10 Best KDramas on Amazon Prime You Can Binge-watch

People love Korean TV series, particularly those who enjoy sappy stories about love and relationships. But in recent decades, a wide range of South Korean content has captivated audiences worldwide. Whether they are historical dramas, sitcoms, romantic comedies, dark thrillers, or action-packed shows, Korean TV series unquestionably fall into a unique category. As a result, people are continuously looking for options on the various streaming services that are available. And we have a list of fantastic suggestions if you’re seeking for Kdramas on Amazon Prime!

Café Midnight (2020-)

Two episodes in each season of “Café Midnight” chart the development of new characters. All of these plots, however, center on the named café, which is open from midnight until daylight. Jae-young, who responds to a job post and ends up in the café, is the protagonist of the first season. There, he has a moment that alters his life.

Due to increasing pressure, Ah-young leaves her job in season 2. She plans to take a vacation to nowhere in particular after resigning. She soon stumbles onto the enigmatic café in neighborhood B23, which is situated where a guest home ought to be. The third season of the program is a coming-of-age story in which a high school student envisions his future.

Flower Boy Next Door (2013)

This romantic comedy-drama is based on Yoo Hyun-sook’s webcomic “I Steal Peeks At Him Every Day,” which concentrates on an unusual love triangle. Dok-mi is reserved, bashful, and she stays inside most of the time. But one day, Han Tae-joon, who lives across the street, catches her eye. Dok-mi is unaware that another neighbor, webtoon artist Oh Jin-rak, has been in love with her for a very long time as she starts to feel feelings for the man. The webtoon that Jin-rak makes for Dok-mi is where the name of the series comes from.

Flower of Evil (2020)

“Flower of Evil,” a terrifying South Korean thriller, following Baek Hee-sung and shows how he maintains a happy marriage with Cha Ji-won. The three seem to be the ideal family because Baek and Cha are parents to a six-year-old daughter and Cha is a police detective. There is nothing to suggest different; even their neighbors and acquaintances think they are a regular Korean couple. But when Cha’s boss asks her team to investigate a string of horrifying and unexplainable murders, things take an odd turn when the detective finds connections between the homicides and her spouse. As a result of the growing mystery, Cha begins to doubt if her husband is the person she believes him to be.

Her Private Life (2019)

The main character in “Her Private Life” is Sung Deok-mi, the head curator of the Cheum Museum of Art, who is also madly in love with Cha Shi-an, a K-pop singer. Unbeknownst to most, Sung is also one of the site managers for the pop musician’s fansite The Road to Sian. Despite the fact that Sung is generally happy with her job, the museum is taken over by retired K-pop star Ryan Gold after her immediate employer is arrested for theft. In the meantime, Sung is the subject of a rumor that she is dating Cha Shi-an. Ryan plans to pretend to be Sung’s boyfriend to dispel the allegations since he wants to support his employee. Ryan and Sung are forced to maintain their pretension for longer than usual because of others’ attempts to expose their relationship as a joke, even when they begin to feel genuine affections for one another.

Hotel Del Luna (2019)

The proprietor of the odd hotel, Jang Man-wol, is followed as she goes about tending to it in “Hotel Del Luna,” an intriguingly Korean fantasy drama. We learn how Jang Man-wol’s past transgressions have bonded her to the hotel permanently even though Hotel del Luna, also known as Guest House of the Moon, is a mystical hotel that offers shelter to spirits that have unfinished business on Earth before entering the hereafter. Jang strikes a contract in which a little boy named Gu Chan-sung will work for the hotel for 20 years in exchange for his father’s life. This is because the hotel requires a human general manager to help communicate with the living world. Gu Chan-sung makes an excessive amount of effort to avoid his fate, but Jang eventually catches up with him, and the rest of the play unveils the hotel’s secrets via the new general manager.

Oh My Ghost (2015)

Another fantasy romance drama centers on Na Bong-sun, a talented sous chef who is very self-conscious. This one is called “Oh My Ghost.” But what makes her genuinely unique is her capacity for speaking with ghosts. When a seductive spirit takes control of Bong-sun’s body, her life unexpectedly takes an unexpected turn. People are now very interested in Bong-sun’s new character, including her crush, the celebrity chef Kang Sun-woo.

Playful Kiss (2010)

Based on Tada Kaoru’s Japanese manga “Itazura Na Kiss,” the romantic-comedy television series “Playful Kiss” (also known as “Mischievous Kiss” or “Naughty Kiss”) features two main characters. It is the third manga adaptation to air on television. The sitcom developed a strong fan base outside of South Korea while receiving low ratings there.

The show centers on Oh Ha-ni, a poor girl who lacks the intelligence, self-assurance, and popularity of her crush Baek Seung-jo. The former, though, makes a fool of herself by writing Seung-jo a letter. In addition, the house her father and she live in falls. As if things weren’t already embarrassing enough, Seung-jo’s family extends an invitation and provides them with a place to stay. Things grow interesting when Ha-ni and Seung-jo spend more time together.

Prison Playbook (2017)

The baseball player Kim Je-hyeok of “Prison Playbook” is set to fly from his native South Korea to the United States to sign with the Boston Red Sox. Kim sees his sister being sexually raped days before he is about to leave and intervenes right away to protect her honor. Unexpectedly, the attack backfires on the assailant, who accuses Kim of assault and gets him imprisoned. Kim thinks that his baseball career is permanently finished after being found guilty and sentenced to prison. But as soon as he interacts with his fellow inmates and the duty officers, he discovers that prison life is more complex than it first appears. The remaining portions of the program examine the Korean penal system and the inmates through the professional baseball player’s experiences.

Signal (2016)

The character of Park Hae-young, a criminal profiler, is followed in the intriguing fictional police procedural TV show “Signal,” which centers on him discovering a suspicious walkie-talkie in the street. Although first skeptical, Park’s curiosity quickly overpowers his caution, and he uses the gadget only to discover that Lee Jae-han, a police officer from the past, is the voice on the other end. Surprisingly, once Park and Lee understand that working together, they can solve even the most challenging situations. Therefore, Park establishes the Seoul cold case squad with Detective Cha Soo-hyun. With Lee’s assistance, they use this team to crack a number of complex cases. Park assists Lee in solving cases in exchange, but this alters the course of events and creates new problems.

The Crowned Clown (2019)

The Crowned Clown, a Korean mid-Joseon period drama, is based in part on the real life of Joseon’s fifteenth king, Gwanghae, and the 2012 film “Masquerade.” It follows King Yi Heon as he devises a strategy to evade an assassination attempt. The monarch finds the clown Ha-seon, who resembles him identically, and installs him on the throne because he is tired of the power struggle and desperate to save his life. Naturally, Ha-seon is initially overwhelmed by his duties, but as he begins to feel at home, he starts to wage a special kind of warfare against the adversaries and even wins over a few nobles as allies, who are astounded by the abrupt change in the king’s demeanor. It remains to be seen how the kingdom will respond whenever the true king decides to reclaim his throne, as Ha-seon appears to be performing better than Yi Heon.

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