Parents Take a Break : These 10 Kids’ Movies on Netflix Will Keep Your Kids Busy

If you’re seeking for great material for your kids as well as some alone time, here’s a list that will put your fears to rest. Below are some films that will entertain your children while also teaching them something. They range from animated adaptations of classics to new jewels.

Our team  has selected ten children’s movies from Netflix’s extensive library that your children will undoubtedly appreciate. Finally, there’s a bonus film that has endured the test of time and will keep your entire family entertained.

The Adventures of Tintin

This 3D animated film, directed by the famous Steven Spielberg, is a must-see. The film follows Tintin, a reporter, and Captain Haddock as they search for hidden treasures, based on the original books. Their quest will have your child riveted to the screen for hours!

A Wrinkle in Time

A Wrinkle in Time, starring Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling, takes audiences on a mystical odyssey to identify a teenager’s father. Meg must uncover the mystery of her father’s absence, as well as deal with time travel and the animals involved with it, with the help of her friend and brother.


Netflix’s reimagining of the 1974 classic helps to visualize Benji in a new light. The plot centres around Benji, an orphaned puppy who befriends two schoolchildren. When evil finds its way to the children and they are kidnapped, their furry closest friend steps in to save them.

Christopher Robin

Listen to Marc Foster’s Christopher Robin if you want to educate your kids the value of true friendship.
This film jumps ahead in the life of Christopher, who is now an adult doing a demanding job. He’s unhappy, but reconnecting with his boyhood companion Winnie the Pooh brings back memories.2. Secret Life of Pets 2

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The Little Prince

The Little Prince is one of the best animated films ever made, and it’s a must-see for both kids and parents. It is equally vital to appreciate the things around us and take risks as it is to study and have a strategy. This film depicts things in the most beautiful way possible via the eyes of a hardworking and disciplined schoolgirl and her vibrant elderly neighbour.

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The Pirate Fairy

The Pirate Fairy is a sequel to Peter Pan, in which a good fairy turns bad and joins the pirates. Tinkerbell must travel to Skull Rock in order to save Zarina while while coping with her own difficulties.

Peter Rabbit

Peter Bunny is a story about a rebellious rabbit who spends his days tormenting the owner of a farm, giving the classic a modern twist. Things become a little twisted for Peter when a relative of his moves into the McGreggor residence.

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness, based on a true story, is one of those films that everyone should see at least once in their lives. This film, starring Will Smith and his kid, is an emotional rollercoaster that will help you shift your perspective on life and understand that nothing comes easy.

Spookley the Square Pumpkin

Spookley will teach your children that their appearance does not define them and that they are much more than labels. While pumpkins are supposed to be round, Spookley is square-shaped, and as a result, he is harassed by others. His bat and spider buddies, on the other hand, help him embrace himself in the most endearing way. Plus, if your child enjoys Halloween, he or she is in for a real treat!

Secret Life of Pets 2

The Secret Life of Pets 2 is the sequel to the popular film The Secret Life of Pets.
Max is ready for a harder task in this sequel after dealing with his owner introducing a gigantic foreign canine into their home. Katie is now married and has a child, making Max’s battle for her attention even more difficult. However, he quickly finds himself strangely bonding with the child while simultaneously assisting his buddies on a new journey.

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When you were a kid, what was your favorite kid’s movie?

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