand, the real Ernest is accusing Kevin of knowing more than he does. It turns out that Ernest murdered Randy in order to prevent him and his wife from having children of their own.

Who saved Kevin from Ernest?

At the conclusion of the movie, Kevin was saved not only by Randy but also by his father, Frank. Kevin is chased into the attic by Ernest as he attacks the family. As Randy shows there, he stops him by seizing his wrist as he prepares to strike Kevin with a crowbar blow. He pushes Ernest against a plate glass window and against the wall. Ernest gets struck by Randy, who then knocks him out. After turning around, he grinned at Kevin. Then Frank rushes into the space. He pauses, then charges at Randy with a hateful expression on his face. Frank notices Ernest standing up with the gun, prepared to shoot Kevin, while Kevin believes he is attacking his friend. Ernest is pushed by Frank out the window, where he dies.

Is Randy reunited with June?

Frank and Kevin assist Randy in finding June as the movie comes to a close. They take her to Randy, who is on the sand. She approaches him and silently touches his face with her hand. She now has vivid flashbacks of her early days with Randy. They embrace as soon as he opens his eyes. Later, when Randy and Kevin are conversing on the sand, Randy starts to vanish and transform into enchanted orange dust. Kevin bids adieu.

The family is seen departing the house in the last moments. Kevin looks back as he exits the attic and switches off the lights. A second later, one light flickers an orange light, indicating Randy may still be able to see them.

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