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15 Steamy Adult Movies on Amazon Prime


Is there porn on Amazon Prime? The response is, of course, a resounding no. While there are plenty of R-rated and even NC-17-rated films on Amazon Prime, you won’t find any that are categorized as porn because the MPAA has yet to create a category for such a film. However, Amazon does carry a number of excellent pornographic films. The question isn’t, “What are adult movies?” but rather, “What are adult movies?” Because filmmakers are increasingly choosing bold subject issues and expanding the use of graphics and verbal violence in their films, it is vital to keep some items out of the reach of youngsters. The following is a list of the best adult movies available on Amazon Prime. Please be aware that several of the films on the list contain graphic nudity that may not be appropriate for all audiences.

A Minute’s Silence (2016)

Stella Petersen worked as an English teacher in a small town school. Her premature and tragic demise has left everyone in a state of shock. One kid in particular reflects on his time with the teacher as the school spends a minute of silence for him. Stella had been more than a teacher to Christian. They had been involved with each other during the summer. Their age difference is rather small, and they had discovered common ground that drew them together. However, Stella’s death brought an end to their lovely summer together.

Adore (2013)

Director Anne Fontaine explores dangerously risqué topics in a drama about forbidden love in ‘Adore’ (known as ‘Adoration’ in Australia). The film follows Lil (Naomi Watts) and Roz (Robin Wright), two longtime friends who start having affairs with each other’s kids, Ian (Xavier Samuel) and Tom (Tom Hanks) (James Frecheville). Years pass, and the lads finally leave their homes, but the bonds they’ve formed with their individual lovers stay strong and eventually entice them back.

Many reviewers have lambasted the film’s softcore plot as “trashy,” but Watts and Wright give outstanding performances that give the story a level of relatability. ‘Adore’ has an erratic tempo, clumsy dialogue, and a general lack of direction, yet it is nonetheless a beautiful film, and not just because of the gorgeous people that star in it.

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Angelica (2015)

This film is set in Victorian London and depicts the story of Constance. She falls in love with Dr. Joseph Barton and marries him after some time. With the passage of time, their love becomes more passionate, and Constance experiences a sexual awakening in her married life. Their joys are short-lived, however, when Constance gives birth to their daughter, Angelica. The mother and daughter were on the verge of passing away during childbirth. The physicians urged the pair to abstain due to these complications. While it appears to be simple at first, the husband and wife become frustrated as time goes on. To make matters worse, they have a demonic presence in their home.

Bound (2015)

Michelle Mulan, 40, is dissatisfied with her life because her lover does not provide her with sexual fulfillment. Michelle’s life is turned upside down when she meets Ryan Black in a restaurant. Despite being considerably younger than Michelle, Ryan manages to draw her into a world of pleasure she has always desired. He exposes her to BDSM, which dramatically transforms Michelle’s attitude toward sex. However, after a few days, she gradually realizes that Ryan is a predator with many dark secrets in his life that he is keeping hidden from her. ‘Bound’ has plenty of skin on display, and despite a formulaic plot, it never fails to entertain.

Bang Gang (A Modern Love Story) (2015)

‘Bang Gang,’ directed by first-time filmmaker Eva Husson, is an erotic movie about adolescence’s boundless curiosity. The camera records the voracious curiosity of the film’s teenage protagonists as they engage in practically everything of which they have been warned—from unprotected sex to substance addiction to filming and posting movies without others’ explicit agreement.

‘Bang Gang’ starts with Alex (Finnegan Oldfield), a Biarritz native, suddenly finding himself alone at home after his mother moves outside of France for work. This sudden liberation allows him to throw crazy parties at his house without fear of being judged. When someone contracts a sexually transmitted disease, someone else becomes pregnant, and videos from his parties start circulating on the internet, the repercussions come knocking at his door.

Felix and Meira (2014)

Meira, her husband, and their daughter live in Montreal. Her society is Orthodox Jewish, which imposes many restrictions and demands on her. Meira is dissatisfied with her married life and does not want to have additional children, despite the fact that many women in her society do. Her spouse chastises her for not knowing how to follow the community’s norms. After all of her husband’s annoyances, it’s easy to see why she finds herself attracted to another man. When Felix met Meira, he was still grieving the death of his father. She recognized he didn’t conform to society’s ideals when she noticed he wasn’t married and didn’t have children. They begin an affair soon after.

Good Dick (2008)

A man watches a woman who is a regular customer at a video store where he works. The man is fixated on her and decides to woo her, but she ignores his advances. He decides to take more drastic tactics to get her attention, which he eventually succeeds in doing, and the two begin an affair. The relationship, however, is short-lived because the woman appears to be tormented by a tragic event from her past.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover (1981)

Despite writing a large body of non-fiction, D. H. Lawrence’s 1928 (private) controversial novel ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ provided one of the strongest cases for his ideas on class, society, sexuality, and feminism. It has been adapted for the big screen several times throughout the years. Lady Constance Chatterley, an upper-class English woman whose husband returns from the war crippled from the waist down, is played by Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel in this French adaption by Just Jaeckin.

Constance seeks consolation from their estate’s gamekeeper, Oliver Mellors (Nicholas Clay), as she deals with escalating sexual and emotional frustration. Jaeckin takes a leisurely approach to Lawrence’s sensual prose, juxtaposing Constance’s contradictory feelings in the picturesque setting of the English countryside. The picture was not immediately commercially successful, but the producers were able to recoup their investment through home video sales.

