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Alone Season 3: Where Are They Now? A Look into the Participants’ Lives

The 2015 premiere of History’s “Alone” has earned it a special place in the hearts of lovers of survival stories because to its compelling idea and realistic situations. The reality show is well renowned for having some extremely skilled survivalists who must go through the woods by themselves while using all of their skills. Consider the actors from season 3, which starred in Patagonia, Argentina, and broadcast in 2016 and 2017. It was undoubtedly difficult for them to overcome the strange surroundings and lack of human communication, but they gave it everything they had, which helped them win admirers all over the world. You must naturally be interested in what they are doing now, and that is what we are here to do!

Where is Zachary Fowler Now?


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Zachary Fowler’s popularity has only increased since he took first place in the third season of “Alone.” He currently produces a wide range of content under the name Fowler’s Makery and Mischief. He actually has over 1.43 million YouTube subscribers as well as over 29K Instagram followers. The skilled Boatbuilder enjoys slingshots, fishing, and cooking very much.

Zachary’s girlfriend Sarah, with whom he appears to have a close relationship, is one of the characters who appears in the most of his content. Zachary ran into legal issues after Greg Ovens’ 30-Day Survival Challenge in 2019 due to him fishing in Banff National Park’s streams. He had seven complaints against him as of April 2023, and an arrest warrant had been issued for him due to several fishing violations.

Where is Carleigh Fairchild Now?

Runner-up Carleigh Fairchild appears to be living a happy life. She is currently a Survival Coach and is passionate about homesteading. Her skill set is impressive. She is skilled in the practise of Niasziih Healing in addition to her work as a nanny. She also works as an Earth Skills Instructor and Public Speaker in addition to being a spokesperson for LT Wright Handcrafted Knives. The reality TV personality also provides a variety of workshops for anyone looking to improve their survival abilities.

Where is Megan Hanacek Now?


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Megan Hanacek is currently based in Port McNeill, British Columbia, where she continues to fight to protect the natural flora and fauna of the planet. She joined the company in January 1999 and works as CEO of the Private Forest Landowners Association as well as Principal Professional Forester and Biologist for Pacific West Resource Management. The survivalist cherishes her time with her husband and two children, the youngest of whom is named Angus.

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Where is Dave Nessia Now?


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Dave Nessia, a resident of Salt Lake City, Utah, will go on after him. Prior to his current position, the reality TV star worked as a Lead Guide for Aspiro’s High Adventure Programme. He is currently employed as a Design Consultant with Renewal by Andersen. Even if Dave is not very active on social media, it is clear that he still has a passion for nature and adventure, never passing up an opportunity to improve his abilities and explore everything that the world has to offer.

Where is Callie North Now?


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Callie North tapped out after leaving the show after 72 days because she thought her adventure was over. She was praised widely by the public thanks to her inventiveness and tenacity. The spider bites she received on her journey began to heal soon after she left, which will no doubt please her supporters. However, it took some time before she could formally declare herself totally cured. Callie founded Northsea Apothecary with her friend Milla Prince, and as of this writing, business seemed to be flourishing. The reality television actress got engaged to Randy Champagne (from “Alone” seasons 2 and 5), and they had a daughter, River, in August 2021.

Where is Greg Ovens Now?


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Now let’s discuss about Greg Ovens, a local of Canal Flats, British Columbia. In 2019, the reality TV personality and Zachary Fowler participated in the 30 Day Survival Challenge, which required them to produce videos in Banff National Park. Greg was soon in legal jeopardy as a result of the footage, as he was seen removing a cutthroat trout weighing roughly three pounds from the water. He was charged six times under Canada’s National Parks Act in February 2022 due to the park’s prohibition on the practise.

Greg was charged with unlawfully using a drone, hunting in a park, discharging a pistol in a park, and fishing a threatened species. Five of the counts were eventually dismissed during the judicial process, and in April 2023, Greg pleaded guilty to illegal fishing. The survivalist was fined 6,000 Canadian dollars for his misdeeds.

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Where is Dan Wowak Now?


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Dan Wowak, a native of Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania, is currently a teacher of outdoor skills. He has been the owner of Coalcracker Bushcraft since July 2015 and runs a similar YouTube channel with over 467K subscribers. His business offers training and a range of necessary items to anyone interested in wilderness survival. Dan appears to enjoy going to the gym and bulking up his muscles when he isn’t investigating his surroundings. He recently started beekeeping again, and he’s excited to see where the journey will take him. He spends a lot of time with his wife and kid, both of whom appear to appreciate the idea of adventure and travel.

Where is Britt Ahart Now?


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Expert in outdoor survival Britt Ahart is currently employed by Crestwood Transportation as a school bus driver. The reality TV personality appears to be investigating potential career prospects while based in Mantua, Ohio. His son Campbell Ahart, who turned 13 in March 2023 and is the apple of his father’s eye, is the reason for their happy marriage to Laura Ahart.

Where is Zachary Gault Now?


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Zachary Gault, who runs Primitive Living and serves as its owner and chief instructor, is the subject of our discussion today. The reality television star is based in Caledon, Ontario, and has a focus on skills like survival, bushcraft, campcraft, woodcraft, etc. Additionally, his business provides consumers with specialised classes that are created to meet the needs of each and every student. Zachary enjoys exploring the outdoors and finding the wonders that nature has to offer while he is a teacher.

Where is Jim Shields Now?


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Jim Shields, a current Technology Teacher for the Hatboro-Horsham School District, is last but certainly not least. The reality TV star, who is based in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, is a devoted survivist with a YouTube channel called Climbing Bushcrafter that has amassed over 3K members. He also has a podcast called The Leader Next Door where he covers a wide range of issues. Jim appears to most love spending time with his wife, Jenn, and three kids.

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