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Meet Devion Cromwell, Legendary Boxer Floyd Mayweather’s Son With Melissa Brim

The 53-year-old American businessman Devion Cromwell is best known for being the child of Floyd Mayweather and Melissa Brim. His mother Melissa is an entrepreneur, while his father Floyd is a former American boxer. Devon’s biological mother is Melissa Brim; however, Floyd Mayweather is simply his adopted father because there is no information available regarding Devon’s actual father.

Who Is Devion Cromwell?

The endearing 26-year-old Devion Cromwell was born in the United States of America in 1996. The famous child always celebrates his birthday in June, although never disclosing his precise birthdate. Devion appears to be well-educated, although he has never made known his academic accomplishments or the universities he may have previously attended.

While there is no information on the ethnicity of his real father, his mother Melissa Brim is of mixed race. At the age of 19, Melissa became pregnant with Devion, forcing her to leave school and begin working to support her newborn child. Devon’s biological father’s identity has never been made public. Devon’s reputation is mostly related to the fact that he is Floyd Mayweather’s billionaire adoptive son.


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Melissa Brim Met Floyd Mayweather in a Casino

In the late 1990s, Melissa and Floyd met in a casino lounge in Las Vegas. Devion Cromwell’s mother at the time, Melissa, was a single parent. She became pregnant with Iyanna, their first and only child together, not long after she first met Floyd.

The fact that Melissa Brim met and began dating Floyd Mayweather can be attributed to her rise to fame. She has frequently been referred to as Floyd Mayweather’s baby mama, despite her insistence that she is more than that. Floyd has been a fantastic support system for Melissa ever since their relationship began in the late 1990s. He has supported her in both her personal and professional life. One could argue that it was because of his influence on her life that Melissa eventually became the successful businesswoman she is today.

Iyanna Mayweather, their daughter, was also born as a result of their relationship, and both parents have taken an active role in raising Iyanna and Devion Cromwell. But they have never been married, either to one another or to anyone else.

Devion Cromwell’s Parents Separated in 2000

After the birth of their daughter Iyanna in 2000, the couple stopped talking to one another. This came up as a result of Floyd abusing Melissa physically at the time. On two separate occasions, Floyd Mayweather was determined to have physically abused someone.

He hit her with a car door the first time, and then while they were in a mall, he struck her in the neck. Five years after the couple split up, they reconciled and are now co-parenting their daughter. Throughout their separation, Floyd continued to advocate for their daughter’s wellbeing.

Floyd Mayweather Never Legally Adopted Devion Cromwell

Floyd is not Devon’s real father, despite the fact that he is widely recognized as the son of the former American boxer. Only because of Floyd’s illicit relationship with Devion Cromwell’s mother, Melissa, did Devion Cromwell come to be identified as his son. The couple began dating soon after Melissa gave birth to Devion as a young adult (age 19).

Since Devion Cromwell was still a little toddler when Floyd first met and began dating his ex-girlfriend Melissa Brim in the 1990s, Floyd has taken on the role of Devion’s father. Even after his connection with Devon’s mother ended, he has since nurtured the young man as his son even though he never legally adopted him.

Devion Cromwell Has Four Siblings All Together

There are no siblings in Devion Cromwell’s biological family. He does, however, have a half-sister (Iyana) from his mother and three step-siblings (two boys, Koraun and Zion, and one girl, Jirah) from his father’s marriage to former reality star Josie Harris, who was his father’s ex-girlfriend.

Iyana Mayweather Is His Half-Sibling

22 years of age
Birthdate: May 20, 2000
Melissa Brim’s mom
Kentrell Gaulden Jr., a child
Rapper and model, Instagram: @moneyyaya.

Iyanna Mayweather, who is the child of Floyd Mayweather and his mother, is Devion Cromwell’s sole half-sister. Iyana, who was born four years after Devion, is now a 22-year-old lady pursuing careers in music and modeling. Even though her relationship with NBA YoungBoy is rocky, she already has a son named Kentrell Gaulden Jr.

Koraun Mayweather is His Father’s First Child with Josie Harris

23 years of age
Birthdate: November 7, 1999
Josie Harris, the mother
West Ranch High School is for education.
Songwriter and singer, Instagram: @kingkoraun

Although Koraun Mayweather is three years younger than Devion, he is the first child of the illustrious boxer. He is already making a name for himself as a singer and songwriter, and experts predict that he will succeed in this field.

Like Devion, Koraun and his father Floyd have gotten into a fight. In his presence, he claimed that Floyd had violently abused his mother Josie. Whatever the case, the two are allegedly getting along well these days.

Zion Mayweather is Floyd’s Second Son with Josie Harris

Age: twenty-one
Birthdate: March 3, 2001
Josie Harris, the mother
West Ranch High School is for education.
Social media personality is employed as
@zion mayweather on Instagram


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Zion, a gifted fashion designer, was born on March 3, 2001. He is 21 years old right now. He established the clothing company Philthy Rich Boys, which produces high-end basketball shorts, t-shirts, and other upscale clothing products, in order to pursue his profession as a fashion designer.

Jirah Mayweather is the Youngest Child in the Family

19 years of age
Birthdate: 20 June 2003
Josie Harris, the mother
West Ranch High School is for education.
Work as an Instagram Star, using the handle @jirahmilan

Jirah is obviously Devion Cromwell’s step-sister and Mayweather’s second child. Every 20th of June, she celebrates her birthday because she was born on that day in the year 2003. She is now 19 years old. Despite her remarkable social media fame, she has not yet pursued a job.

Devion Cromwell Does Not Have a Definite Career Yet


Devion Cromwell Lacks a Clear Career Path Devion Cromwell, however, has not outlined his career path in detail. On his Instagram account, he describes himself as an entrepreneur despite having no known jobs or businesses to his name. Since his father is wealthy despite their tense relationship, many people assume that Devion is actually involved in business.

He does, however, appear to be comfortable with leading a lavish lifestyle; this may be explained by the fact that his step-father is very wealthy. His Instagram account @kingxcromwell demonstrates just how much money he has to his disposal. He frequently shares photos of his travels to posh destinations, his fancy cars, and other aspects of his life that only the wealthy can buy.


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Devion Once Called the Cops on Floyd

Devion reportedly informed the police in October 2014 that Floyd had put him in a headlock when he walked in on Devion and his buddies having a party in Floyd’s mansion. However, Devion, who was 19 at the time, chose not to file any complaints against the former boxing champion.

Devion has chosen a calmer lifestyle even though he has the option to lead a wild life like most famous kids do. keeping all unfavorable attention away from himself and his personal life while maintaining a calm profile.

Despite having a strong social media presence, Devion rarely discusses his personal matters online. Despite not having any other social media profiles, he has more than 20,000 followers on his Instagram account, @kingxcromwell. Devion posts numerous images to his Instagram account, but none of them depict a girlfriend or wife in his life.

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