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Kidnappings are commonly shown in films because they provide a unique atmosphere. It creates suspense and elicits empathy from the audience very immediately, sometimes before you even know who the characters are. You’ll discover a broad variety of films in our list of the top kidnapping movies on Netflix, including a documentary, sci-fi, and intriguing thrillers. We’ll also look at movies that cover a broader range of topics beyond just kidnapping in this list.

Given that kidnapping is such a broad subject, there aren’t many kidnapping movies accessible on Netflix right now, but we were able to select the best ones for you to watch. Films about kidnapping

Abducted in Plain Sight (2018)

The unsettling account is related by many people who were engaged in the odd abduction and rape of Jan Broberg, a 12-year-old boy, by their neighbor Robert Berchtold. Because of how close and profoundly interwoven the criminal was with Jan’s family, the story makes us feel helpless and frustrated. The documentary’s participation by Jan Broberg herself is a huge draw for viewers. All of this occurred before the internet, social media, and instantaneous communication and information availability, which explains how a little child and her family might have been brainwashed into normalizing and believing something so horrific.

Apostle (2018)

The narrative of a guy named Thomas Richardson, who learns that his sister has been kidnapped by a religious cult and is being held on a strongly guarded island, is told in one of the best horror films of 2018, ‘Apostle.’ Thomas chooses to infiltrate the island while claiming to be a member of the cult in order to save his sister from the clutches of this violent organization. When Thomas arrives on the island, he is astounded by the cult’s figureheads’ atrocities and the brutality with which they treat their prisoners. This island was created as a safe haven away from the mainland’s corruption, but it turns out to be even more sinister and dangerous.

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Extraction (2020)

‘Extraction’ is a film set in modern-day India and Bangladesh that follows Tyler Rake, an ex-SAS officer turned mercenary, on a mission to save the son of an Indian drug lord. The story begins with the kidnapping of Ovi Mahajan by corrupt police agents working for rival drug lord Amir Asif. Tyler Rake is the son of a jailed drug lord who recruits Ovi through his sources to save his son. Rake infiltrates the kidnappers with ease and saves Ovi, but the mission is turned upside down when Saju betrays Rake and kills the majority of his men. Amir Asif orders a complete lockdown of Dhaka, with no way in or exit, now that Ovi is on the run. As a result, the stage is set for an epic clash between a seasoned ex-special agent and a rookie ex-special agent.

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Forgotten (2017)

‘Forgotten,’ one of the most intriguing films on this list, tells the story of a young guy named Jin-seok who sets out to discover the truth about his brother’s kidnapping. Yoo-seok, his brother, was kidnapped for 19 days and then freed unexpectedly. Yoo-family, seok’s on the other hand, will never know what happened to him during those days because he has no recollection of it. Jin-seok begins to have concerns about his brother and family after a few days, and it gradually dawns on him that they are not who they claim to be. Fearing for his life, Jin-seok goes to the police station to report that he is being kept captive by strangers. After that, the movie

Hush (2016)

Maddie, a deaf and mute stay-at-home writer who lives in a remote location, is the protagonist of this invasion thriller. She’s used to it, having been deaf and silent for nearly half her life. Sarah, a friend of hers, visits her residence from time to time to keep an eye on her. Sarah returns one lovely day, running and knocking on the door, but we observe a careless Maddie cook her food and do her chores, while Sarah is slain. When the killer knocks on Maddie’s door and she doesn’t answer, he becomes enamored with her and grabs her cellphone, photographs her, and returns her. In

Kidnapping Stella (2019)

‘Kidnapping Stella,’ a German thriller directed by Thomas Sieben, is a remake of ‘The Disappearance of Alice Creed,’ a 2009 film. You may get a sense of what a minimalistic film is by watching ‘Kidnapping Stella.’ The story revolves around three characters: Tom and Vic, two criminals, and Stella, the girl they end up kidnapping. While being chained and gagged by her captors, Stella utilizes her meager strength to liberate herself. Sieben tries to construct a gripping story with restricted locales and only three performers, but the problems occur when he stays too close to the original source material. The story’s twists and turns are used to great effect in this picture.

Lucid Dream (2017)

Dae-ho, a journalist, is trying to find out where his son has been since he was kidnapped three years ago. The inquiry has come to a halt, but Dae-ho can relive the day his kid was abducted through lucid dreaming, thanks to an unusual technique. From beginning to end, “Lucid Dream” will have you on the edge of your seat. The investigations in the real world and the dreams connect in intriguing ways, and the plot is full of turns. It’s a clever South Korean reimagining of “Inception.”

Secuestro (2016) [Also released as ‘Boy Missing’]

“Secuestro” (or “Boy Missing”) is a Spanish thriller about a mother’s attempt to reunite with her kidnapped son. The premise isn’t particularly original, but the execution is what sets this Spanish picture apart from others in the genre. Oriol Paulo has created an evocative thriller with a few unexpected twists that will keep you guessing. It’s an engrossing, complex, and intricate action thriller with strong performances and innovative directing choices. Don’t be put off by the subtitles; give it a chance.