Natasha (2015)

This film is based on David Bezmozgis’ collection of short stories titled ‘Natasha and Other Stories,’ which he also directed. It depicts Mark Berman’s battle to keep his distance from Natasha. Mark is the perfect young man, devoted to his work and wary of taking on large obligations. His uncle marries a Russian woman who brings her 14-year-old daughter with her. Mark’s parents force him to look after her in order to improve his slacker behavior, despite the fact that she is new to town and has no friends. As Mark spends more time with Natasha, he learns about her past, which appears to be far too controversial for an adolescent. Despite Mark’s reservations at first, the two quickly begin a romantic relationship.

Stripped To Kill (1987)

‘Stripped To Kill,’ a 1980s sexploitation film, is entertaining to watch, but there isn’t anything in it that you can take back. Cody, a policewoman working undercover in Los Angeles’ Skid Row, is the film’s key character. Cody and her partner Heineman witness the murder of a dancer named Angel, and in order to learn more about the case, Cody takes a job at a strip club.

The two of them begin their investigation, and their top suspect is Roxanne, another dancer who had a love relationship with Angel. Things become much more difficult when Heineman and Cody sleep together and later argue. Their inquiries, however, lead them to a surprising revelation that alters their perspective on the murder in issue. Yes, there are some sleazy moments in the picture, and it has little aesthetic value. However, you can’t deny that it’s entertaining.

The Taste of Money (2012)

‘The Taste of Money,’ an erotic thriller about a wealthy family and their moral bankruptcy, which leads to their eventual ruination, is imbued with the soap-operatic sensationalism of a typical Korean drama. Baek Geum-ok (Youn Yuh-jung), the matriarch, is harsh and vengeful. She begins having sex with Yoon’s private secretary Joo Young-jak after learning that her husband, Chairman Yoon (Baek Yoon-sik), is having an affair with their Filipina maid, Eva (Kim Kang-woo). Yoon Chul (On Joo-wan) is apprehended by the authorities for assisting an American in committing financial fraud.

Geum-father ok’s was the initial owner of the company. Yoon married Geum-ok solely to achieve his personal goals. The moral degeneration caused by affluence is the film’s most prominent theme. The family’s image is severely damaged after the affair between Yoon and Eva is made public. Geum-ok, infuriated, strikes out at Eva, the only person she can readily dismiss.

The Neon Demon (2016)

Fashion is one of the most competitive sectors in the world. It’s all about appearances, youth, and attractiveness. This is the topic of ‘The Neon Demon.’ Jesse, a 16-year-old girl who aspires to be a successful model, is the protagonist of the film. Her agency, who believes her she is perfect for modeling, lifts her spirits when she moves to Los Angeles. Despite her self-assurance, she is scared by other models who are envious of her youthful appearance. Jesse quickly learns how to make a living in the profession and becomes successful. However, she must pay the price for her accomplishment with her innocence.

The Virgin Suicides (1999)

‘The Virgin Suicides’ is Sofia Coppola’s first major picture, and with it, she cemented her reputation as a Hollywood tour de force. The video opens with a group of lads who grew up together and are now men talking about their youth. The story then flips to the past, where we learn that the five Lisbon daughters who live next door are the focus of these males’ attention.

The girls live under the constant scrutiny of their parents, making it difficult to even approach them. Coppola wonderfully nails the voyeuristic instincts of adolescent boys attempting to approach these girls. One of the sisters commits suicide, further separating the Lisbons from the rest of the community. As the story progresses, we learn that each of these girls’ lives has been marred by tragedy. The film successfully captures the story’s creepy aspect and communicates a great deal without utilizing much language.

The Handmaiden (2016)

In order to gain her inheritance, a conman marries a Japanese heiress. He devises a complex scheme in which he disguises himself as a con artist and poses as the heiress’s handmaiden. The handmaiden’s objective is to gently and deftly persuade the heiress to marry the conman. Following the wedding, the conman intends to prove the handmaiden’s mental illness, which will result in her being committed to an asylum, leaving him with the entire fortune. What he overlooks is the heiress’s past, which is far darker than what he had planned for her.

Wild Things (1998)

Since ‘Basic Instinct,’ no other mainstream Hollywood picture has taken as much liberties with sex as John McNaughton’s ‘Wild Things.’ A threesome involving Sam (Matt Dillon), Suzie (Nave Campbell), and Kelly (Denise Richards), as well as a nude Kevin Bacon walking out of the shower, are among the unforgettable steamy sequences. While the film’s depiction of sex is almost excessive, its flawless and thrilling narrative makes it an outstanding neo-noir criminal thriller. The plot has so many twists and turns that it keeps the audience on the edge of their seats the entire time.

Kelly and Suzie, two young girls from very different financial circumstances, are at the center of the story. Despite the fact that they accuse Sam, their school’s guidance counsellor, of rape, they allege at the trial that they lied earlier to make him suffer. Kelly despised him because he had an affair with her mother and Suzie despised him because he never got her out of jail. It is revealed that the three of them planned the entire affair when Sam receives $8.5 million in settlement money from Kelly’s family. Ray Duquette, played by Kevin Bacon, is a cop who suspects possible conspiracy.

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