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7 Movies You Must Watch If You Liked ‘I Care A Lot’


‘I Care a Lot’ is a dark comedic thriller about Marla Grayson, a narcissistic psychopath who also happens to be a con artist. With the help of her fellow conspirators, she embezzles money from wealthy elderly individuals. When Marla tries to do the same with Jennifer Peterson, an unmarried wealthy woman with no family, her life takes a terrible turn. Jennifer has some influential people who will not allow her get away with her crime this time, the con woman discovers later. If you’re seeking for more crime thrillers like this, we’ve put up a list for you. The majority of these films related to ‘I Care a Lot’ are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.
Laure, a member of a crime ring, flees after looting an opulent set of jewels at an event in order to avoid having to split anything with her companions. She subsequently meets Lily, who has a striking resemblance to her. When Lily commits herself, Laura takes advantage of the opportunity to assume her identity and begin a new life. However, she quickly discovers that she is being followed and is prepared to divulge her secrets.

Femme Fatale (2002)

‘Femme Fatale’ is about a female con artist who deceives not just her victims, but also the entire crime ring for whom she has been working. Fans of ‘I Care a Lot’ will enjoy ‘Femme Fatale’ for its dark secrets and turns, since both films focus around narcissistic sociopaths who enjoy deceiving others.

Hustlers (2019)

Destiny, a stripper, has been supporting her grandmother by working at Moves (a strip club). Unfortunately, she is having difficulty earning as much money as she need. Ramona, the club’s highest earner, is Destiny’s favorite. So, in order to make more money, the stripper approaches her for assistance. Ramona makes the decision to teach Destiny what she knows about attracting affluent Wall Street clients.
However, with the financial crisis of 2007-08, both of them are in serious danger. Destiny, now a single mother, is looking for another source of income when she runs across Ramona, who exposes the stripper to a high-risk scheme she has concocted. They form a team and learn a lot of money as soon as they start working together, but they soon run into problems. ‘Hustlers,’ a narrative about women deceiving men for money, is something Marla from ‘I Care a Lot’ enjoys doing.

Kajillionaire (2020)

‘Kajillionaire’ tells the story of two con artists who have taught their daughter to cheat and swindle others since she was a child. During one of their heists, though, they meet Melanie, who seems strangely at ease among them. The lives of the family members are flipped upside down as they understand the far-reaching effects of their acts as the novel progresses. Fans of the film ‘I Care a Lot’ will like ‘Kajillionaire’ for its unexpected dark twists.

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Lying and Stealing (2019)

Ivan Warding is an expert at stealing art from the rich and powerful. He has been doing it for a long time, but he no longer desires to do so. Elyse Tibaldi, a debt-ridden con artist, joins forces with Ivan to solve their issues. Their exciting chase of riches leads them down unforeseen paths as the novel continues. Like ‘I Care a Lot,’ ‘Lying and Stealing’ is about con artists who will go to any length to get what they desire.

Ocean’s 8 (2018)

Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock) is a con artist who has spent nearly six years plotting the biggest heist of her life. Debbie knows she’ll need a team of experts if she wants to get her hands on a $150 million necklace. She carefully selects each team member for the main strategy. The squad, on the other hand, had no idea that the theft will net them more money than they bargained for. ‘Ocean’s 8’ is a narrative about a female con artist who leads a crew of highly competent crooks to swindle millions in assets, which lovers of ‘I Care a Lot’ will like.

The Hustle (2019)

‘The Hustle’ is a film about two smart con artists who rob men of their money. Josephine enjoys deceiving the world’s wealthiest men, but Penny, who isn’t as skilled as she is, prefers to deceive regular men. Despite their disparate tactics, they want to work together to scam a tech billionaire. ‘The Hustle’ is a thrilling movie with unexpected twists and turns at every turn. Fans of ‘I Care a Lot’ will enjoy it for its mind tricks and unyielding con artists who aren’t afraid to use any technique to obtain what they want.

The Joneses (2009)

Mick, Kate, Jenn Jones, and Steve appear to be a typical family relocating for improved professional prospects when they relocate into an affluent area. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Kate is the leader of a group of marketers who deceitfully influence their neighbors’ purchasing decisions by showcasing their opulent lifestyle. Soon, they’ve managed to persuade everyone around them to buy goods they don’t truly need in order to fill the void left by their monotonous and unfulfilling jobs. ‘The Joneses’ characters aren’t quite like Marla from ‘I Care a Lot,’ but they nonetheless make money by duping people into making poor judgments.

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