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Kevin Eastman Murderer: Dangers Of Domestic Violence & Jealousy

The deaths of Scott Sessions and Heather Frank, which were caused by Kevin Eastman, were a terrible tragedy that hurt the families, friends, and community of the victims.

It’s a terrible reminder of how dangerous domestic violence and unchecked jealousy can be, and it’s also sad that two lives were lost too soon.

The investigation into this terrible crime led to Eastman’s conviction, but his sentence could never take away the pain he caused or give back what he took.

It’s important to keep this sad story in mind so that no more people lose their lives because of domestic violence or jealous rage.

The murders of Scott Sessions and Heather Frank and the investigation that led to Eastman’s conviction were talked about in the episode called “Flames of Jealousy.”

The Calls From the Inside episode summary says:

“The burning body of trumpet player Scott Sessions is found on a mountain road. An investigation finds three possible suspects and another dead body, but calls from an inmate at the Weld County Jail lead to the real killer.”

It gives people a chance to learn more about this sad case and how law enforcement is trying to help the victims and their families get justice.

Kevin Eastman murderer- Scott Sessions and Heather Frank’s fateful night

In February 2020, Scott Sessions, a musician and member of a local band, was killed by Kevin Eastman. This shocked the people of Fort Collins, which is in Larimer County.

Scott’s body was found near Old Flowers and Pingree Park streets, about 40 miles west of the city. Parts of it had been burned, and his head was almost missing.

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Investigators soon found out that his death was connected to the killing of Heather Frank, a single mother of three whom Scott had met at a Blues Jam concert a few weeks earlier.

The investigation showed that Sessions and Frank went on a date on February 8, 2020, and that Sessions told his father that he was going out with someone before he left.

Kevin Eastman, Frank’s ex-boyfriend, went to her apartment the same day and found out that she was going to meet Scott.

Eastman was known to be volatile and had a history of violence. The police thought that he was jealous and angry that Frank was going out with someone else, which made him angry.

On February 10, a snow plough driver found Scott’s body near a mountain road. It was next to a burning log and wrapped in construction-grade plastic.

He’d been hurt badly in the neck, and his spinal cord was pulled out.

Soon, they found a large pool of blood near Frank’s front door. This showed that the murder had happened there.

Frank was missing, and people began to think that Eastman had taken her or killed her.

As the investigation went on, the police found out that Eastman and Frank tried to hide the fact that Sessions had been killed by moving his body to a faraway place and setting it on fire.

They also got rid of evidence and told investigators lies. But they couldn’t hide the crime just by trying to hide it. The police could track their movements using phone records and GPS trackers.

On February 16, Heather Frank’s body was found in Weld County on a property owned by Eastman’s boss.

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She was shot twice in the chest from close range, and the same kind of plastic sheeting was used to cover her body as it was Scott’s.

Eastman had been seen at the house before that day, and he was caught at a gas station nearby.

Eastman was found guilty of first-degree murder, tampering with a dead body, and tampering with physical evidence on two counts in July 2022.

He was given two sentences of life in prison with the chance of parole, plus an extra 27 years in prison.

The verdict gave some peace of mind to Sessions’ and Frank’s families, who had been worried and sad for months.

Scott Sessions and Heather Frank’s story shows how dangerous domestic violence and jealousy can be.

Eastman’s violent and possessive behaviour killed two innocent people and ruined the lives of their families and loved ones.

The case also shows how important it is for police to work hard to investigate and solve complex crimes like this one.

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