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Magic Johnson’s Kids: A Glimpse into Their Lives”

Magic Johnson played basketball in the past. His personal life and the lives of the Magic Johnson children are topics of constant public interest. He has established a solid reputation as a family man.

At the moment, he is wed to Earlitha Cookie Kelly. In 1977, when they were both 18 years old, they met in college.

He was 46 years old when he received an HIV diagnosis.

At the time of Johnson’s diagnosis, his wife claimed to be “scared to death” since she was expecting the couple’s first child.

She was negative, and so was the infant.

They later gave birth to a son they named EJ Johnson III.

Despite their rough start, the pair just celebrated 31 years of marriage, and Magic noted on Instagram that theirs is a love that would endure forever.

Andre, Ervin, and Elisa Johnson, their three children, are their children.

Let’s learn more about his children in depth.

Andre Johnson: Magic Johnson’s eldest son

Andre Johnson was born in 1981 to Magic’s then-girlfriend Melissa Mitchell.

Andre visits his father on occasion but dislikes the spotlight.

Together, the two have gone on both vacations and work excursions.

The organisation Magic created, MJ Enterprises, has Andre Johnson as its vice president. He nonetheless lost that.

He adores retro music. He was the sole owner of Love + Light Ventures, LLC in April 2016.

Online users are raving over the couple’s Hawaii vacation photos.

Andre and Lisa Meyers Johnson have a loving marriage. They have a son they share.

Earvin Johnson: Magic Johnson’s younger son

Earvin Johnson: Cookie and Magic Johnson were about to give birth to their first child, Earvin Johnson III, when Magic discovered he had tested positive for HIV.

Thankfully, a few months later, EJ was born, and he and his mother are doing OK.

2013 saw the outing of EJ. He participated in Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, a reality series. The lives of the richest kids are depicted in it.

The audience warmed up to EJ very quickly. In the three seasons of the show, he has grown.

2015 saw EJ have gastric sleeve surgery, which resulted in a notable weight loss. He reduced his weight by over 100 pounds.

“I have a whole different outlook on life, and I’m motivated to make good changes to support the attainment of my health objectives. It has absolutely changed the way I view the world. In September 2015, EJ said to Page Six: “I think it’s important that you not listen to so many fads; you need to find what works for you.”

Magic is outspoken in his support of EJ and his experiences as a gay parent.

The fact that Magic is raising a gay kid or daughter has never been a secret; she has always been there for EJ.

He spoke about how he loves his children regardless of their s*xual orientation on an episode of The Ellen Show.

Magic Johnson said to Ellen, “It’s all about loving them regardless of who they are, regardless of what they decide to do.”

We were ecstatic when our son came out to us, my wife and I. We love the man. I think EJ is great,” he said.

You must be there for your child, he continued. Many people want to treat them badly on purpose. If you don’t love and care for them, who will?

Without a question, Magic Johnson’s children are his world.

Elisa Johnson: Johnson’s adopted child

A few years after they had their first child, Cookie and Magic began to consider giving EJ a sibling. They decided against having a biological child because of the potential for infection.

Elisa was only three days old when they made the decision to include her in their family in late 1994.

The youngest Johnson child, who is now 28 years old, moved to the East Coast to start her career.

After she and her brother EJ made an appearance on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, Elisa’s aspirations grew.

To be with him and appear on his EJNYC spinoff, Rich Kids, she relocated to New York.

She began classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2016, and her Instagram feed is motivational. She regularly posts amazing pictures to her 400k followers.

Elisa intends to combine her passions for music, shopping, and social media in her future career.

Renee Perkins claims to be Johnson’s fourth kid’s mother

In January 2017, Renee Perkins of Atlanta asserted that Magic Johnson was Chauncey’s biological father.

She claims that in 1982, after taking the athlete in, he left her when he learned she was pregnant in order to focus on his basketball career.

Perkins asserts Charles Tucker, Magic’s advisor, persuaded her to undergo an abortion. She was compelled to raise their son by herself.

To substantiate her claims, she offered a plethora of documents, including the findings of paternity tests conducted in 1982. Perkins, however, said that Magic and his aides kept the test findings from her.

A fourth Johnson sibling has simultaneously captured the hearts of many and prompted a lot of doubts, despite the fact that there are many flaws in these statements.

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