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In terms of popular TV programs, 2019 is expected to be a good year. Game of Thrones, True Detective, and Billions have already aired, while The 100 is about to return to its viewers, and fans of The Handmaid’s Tale and Stranger Things are eagerly anticipating their premieres this summer. However, with so many well-loved programs, we risk losing out on some exciting new initiatives.

We watched dozens of trailers and selected 14 new TV shows that you should certainly add to your watch list.


Sasha tries to figure out who her heart transplant belonged to in the first place. When she meets her donor’s family, though, she begins to exhibit various personality traits. The tale shifts into a metaphysical and psychological nightmare from that point on. This series should not be watched before bedtime, according to the trailer.

Uma Thurman makes a rare appearance on this TV show. She portrays the mother of the young child whose heart is beating in Sasha’s chest.

Gentleman Jack

Anne Lister is a social and sharp-witted young lady who enjoys mountain climbing and traveling, which isn’t your conventional image of a lady from the nineteenth century, is it? But these aren’t the only characteristics that distinguish Anna. She makes history as the first woman to freely discuss her sexual preferences.

The series is based on Lister’s diaries and depicts the life of a girl who was so strange that she was dubbed Gentleman Jack. The Victorian era clothing, stunning interiors, and a dash of British humor will be a welcome addition to the plot.

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This British television series is a television adaptation of the 2010 Hanna feature film. The creators of the TV series attempted to go deeper into the personalities of the characters, provide more backstory on the tale, and focus on the action. The protagonist is a teen girl who was raised and educated by a former CIA operative in a remote location distant from civilization. But now is the moment for Hanna to discover who she truly is.

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In the Dark

Murphy is a deafeningly funny blind young lady. She enjoys spending time with men and, if necessary, can hide from their wives under a table. The plot may appear to be a comedy at first, but after Murphy’s companion is murdered, it becomes a detective story as she decides to track out the culprit on her own. Will Murphy and her guide dog be able to solve the mystery despite the fact that the protagonist is constantly in the dark?


The story of a lady who finds ways to transform her life without changing her physique appears to have gained ardent admirers, as the second season of the show was already in production before the first season completed. Annie, the protagonist, struggles to form bonds with her family, coworkers, boyfriend, and even herself. Annie’s charm and sense of humor appear to make her capable of dealing with any difficulty life throws at her.

The Act

This is a gripping story about a woman who suffers from Munchausen syndrome by proxy and requires her kid to be unwell all of the time in order for her to be completely reliant on her. Even physicians begin to believe this mother because she is so convincing. What happens, though, when the girl finds that her mother isn’t her best friend who is trying to protect her?

The concept of Munchausen syndrome by proxy was recently discussed on the TV show Sharp Objects, but The Act delves far deeper into this mental illness and is based on true events. This heightens the drama and intrigue of the series.

The Victim

Anna Dean, the first main character, lost her kid, and her time came to a halt. Even though she married for the second time and had another kid, her anguish is still raw after 15 years. The second primary character is Craig Myers, a hardworking family guy who was assaulted because he was mistaken for a notorious child murderer. What do these two have in common, and who of them is the true victim? Before finding the answer, the audience will have to ride an emotional rollercoaster.

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The Hot Zone

This National Geographic TV series is based on true events and depicts the narrative of how the Ebola virus spreads from Africa to the United States via infected monkeys. The scientists must find a means to halt the virus from spreading over two continents.

By the way, in the 1990s, this narrative should have been made into a feature picture directed by Ridley Scott. However, due to script issues, the production was put on hold for a while. However, Ridley Scott served as an executive producer on this TV series.

The Code

Every fan of drama series is likely to have at least one medical, police, or law enforcement drama on their watch list. And, whereas most law enforcement dramas include lawyers as prominent protagonists, The Code will take a very different approach to this profession. Each lawyer receives training as a prosecutor, defense attorney, investigator, and Marine. This narrative will show how the impartiality of justice might damage a friendship between military personnel.

The Society

A group of youngsters are inexplicably transferred to a doppelganger of their wealthy town, leaving their parents behind. It’s apparent that teens take advantage of this opportunity to have as many parties as they can. Their joy, however, does not last long. They’ll soon have to be as tough as they’ve always been just to stay alive.

The Enemy Within

Jennifer Carpenter, who you may recognize from the Dexter TV series, plays the primary heroine. Erica Shepherd, her character, is a bright former CIA operative who is currently serving a life sentence in jail. But she’ll get her chance to go when FBI agent Will Keaton asks her to assist him in tracking down a deadly and elusive criminal she’s all too familiar with.


If the Ebola virus appears exotic and rare, the diseases shown in this drama are far more prevalent. This TV show is based on genuine events that occurred in Canada in the early 1980s. Thousands of people have been infected with HIV and hepatitis as a result of transfusions of blood and blood products. The plot revolves around two families, their hopes and fears, their attempts to combat the disease, and their powerlessness to make a difference.

Whiskey Cavalier

Will Chase of the FBI and Frankie Trowbridge of the CIA are two agents that must work together in this thriller. There will be a lot of shooting and fighting, but there will also be a lot of laughter. Will, dubbed Whiskey, is a sensitive man who sends late-night emails to his coworkers seeking advise on what music to listen to while breaking up with a girl. Frankie is a ruthless lady who avoids any kind of relationship at all costs. Are these two capable of working together to save the world?

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This YouTube-produced 10-episode project is full of bloody action and humor, and it comes from the Deadpool writers. According to the excellent reviews, audiences enjoyed the narrative of 16-year-old Wayne and his friend who set out from Boston to Florida to recover his father’s stolen 79′ Trans-Am before his death.

Which of these TV shows are you most looking forward to seeing? Or perhaps you’d want to add some new TV projects to the mix?

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