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Secret Obsession (2019)

The plot of ‘Secret Obsession’ centres around a woman whose name is kept a secret as she flees from an unknown pursuer before colliding with an automobile. When she wakes up, she discovers a man named Russell Williams who introduces himself as her husband. Russell claims that the woman’s name is Jennifer, and that despite the fact that she loses her memory in the incident, the man gradually helps her retrieve it by showing her old images. Jennifer, on the other hand, begins to have flashbacks after being released from the hospital, implying that her past was drastically different from her current reality. In addition, with a police officer investigating Jennifer’s disappearance and the finding of her parents’ bodies, the case is turned upside down as the borders between truth and lies become increasingly blurred.

The Beast (2020)

‘The Beast’ follows ex-special forces captain Leonida Riva, who suffers from PTSD as a result of his previous combat experience. Riva appears to be a fully private individual whose way of living effectively isolates him from his separated wife and children. Riva tries hard to maintain a working connection with his children, but his son despises him, while his daughter appreciates him greatly. All hell breaks loose, however, when his daughter, Teresa, is kidnapped from a nearby diner. Riva fights his PTSD episodes, re-engages his military talents, and puts his life on the line for a one-man rescue operation, determined to save his children and Teresa. ‘The Beast,’ which draws inspiration from films like ‘Taken,’ is a frantic, adventurous, and thrilling trip.

The Kindergarten Teacher (2018)

‘The Kindergarten Teacher,’ one of the best Netflix original films of 2018, follows the story of Lisa Spinelli, a teacher who becomes captivated with one of her young children after he demonstrates a tremendous gift for composing poetry. Lisa is married, but she does not have a good relationship with either her husband or her children. The poetry class she takes is her lone escape from her mundane existence. Despite her efforts to compose something original, the teacher labels the majority of her work as “derivative.” This is when Lisa notices Jimmy’s lyrical aptitude and tells his father about his enormous potential. Jimmy’s father, on the other hand, is uninterested in his son’s poetry.

The Frozen Ground (2013)

Robert Hansen (John Cusack) is a serial murderer known for kidnapping, torturing, and sexually assaulting women before murdering them. Sgt. Jack Holcombe (Nicolas Cage), an Alaskan Trooper, suspects Hansen but lacks proof to convict him. Cindy Paulson (Vanessa Hudgens), a teenage prostitute, is one of the survivors who now has to face the horror of testifying.

‘The Frozen Ground’ is based on the true story of an Alaskan serial killer who raped and murdered numerous women; the exact number of victims is unclear and will remain so because many of their bodies were never located. His cover identity was that of a married man with children, a quiet baker who kept to himself most of the time; he was well-liked. He was able to go years without being discovered.

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Tau (2018)

‘Tau’ is a science fiction thriller about a woman’s relationship with an artificial intelligence named Tau (Gary Oldman). Julia (Maika Monroe) is kidnapped and awakens to find a device implanted in the back of her neck. She destroys the cell she was confined in as well as the nearby lab in an attempt to flee. Alex (Ed Skrein), her kidnapper, wants her alive since his lab has been wrecked, causing a hindrance in his research. She forms a relationship with Tau throughout her captivity, who provides her with knowledge about the mansion and Alex’s experiments in exchange for information about the outside world.

The Most Hated Woman in America (2017)

This actual narrative is based on Madalyn Murray O’Hair’s final days as a talk show host and proponent of religious liberty. Her devout Christian parents were furious after she had two children out of wedlock. Her movement was sparked after her son was compelled to perform the Lord’s prayer in school, prompting her to launch a campaign to prohibit prayer in schools. As a result, the Supreme Court ruled that compulsory prayer in schools is unconstitutional. When she started making money as an anti-religious activist and created the American Atheists, she earned the moniker “America’s Most Hated Woman.” When Madalyn (Melissa Leo) and her son were kidnapped, no one took it seriously because she had staged publicity stunts before.

Tallulah (2016)

Tallulah, a young homeless girl who lives with her boyfriend Nico on the road, has Ellen (Elliot) Page in a key part in this film. Despite their differences, they both separate, and Lu (Tallulah) travels to New York City in search of food and shelter. To stay alive, she would frequently steal leftovers from hotel rooms. During one of her thieving sprees, she is approached by a woman named Carolyn, who asks Lu to keep an eye on her infant. Lu brings the baby to Margo, Nico’s mother, and declares that the baby is theirs as police surround the hotel property and Carolyn is nowhere to be found. Margo reluctantly welcomes them both into her home. Despite the fact that it is a kidnapping film, it is a lighter one.

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