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You, Me, and My Ex Season 1: Catching Up with the Cast

In TLC’s “You, Me & My Ex,” couples become entangled in a web of mistrust and uncertainty due to their reluctance to let go of the past. Five couples who are unable to advance in their relationship because a prior love interest is still in the picture are featured on the reality television programme. The couples find it difficult to maintain their relationship as long as the lines of communication are blurred and viewpoints start to diverge. Season 1 of the programme, which debuted in 2021, focuses on the distorted dynamics of five couples. If you’re also curious about their present romantic situation, go no further—we have all the information you need right here!

Where are Jimmy, Wendy, Lisa, and Jack Now?

Jimmy Marchica and Lisa nevertheless harboured a strong passion for one another despite their tumultuous divorce, which ultimately caused them to pursue separate careers. After moving on with their lives, Lisa fell in love with her fiancé John “Jack” Marchesi, and Jimmy married Wendy. But because of Jimmy and Lisa’s long-standing friendship, Wendy and Jack sensed something wasn’t right. The group overcome its differences and continued to be happy in their individual relationships despite this.


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Lisa continues to go on new experiences with Jack. Despite having invasive ductal carcinomatoma, a form of breast cancer, the reality star has recovered thanks to treatment and surgery. Lisa continues to take on new problems with the help of her family, Jimmy, and their son Dominick. Jimmy and Wendy also have a happy marriage, in a similar vein. Jimmy, Lisa, Jack, and Wendy have surmounted all obstacles and enjoyed a variety of activities together despite the setbacks that brought them to the TLC reality show.


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Where are Josh, Danielle, Jennifer, and Chantel Now?

Josh, Danielle, Jennifer, and Chantel’s group had unusual dynamics that defied convictions. Josh and Jennifer were no longer married, but they still had respect for one another. Josh instead contributed his sperm to help Jennifer and Chantel conceive a child. Josh also fell in love with Danielle, and the two now parents to Mikaela. In addition to this, Josh and Jennifer have a son together named Jace.


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The four individuals’ lives have never been better despite the fact that their appearance on the show had predicted the emergence of various problems. The four people kept up their tight connection and mutual respect even after the show was over. Camila, the daughter of Chantel and Jennifer, was born after their deaths. Despite having a biological connection to Camila, Josh has given Chantel and Jennifer sole custody of Camila. The two women and their daughter get along well with Josh and Danielle, who is also married to them. As a result, the mixed family has managed to stay close to one another despite the unusual relationships they shared.

Where are Alex, Caroline, and Stephen Now?

Caroline always believed that her boyfriend will eventually go back to his ex-lover Stephen because she was unable to let go of a deep-seated insecurity. The couple encountered difficulties in describing their connection to friends and family once Alex transitioned from being Caroline’s gay best friend to Caroline’s boyfriend. Despite the emotional conflict the three characters were going through, Alex got down on one knee and proposed to Caroline as the programme came to a close.

Not long after the show ended, Caroline and Alex announced their pregnancy in addition to getting married. In April 2022, Alex and Caroline welcomed their son Bowen, and they have since continued to enjoy having a little family. Caroline and Alex no longer experience the anxieties that shaped them when they were on the show, together with their cat and young child. Stephen continues to prosper both personally and professionally and shares in the joy of the young family.

Where are John, April, Loren, and Roy Now?

April fell love with their next-door neighbour John after breaking up with Roy. However, since Loren, John’s ex-wife, was still present, things grew more complicated. Additionally, April and Loren ended up becoming a strong friendship. John, April, Loren, and Roy all had nine kids between them, so it was only natural that they experienced some ups and downs while filming the show.


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Even after they left, John and April were unable to discover the eternal bliss they had anticipated. ‘You, Me & My Ex’ featured the couple once more. It was John and April this time who had ended their relationship. In the interim, the bond between April and Loren had intensified. The closest friends even got married and established a podcast where they discussed the particular dynamics of their family.


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But things also got chilly between Loren and April. While Loren has now vanished from social media, April no longer posts pictures of their shared home. John has also made the decision to make his personal life a secret. Even so, April and Roy are still close, and they are still raising their kids together. As a result, despite the four people’s best efforts, nothing turned out as they had hoped.

Where are Jerry, Kayee Lovey, and Jessica Now?

For 26-year-old Kayee on the show, the peculiar living arrangement of ex-husband and ex-wife Jerry and Jessica became the only point of dispute. The parents of four children decided that cohabitation would be preferable to living apart after divorcing one another. In the end, the unusual situation compelled Kayee to act independently. Kayee felt unheard throughout their time on the show. Kayee and Jerry eventually took different paths as a result of Jessica’s constant presence and having to sleep in the laundry room.


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Although Kayee had ignored the advise of her family and friends while she was on the show, the star ultimately changed her mind. Kayee is currently concentrating on her profession as a musician and maker for Instagram and YouTube. Jerry and Jessica, on the other hand, keep their personal affairs private and do not discuss their present romantic situation. Jerry is still the CEO of the Flipo Group. As a physical therapist and pilates instructor, Jessica is progressing.


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