Inside Job Season 2 : When Did It Release? How Many Episodes Are There?

When will the second season of Inside Job be available? In 2019, Netflix’s mature sci-fi workplace comedy made its debut, coming on the heels of a wave of widely watched adult animated programmes. BoJack Horseman, Big Mouth, and Disenchantment are just a few examples.

The animated series Gravity Falls, from writers Shion Takeuchi and Alex Hirsch, introduced us to Cognito Inc., a covert government agency. The organization’s job was to control global conspiracies and make sure that they don’t bring the world to end. Reagan Ridley, the protagonist character, was introduced to us in season 1, and over the course of more than ten episodes, we learned about her antisocial tendencies and excruciating social awkwardness as she struggled to get by as a robotics engineer while working with her dysfunctional team.

Netflix used the word “dysfunctional” with serious intent. The crew is made up of an oddball assortment of people, including a psychic mushroom and a man-dolphin super soldier. We are here to discuss where Shion will take Inside Job season 2 in light of his multi-year contract with Netflix. Join us as we make predictions about the comedy series’ premiere date, trailer, cast, narrative, and other details.

Inside Job season 2 release date speculation

We don’t know when Inside Job season 2 will be released as of December 2022. A second season is anticipated, as far as we know. However, in June 2022, Netflix decided to renew the sci-fi show for a second season.

Season 1, part 1 premiered in November 2021, followed by part 2 perhaps a year later. Therefore, it’s probable that Inside Job season 2 will adhere to this pattern and become streamable in November 2023.

Inside Job season 2 cast speculation

For the second season of Inside Job, the full ensemble cast—including Lizzie Caplan, Clark Durke, John DiMaggio, and the rest of the deep state—is anticipated to return.

Christian Slater’s potential comeback as Ridley’s alcoholic father Rand remains to be seen, but we have a strange suspicion he’ll show up at his daughter’s door once more. The love of Regan’s life, played by Adam Scott, who erased his memories and departed the shadow government, is one person who hopefully won’t come back.

Who’s in the Inside Job season 2 cast?

Reagan Ridley, played by Lizzy Caplan
As Rand, Christian Slater Brett Hand, played by Ridley Clark Duke
As Gigi, Tisha Campbell
Magic Myc, Brett Gelman
As J.R. Scheimpough, Andy Daly
Glenn Dolphman played by John DiMaggio
Dr. Andrew is Bobby Lee.
As Robotus, Chris Diamantopoulous

Inside Job season 2 plot speculation

The second season of Inside Job will probably continue where the first one did. With Regan now in command at Cognito Inc., the Shadow Board is attempting to protect humanity from itself.

We anticipate that Regan’s allegedly benign algorithm—we’ll see how long it remains benign—that will lead humanity to a brighter tomorrow will play a role in events, as well as the Black Robes’ fairly menacing-sounding “Project X37.”

Finally, the rest of the cast will undoubtedly engage in additional Deep State antics. We would attempt to forecast what they would do, but let’s be honest, if we were successful, the shadow government would just delete our success from our memories.

Where to watch Inside Job

Netflix is the only place to watch all ten episodes of Inside Job season 1. And as we already said, Netflix’s other top adult animated comedy like Big Mouth and its spinoff Human Resources can do the same. Netflix just recently extended both of those.

If you’re looking for more animated masterpieces, check out our list of the top cartoon characters to satisfy your craving for adult animation. We also have a whole post about Invincible season 2.

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