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Joseph Baena’s Relationship with Four Siblings from His Dad’s Side: More about Their Family

Former American president John F. Kennedy’s niece Maria Shriver, a celebrated journalist and author, was married to actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. She was married to the former bodybuilder for more than 30 years. She was born to parents Sargent Shriver and Eunice Kenndy Shriver.

The former couple experienced marital happiness for as long as they were together, welcoming four children who are now accomplished adults. However, things started to fall apart for the former couple in 2011. For over 20 years, the couple had a maid who took care of their children and home.


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She developed a close relationship with the “Twins” actor around that time, and the two eventually had Joseph Baena. Joseph’s birth was concealed from Maria and his half-siblings, although as per stories, they first regarded him and his mother as close family friends.

But as he got older, Joseph began to more closely resemble his father, and when word of his existence leaked, Arnold’s family was shattered. The actor’s children rejected his love child, despite the fact that he was still friendly with his ex-wife.

Joseph reportedly desired a relationship with each of his half-siblings. Some people, nevertheless, have not reciprocated his efforts or desire for one. Joseph’s multifaceted job and his relationship with Arnold are still going strong, despite the fact that that aspect of his life is still getting better.


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Joseph Is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Secret Son

On October 2, 1997, Joseph took his first breath. He was reared with his sister Jackie Baena. Joseph, who will be 25 this year, is constructing a bright future for himself. In 2019, he earned a business degree from Pepperdine University, and only lately, he began working with Aria Properties as a real estate agent.

He primarily deals with real estate in Silicon Beach and West Los Angeles. As evidenced by his Instagram pictures, Joseph also continued his father’s bodybuilding career and occasionally trained alongside the iconic actor who is now a politician.

Joseph also dabbles in acting; most recently, he appeared in “The Chariot,” a sci-fi comedy from this year. In terms of his romantic relationships, Joseph was romantically linked to Nicky Dodaj, a friend from college.


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The couple frequently displayed their love on their social media profiles, despite the fact that their dating history is unknown. However, according to insiders, their relationship started to deteriorate in November 2020. They took down each other’s pictures from their pages in May of the following year. However, there is no confirmation of their present relationship status.

While Joseph was still a little child, his father resided with his family in the Pacific Palisades, where his mother, Mildred Baena, held a housekeeping job. As he grew older, he began to resemble the star of “Total Recall,” and finally the similarity raised Maria’s concerns.

When the renowned journalist questioned Mildred about Joseph, the former assistant admitted to having an affair with her husband. Arnold and Maria separated that year as a result of the affair’s revelation, and they eventually were divorced in 2021.


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For the benefit of a positive co-parenting partnership, the couple kept a cordial connection. Arnold’s love child is apparently being embraced by their boys. As evidenced by the fact that they purposefully exclude Joseph from family gatherings and sibling appreciation posts, their girls don’t yet appear to have fully atoned for their father’s infidelity.

Joseph mostly remained ignorant of who his father was until his infidelity with Mildred was made public, despite his half-siblings’ rejection. Even so, the actor claimed in a 2017 interview that Joseph grasped the gravity of the issue despite how difficult it was for him to watch the 2011 drama.

Katherine & Christina’s Relationship With Joseph Baena

According to rumors, Katherine and Christina rejected Joseph and do not view him as a member of their family. In 2019, Katherine decided not to invite her half-brother to her wedding to Chris Pratt. She never shared photos of him on social media, despite frequently uploading images of her sister and her other two brothers. She also omitted him from family gatherings.

After being set up by her mother, Katherine married the “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor the same year they got engaged. Katherine honored Christina, Patrick, and Christopher on National Siblings Day with a nostalgic Instagram post. A critical audience read her comment section since she had once more left Joseph out.


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One of Katherine’s supporters did, however, offer a possible explanation for why she appeared to reject Joseph. They said that it’s possible that she and Christina weren’t prepared to accept a “living reminder” of what caused their family’s dissolution.


Joseph left a wonderful note of congratulations for the newlyweds under one of his sister’s wedding images, despite the fact that he was unable to attend. He repeated the action for the remaining social media posts made by his siblings, but no reciprocation has yet occurred.

Patrick & Christopher’s Relationship with Joseph Baena

Although Patrick and Christopher are rumored to frequently hang out privately, they haven’t been upfront about their friendship with Joseph. This continued until 2021, when Patrick and Joseph were spotted exercising together. Nicky later joined them.

Since 2011, they hadn’t been spotted together in a public setting. According to some accounts, Patrick and Christopher may have been approaching Joseph more like a brother than a longtime family friend. They decided not to share it on social media, nevertheless, in order to spare their mother or sisters any embarrassment.


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Regarding his ostensibly tense connection with his dad’s daughters, Joseph has remained silent. He may be trying his best from a distance, based on his online conduct (he follows all of his half-siblings on social media) and his father’s statements.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joseph’s Relationship

Arnold not only accepted responsibility for his behavior after learning of his infidelity, but he also grew close to Joseph. Despite getting to the point where they could “laugh about everything,” Joseph was first apprehensive about getting to know his dad after spending the majority of his life with his mother.

However, they gradually got along and built a solid rapport where Arnold would listen to his son and occasionally provide him relationship advise. With regard to his last name, Joseph felt more at ease and motivated to leave his imprint when he used “Baena.”

Arnold is nonetheless quite proud of him. In 2019, the actor even showed up for Joseph’s graduation. When questioned about the first persons he calls when he hears good news, Joseph tenderly named his parents.

Joseph Baena’s Mom Lives outside of the Spotlight

Since the revelation of her affair with her former employer, Mildred has generally avoided the spotlight. She quit her job after disclosing her affair to Maria, where she had been employed by the Schwarzenegger family since the early 1990s. But her son disclosed in a heartfelt post of congratulations in 2017 that she had graduated from culinary school.

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