‘Avatar’: All The Clans of Pandora Explained & How They Are Different From Each Other

Despite only having one film out so far, the Avatar franchise has already created a rich mythology that is among the most in-depth in the annals of contemporary science fiction. The first Avatar alone has a tremendous amount of information on the many animals, tribes, and ecological cycles, even though it’s difficult to compare to universes like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek, and Doctor Who that have been creating new projects for years. Particularly, a great deal of content has been produced that describes the various native tribes that dwell on Pandora and what makes them unique.

The Omaticaya Clan, the tribe of woodland dwellers where Neytiri (Zoe Saldaa) is raised, is the main subject of the first movie. Sam Worthington plays Jake Sully, who becomes the clan’s new leader after successfully leading them in a defence of the Hometree against the invading RDA forces. While the original movie briefly mentions a few of the other clans, later material from the expanded universe has provided additional information about Pandora’s diverse cultural heritage. Die-hard fans of the universe have methodically studied the Avatar video games, the new graphic novel series Avatar: The High Ground, a series of one-shot comics, and various reference books.

The expanse of the globe of Pandora is set to increase. There will be a lot to learn about Pandora with Avatar: The Way of Water poised to shatter box office records (and probably repeat the original film’s award-season success). Cameron recently made a suggestion that Avatar 6 and Avatar 7 might be in the works. Avatar 3 has already wrapped up main photography, and screenplays for Avatar 4 and Avatar 5 have been prepared. Here is a guide to all the various clans of Pandora if you want to keep up with all the Pandoran material.

Anurai Clan

The Anurai Clan are a skilled group of artisans and inventors who have harnessed the sacred Pandoran materials to build tools. They are mostly featured in the Wii version of Avatar: The Game. They live largely in isolated valleys and hold a strong veneration for creatures known as the thanator. Sadly, when humans initially invaded Pandora, the majority of the Anurai Clan perished.

Hulanta Clan

Although several of the Na’vi tribes who live underwater are described in The Way of Water, this particular tribe of wetlands-dwelling Na’vi was depicted in Avatar: The Reckoning. The Hulanta Clan, represented by a whirlpool, reveres water, although they were regrettably forced to leave their home following a string of RDA bombings.

Huyuticaya Clan

The Huyuticaya Clan is only briefly referenced in James Cameron’s book Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide, therefore very little is known about them. They obviously have a thing for viperwolves because they shape their streamers to look like them.

Kekunan Clan

While Jake and Neytiri are able to control their banshees, the Kekunan Clan is the greatest master of the banshees on Pandora. Their vibrant, colourful attire and culture, which frequently features amazing acts of marvel and holy dances, embody their spirit of innovation and spectacle.

Li’ona Clan

Sadly, the majority of the Li’ona Clan’s resources were drained as a result of tragedy that befell them earlier in their existence. The Li’ona Clan’s culture was brought to peace when their rivers started flowing once more after Rai’uk, the last noble of the Anurai Clan, assisted in defending them against human invaders.

Mangkwan Clan

Avatar: The Next Shadow’s quick teaser revealed a few intriguing facts about the Mangkwan Clan. Because they welcomed Ateyo and Artsut after Jake banished them, perhaps they are either more tolerant or more forgiving than other tribes.

Metkayina Clan

This strong tribe of sea dwellers of the barrier reef is the main new clan that plays a significant part in The Way of Water. Tonowari (Cliff Curtis) and his wife Ronal (Kate Winslet) are devoted parents who encourage their kids to go on trips while riding direhorses. They worry that the Sully family won’t be able to adapt to the drastically different living conditions because they are intensely protective of their hometown. However, when Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang) and his troops start butchering their sacred animals, they are ultimately forced into the conflict.

Ni’awve Clan

It only seemed sense that the first N’avi clan to ever exist settled in the Valley of Origins. The Ni’awve hailed the human Ryan Lorez as a saviour and started instructing him in Na’vi customs when he had a vision close to the Tree of Souls. Avatar: The Mobile Game contains a full account of their exploits.

Olangi Clan

These nomads, whose civilization is based on hunting and seizing wildlife, have developed into some of Pandora’s most expert fighters. When they join Jake’s coalition to defend the Tree of Souls in the first movie, the Olangi Clan rides direhorses.

Olangi Clan

The Omaticaya Clan is depicted in great detail in the first movie as Neytiri educates Jake about their singing, banshee riding, textile weaving, hunting, and Iknimaya rite-of-passage practises. Tribesmen who have passed away are remembered with a Woodsprite and a songcord. Sadly, the “sky people” threaten to destroy the Hometree, forcing Jake and his family to flee their home in The Way of Water.

Rey’tanu Clan

The Rey’tanu Clan, which receives scant attention in the video game Avatar: The Reckoning, is unknown to most people. They rarely interact with other clans because they live in the highlands and depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

Tawkami Clan

This peaceful Na’vi clan, who dwells deep within the Pandoran jungle, is the subject of the comic book miniseries Avatar: Adapt or Die from this year. Their community of Greenhome is tasked with maintaining the planet’s ecosystem and safeguarding its biodiversity; they make tools, potions, and essential oils from the natural resources of the planet.

Tayrangi Clan

The Ikran People of the Eastern Sea are another name for the Tayrangi Clan. They can swim well and have a thorough understanding of the coastline. Clan chief Ikeyni (Alicia Vela-Bailey) decides to join Jake’s alliance after witnessing Quaritch wreck havoc on their sacred land.

Tipani Clan

The Tipani Clan uses predatory instincts and genuine armour in battle, making them possibly the most brutal fighters on Pandora. Their early interactions with people are explored in Avatar: The Game, as well as their eventual collaboration with the Omaticaya Clan to protect the Tree of Souls.

Tomac’ta Clan

The Tomac’ta Clan has a strong fondness for banshees and wears streamers in their honour. They are another clan that receives only a passing mention in James Cameron’s Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide.


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